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Deron Williams: New Jersey Nets’ Offense ‘Stinks’

The Miami Heat came into New Jersey on Saturday night and laid a beatdown on the Nets. It was expected, and Deron Williams did not mince words when describing his squad. Per the NY Post: “The offense [stinks],’ he said. ‘It’s not very good right now. We’re not playing good. We’re not shooting good, I’m not shooting good, we’re turning the ball over. … When you play a team like [against] the Heat, when you turn the ball over, they’re going to convert, and they’re going to get up 20 points on you early.’ After falling behind by as many 24, the Nets managed to cut the deficit to 10 midway through the third quarter, and had a chance to get within single digits when [MarShon] Brooks broke out ahead of the pack after the Heat lost the ball and had a chance for a layup. But [LeBron] James, trailing the play, came up from behind and blocked the shot, and the Heat quickly countered with back-to-back 3-pointers from Shane Battier and Norris Cole to put the game out of reach. ‘You can get frustrated, but you’ve got to play,’ Williams said. ‘We cut the lead down and we had a chance there when we were down 10, but we couldn’t convert plays and couldn’t get stops.’”

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  • AD

    deron speaks the truth……….

  • tom

    what is he expecting (against miami)??? Besides, I think him, kobe jr., kris kard..humphries and brook lopez (whenever is able to return) are a really good core – for next season. maybe they should try and get beasley out of minny?! they NEED a better SF

  • Zabbah

    What’s he expecting? That they’re all professionals so if you can’t beat them at least put up a fight.

  • tomtom

    The offence stinks! I blame the point guard…wait a minute.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    tom, who is kobe jr

  • AD

    ^^ reffering to marshon brooks… he has the kobe fro back in the day lol…. he’s no kobe but he should be a decent player in the lg

  • shuref00t

    So Kobe Jr would be MJ III? I have to hand it to D.Will for his professionalism. It ain’t easy playing with the Nets currently, and you can see the gray hairs growing in his finger waves.

  • Mooney10

    He shouldn’t say anything, no comments. You left a perrenial playoff team (Jazz) to go to the Nets, before Brooklyn?? I love his game, I hate the way he uses his teammates or lack thereof. He needs to step up his on ball pressure, the guards against him are eating him up, even when he has theses 24 and 9 games. It’s about Defense!!! Given the Heat are unstoppable tho

  • ananzaaaxd

    come back to beşiktaş

  • AD

    he was traded tho

  • robertmavs

    the 2002 nets was awesome

  • http://www.recogthereal.blogspot.com Brandan E.

    u can see that Deron is trying hard to keep a level head while playing there but he knows this is not gonna work. and he knows that he cant make it thru this season playin there. he will get traded but to where who knows.
    its tuff playing for a team thats no good at all. but they have more wins than the wizards.