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Isiah Thomas: New York Knicks Should’ve Kept Chauncey Billups

New York’s most infamous front-office executive, Isiah Thomas, tells a sports radio show that the cost to acquire Tyson Chandler may have been a tad too high. From the NY Post: “Isiah Thomas, FIU coach and former Knicks president, finally spoke out on the club’s acquisition of center Tyson Chandler and did not sound enthused. Conveniently appearing on the Sid Rosenberg Show on Miami radio yesterday following the Knicks’ 2-4 start, Thomas questioned Glen Grunwald’s acquisition of Chandler, which forced the team to cut Chauncey Billups to get under the salary cap. Thomas said the NBA has become a guard’s league, and the Knicks cannot win solely with a star-powered frontcourt of Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. The Chandler commitment cost them a shot at point guard Chris Paul with next summer’s salary cap space, and Paul was subsequently dealt to the Clippers. ‘The guard play right now in the NBA is off the charts,’ Thomas said. ‘Losing Chauncey, I thought he brought a veteran leadership to the team. His savviness and guard play has always been severely undervalued. Detroit found that out when they let Chauncey go. I think there was a certain amount of leadership to what he brought to [the Knicks] last year.’ Grunwald has an interim general manager tag, but Thomas is no longer considered to be in the running if Knicks owner James Dolan makes a move for a permanent GM this summer. Thomas defended Mike D’Antoni, saying it is tough to win with the guards the coach has. ‘If you don’t have great guards, it’s hard to put together a game plan,’ Thomas said. ‘You’re only as good a coach as your guards.’”

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  • Honduran

    I agree

  • neaorin

    The Knicks would not have been a contender with Chauncey either, and by the time they would be, Chauncey would be washed up or out of the league entirely.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Well, it definitely hurt them if they wanted to win this year.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    You know, I wonder if they Knicks miss Raymond Felton? He played D’Antoni’s system pretty well and looked like a borderline all-star doing it.

  • Fat Lever

    The Knicks should have found a better starting PG than Douglas. Someone between Douglas and Chauncey, with a mind for defense would have suited this team much better.

  • Ryan D.

    We all can rest easy once Baron Davis is ready to play.


  • RunNGun

    Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing, introducing, a point guard named Gilbert Arenas…

  • Ldub

    Davis isnt the ansr. They need veteran leadership at the point. TD is good, but not a starter. CB was a good fit, and his play thus far in the season with the clips still shows he can play at a high level. Didnt know the dude shot so much tho. Maybe thats why they let him go, figured it would give more shots to stat and melo? Dude had like 25+ attempts in a game last week. Thats alot for Billups at his age on a squad with cp2, butler and griffin.

  • SNick

    wasnt he the one that put marbury, steve francis, and jamal crawford together? what did they do??????

  • http://www.huwlhopkins.com #6marjon

    he must have had some bad guards

  • Scot Peirson

    Maybe someone should have mentioned to Isiah that the Knicks wouldn’t have been a contender with Isiah as GM either. Seriously, why is he being allowed to continue to haunt this franchise??!? I really don’t fathom what the Knicks’ fans have to complain about–after all, last season they did finish above .500 (Which is something NO NYK TEAM DID IN THE ISIAH ERA). He won’t go away, or Dolan won’t tell him to go away…IT just needs to worry about Florida International, but instead he lives in this delusional world where he still believes he’s effectively running the Knicks. Literally, he has been the NBA’s answer to Rex Ryan for a long time–as an executive, Zeke is long on mouth, SHORT ON RESULTS.

  • hushabomb

    Remember Isiah is a great evaluator of talent. And you don’t amnesty a dude who has been consistent for the last couple of years and will take your team to the playoffs.

    It hurt to see Chauncey play for the Knicks (especially as he played so well for the Nuggets) yet if you look at the trade, Chauncey gets CP3 and Blake to pass to and will most likely meet Felton in the playoffs. Felton has found a system to thrive in with Portland and the Knicks are languishing with 3 dudes maxing out their salary cap (again). So isn’t it a normal day at the office for the Knicks

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    If the same Isiah Thomas who signed Jerome James to a massive contract says your over payed center was a mistake, you made a mistake.

  • robb

    Chauncey must be one of the most underrated and unappreciated players ever.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    I said this yesterday…
    Gilbert Arenas may help, but he isn’t known for his defense so..

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    This is like if somebody came over to your house and burned it to the ground and sprinkled shame on it then after years of building it back up and looking good, the same guy walks into your living room and says “you know that picture would look better on that other wall”

  • MikeC.

    Isiah’s non-playing record speaks for itself: Jerome James, Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph(Z-Bo is nice on the Griz but was a bad kind of problem in NY), Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, bankrupting the CBA. Isiah can’t live on “I drafted Damon Stoudemire over Ed O’Bannon” and “I gambled on McGrady” forever. He’s out of good will.

  • Heals

    Wow, this is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black here. Isiah questioning personnel moves, ahh I just love how this world works. Right or wrong him offering his opinion (even if asked) on this is the epitome of lack of perspective. How’s that FAU or is it Florida Int’l turn around coming…

  • 12ising Phoenix

    Isiah Thomas is criticizing the moves the Knicks have made? Wow. Just wow. This is the same dude that made the Knicks a laughing stock, the same man who gave eddy curry the deal he didn’t deserve, Tyson may not be worth 58 mill, but he is way better than eddy curry… As for the Knicks current situation, they are only 5 games into the season… They will get it together. I trust that b diddy will be the answer when he becomes healthy. Plus my boy shumpert is lookin like a steal.

  • chingy

    Speaking of Eddy Curry, isn’t he supposed to be on the Heat’s roster?

  • Team Jordan


  • Team Jordan

    I AGREE With (ISIAH)… They Should’ve Kept (CHAUNCEY) Cause He Was The PERFECT PIECE To Their PUZZLE… But People Need Not Sleep On MY BOY (B.D.) and Act Like He’s Not A GOOD REPLACEMENT or Something, Cause I’ve Said It BEFORE and I’ll Say It AGAIN… WHEN HEALTHY… He IS and ALWAYS WILL Be ONE OF THE BEST POINT GUARDS!!!

  • Team Jordan

    (CHAUNCEY) Cause He Was The PERFECT PIECE To Their PUZZLE, But People Need Not Sleep On MY BOY (B.D.) and Act Like He’s Not A GOOD REPLACEMENT or Some Something, Cause I’ve Said It BEFORE and I’ll Say It AGAIN… WHEN HEALTHY…He IS and ALWAYS WILL Be ONE OF THE BEST POINT GUARDS!!!

  • EtheKnickFan

    Isiah knows great talent? Then who does recruiting for FI?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk


  • David chacon

    What a idiot…worry about getting FIU to a 500 team & stop worrying about the knicks. It took Donnie walsh 3 years to clean up your mess..And gilbert arenas? Really..get the hell outta here with that..ask orlando if they miss that washed up bum.