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Dwyane Wade on 2012 Olympics: ‘This is My Last Run’

Dwyane Wade tells Fox Sports that this will be his last time taking part in the Olympic Games for USA Basketball: “The Miami Heat guard, who won a bronze medal in Athens in 2004 and gold in Beijing in 2008, said Sunday night that 2012 in London will mark his final Olympics. ‘This is my last run,’ Wade, 29, said. ‘No chance (Wade will return for another Olympics). No chance at all. Not a chance.’ Wade initially had believed he was through after 2008. ‘I thought I was done after the last one,’ Wade said. ‘There are so many great young players in this league, and you want to give everybody an opportunity to be able to play on that stage. And I’ve been able to play on that stage two times already. I got a chance to win my gold medal so I thought, ‘This is a great way to end it.’ So what convinced Wade to come back for one more Olympics? ‘All the guys kind of were like, ‘You’re playing,’ Wade said of some of his Olympic teammates working him over last year, namely Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and LeBron James. ‘Melo, CP, Bron, they wouldn’t let me think about not playing. So everybody kind of convinced me, ‘We’re going to do it again together.’ And I told them if they’re back in, I’m in.’ USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said last week that between 18-20 finalists for the final Olympic 12-man roster will be named in late January. Wade is considered a shoo-in to eventually make it to London.”

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  • Natty dreads

    They won already! First ha what do you fools think of my trade?? I’m a nuggets fan and I hate Gallo I want beasley!!

  • http://www.blogspot.com LLC#12

    USA can pick who they want but they aren’t getting past GB!……………………….Nah, if they don’t run into each other beforehand, I’m sure it will be a repeat of the 2008 final. Interested to see who Spain will start though, Ibaka will be a great guy to bring off the bench.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    ^^^ Ibaka will be HUGE on the international stage

  • http://slamonline.com AlbertBarr

    @LLC#12: YOu seriously think GB would be team USA in any round matchup they would have? That is crazy talk.

  • idrees

    but, everyone gonna die at the london olympics…

  • http://nba.com GP23

    GB could make Semi-Finals, providing they don’t match-up with the US in the process.
    AlbertBarr- He was obviously joking..

  • ripslam

    Dude isn’t even 30 years old yet, what excuse does he have? I mean, sure, it’s his decision, blah blah blah, but it’s not like he’s gonna be retired by the next Summer Games.

  • http://www.blogspot.com LLC#12

    Haha yeah I was joking, GP23 pretty much summed up the best case scenario from a GB point of view!


    the only reason GB is playing the Olympics is because they’re hosting. i’ll give them a single win with Deng going off

  • Mooney10

    Easy repeat,interesting to see who else makes the camp, could be a different team. Durant gonna kill it tho, gotta love the FIBA 3 point Line. I’d take ray Allen just for that LOL

  • MikeC.

    Mark Price for assistant coach/12th man.

  • sanball

    GB have the potential to get the quarters at least if they have ben gordon playing with deng and pops. And no, they didn’t get an automatic place in the games, this is the only sport they had to qualify for.