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Dirk Nowitzki Disputes Claims That He Began the Season Out of Shape

Prompted by his coach and management, Dirk Nowitzki took a break from playing in NBA games to get his body right, which led some in the local media to publish some outlandish claims about his conditioning and overall dedication (or lack thereof.) Nowitkzi was given a chance to respond. From the Star-Telegram: “Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki says he is much better after missing the past three games because of a sore right knee and poor conditioning. However, he will not play against the Utah Jazz tonight and there is no guarantee he will return Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs as originally expected. ‘I feel better,’ Nowitzki said. ‘I think it was definitely a good week for me to work on some stuff that I wasn’t able to work on when I had some trouble with my knee. So that’s definitely good. We lifted a lot, ran some, shot some. Well, we were always shooting for Sunday, so we’ll just take it day by day and see how these next two days of training go and keep pushing myself, twice a day. But that’s where my head is, hopefully Sunday, and we’ll go from there.’ Nowitzki said he can do without questions about him coming into the season out of shape, as coach Rick Carlisle and owner Mark Cuban suggested as reasons for his early-season woes and the team’s decision to shut him down for a week. ‘No, I don’t know why coach threw that out there,’ Nowitzki bristled when asked about his conditioning. ‘I didn’t have any problem with conditioning at all. You can never work hard enough on conditioning, but that wasn’t holding me back.’ Asked if he was disappointed that Carlisle ‘threw that out there,’ Nowitzki said, ‘No, not at all. I don’t really care what the media writes, anyway. You saw on my jump shot I had no lift, shot most of them straight-legged. Had no air time. This week I really focused on getting my legs under my shot again and bending down and getting low and getting the right base.’ […] ‘It was what I said last Saturday, which was just some physical issues that needed to be resolved,’ Carlisle said. ‘Physical, like the body. The knee was a part of it. Conditioning’s part of it.’”

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  • http://ZOGS.COM ZOGS

    OK now do you all relize that this guy isnt even a top 10 player!
    ONE RING AND ITS HOP ON THE WAGON, smh. imagine whats gunna happen if bron finally wins one.
    But dirk struggling isnt a suprise, he’s old, he white, he’s ugly.

  • Tom

    Ugh. You wouldn’t be using “white” as a pejorative term, now, would you?

    Also, Bron didn’t win one last year, largely because of… Dirk. Ahem.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    We kinda allready knew that Dirk..

  • chad west

    Dirk was not out of shape because he was too lazy to work. He is 33, played heavy minutes last season and all through the playoffs to a championship. Then immediately after that began training for the Olympic qualify with his country Germany. After that bad decision to play euro ball, he only had a short rest and time to recover then start up the NBA delayed season with a shortened camp to get his body ready. Dirk is a player that has to follow a strict routine to get his body ready. The sacrafice he made for the mavs to win the championship and his country Germany to play for the olympic qualifyings made him suffer this season. He will be back to his form by the end of the season. If not next season.

  • SactownKing

    @ ZOGS… Hate Much ?

  • 23

    its a shame people only root for this guy cuz he beat lebron in the finals. this dude really has a special game, his fade-away is perfect. that shot alone is the result of hard work. fade-away shots are not exactly easy especially for 7 footers. he has been called soft but he is far from it. all time great. hard worker, and humble. he will never have the respect and love he deserves. if he wouldnt have beaten the heat last year, he would not even have these headlines on slam. unless he missed a game winner that is..

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Why is he disputing claims that he’s out of shape? I thought he already admitted it during the beginning of the season and even joked that the Mavericks should use the Amnesty clause on him.

  • Kadavour

    gotta love Carlisle man. telling it like it is.

  • tomtom

    ZOGS would you be happier if he was black and pretty? would that make him a better player you think?? That being said, he says it like it is an legit reason it’s the opposite! This is what defines the great players from the good, he won a title and lost his hunger, even going as far as to say ‘i am tiered of basketball’ well, tough luck buddy it’s your job. Party and enjoy yourself, go back to Germany and be a rock star for a little while but come back and do your job or it is just a slap in the face of your team mates who have.

  • tomtom

    @niQ your right, that’s what i was thinking, just kind of painting over the fact that he already admitted it.

  • tomtom

    by the way it sounds like i don’t like Dirk, i do! A lot, that’s why it’s so frustrating..

  • Yesse

    ZOGS, that’s probably the most ignorant comment i have ever heard on slam. There is a reason why LeBron doesn’t have one and it’s, because Dirk took it from him.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Do not, repeat NOT, engage in a discussion with the 1st commenter on this post. He is the definition of an online troll. He probably gets off on other commenters noticing and getting riled up by his bullcrap.
    All he spouts are xenophobic, ignorant comments, meant to garner attention.
    And i thought Spanny was a trolling moron, but this one makes the greek one look like a boy scout in comparison. (at least Spanny had some actual bball knowledge, unlike this racist)
    Go back to youtube or espn, trollbreath.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    Nobody has ever questioned jason kidds conditioning.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Dirk is a joke, told folks from the jump. His teammates got him one, but Dirk gets all the credit. Just this summer, dumb ESPN NBA Analysts stating he best player in NBA. Dirk is a joke, like everyone thought before and a choker. Media pumped Dirk up and he fell down. BOOK IT!!

  • Jake

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!ZORGS and The Seed are just more no-name c*cks*cking haters who aspired to be professional players as children and as time went by they became bitter at themselves realizing they sucked at the game in addition to s*cking c*cks. So they turned to bashing HoF career NBA players because they wanted to be the ones on the big stage proving people wrong.