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Jameer Nelson Blames Dwight Howard Saga for Struggles

Both Jameer Nelson and Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith placed some of the blame for Nelson’s struggles this season on Dwight Howard’s massive shoulders, which doesn’t seem like the most brilliant of tactics. Per the Orlando Sentinel: “Jameer Nelson admitted that Dwight Howard’s mention of playing with other point guards affected him. A slumping Nelson said Howard’s talking about playing with Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets and Chris Paul of the L.A. Lakers, made him press some this season. ‘Maybe a little bit of that,’ he said after playing one of his better games of the season Friday night, scoring 17 points and adding nine assists in the Magic’s 92-80 win against the Lakers. Magic GM Otis Smith said earlier in the day that he thought part of Nelson’s poor play was because Howard ‘indirectly threw him under the bus.’ … ‘I’m here to play basketball and I can’t worry about what anybody says. I’m here because I’m a winner and they want me here. I know if they didn’t want me, I wouldn’t be here,’ Nelson said. ‘I’m human and a lot of things affect you. We’re basketball players, but we’re also human. A lot of the stuff that came out about other point guards being here was basically months ago, so if I was hurt, I’m over it.’ Nelson looked more like himself against the Lakers, hitting 6-of-12 shots. He entered the game shooting just 39 percent.”

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  • Robert

    You mean Chris Paul of the LA Clippers.

  • RunNGun

    This divorce is getting ugly. Dwight just needs to get out of Orlando now and let the rebuilding begin.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Bowen’s Bowtie Collection

    Jameer can be frustrating or great, not much in between. I want to see deron and dwight on the same team for many years

  • AD

    i dont’ see how it cannot affect you when your star player is having dinner with another pg that will be a free agent next year… deron and dwight should be playing together but jameer is a decenct pg

  • http://anyoldthing Ugh

    Look for Otis Smith to trade Dwight Howard for Kwame Brown, Rashard Lewis and large, concrete statue of of Greg Ostertag that gets paid 17 million a year.

  • Donatello

    Chris Paul is on the Lakers?! Whoa, I missed that.

  • ttc

    in my eyes Jameer is a little b*tch..instead of feeling “down” because Dwight is talking about playing with another point guard, show him how good you are!! c’mon, you’re a competitor!! it should fire u up more than anything..

  • sean

    For Howard to be screeming “TEAM” all the time, he sure does throw them under the bus a lot…

    The best way for Nelson to deal with this is by working harder and showing everyone who the best point guard really is…

    Mighty Mouse was a top PG just 2 seasons ago… Don’t let what some unloyal cry baby said effect you… make it motovate you…

  • Kilo

    Dwight is going to bve a Laker. It is enveitable. Face it.

  • http://slamonline house

    Lol why does almost every Laker fan feel that every good player not on the Lakers will eventually become a Laker?

  • Ldub

    @House….LA has the best market in the world. People come to LA to start new lives/careers etc. Same with sports (minus football LOL) But Dwight wants to be in a bigger market. NY cant afford him and they dont have any pieces to trade for him, same with Miami, and he isnt going to go to Dallas that has the over the hill pg in Kidd. LA is the best fit for dwight and even though many will say his Shaq Jr…its still the best fit for multiple reasons. First and foremost KB24. Then the possibility of getting another big name in Dwill. Dwill, dirk and dwight or dwill, kobe and dwight? Who would make it easiest on dwight to win a chip? LA! And once Kobe leaves, dwight will then the the face of the most marketale franchise in the NBA.

  • Ldub

    as far as the actually topic of this post…Jameer should just play ball. So what if Howard wants to jump ship, or bring in a different player that he feels will fit the style of the team. Yes you play the same position. Now is the best time to prove to the “team” and organization you are a valuable asset. Putting up crappy #s because your feelings were hurt is a poor excuse for a leader, which is exactly what the PG “NEEDS” to be on the court. Shoot, even off the court. Man up, play ball and dont worry about what Dwight or anyone else wants to do with their lives.

  • Holiday

    I think Dallas has just as good a shot if not better than LA, Dwight wants to play with Williams and he would love to play in his home town. Plus Howard has said he doesn’t want follow in “Shaqs footsteps”, not to mention playing for Mark Cuban!

  • MzNita

    I think Dwight should show some loyalty to Orlando and sign the extension. Nine times out of ten he will get traded to another team and remain ringless. Orlando has done so much for him and is willing to do even more and Florida is does not have a state tax so it is going to be huge loss for him if he leaves. He always says whatever God’s will, is going to happen, but what if he is showing him that he needs to stay in Orlando. I hope he knows that Kobe turns against any competition on his team and then they ultimately get traded to someplace they don’t want to go. He has children in this area, what about them? I hope he’s not leaving for a girl, how stupid would that be? Otis Should also be fired if Dwight leaves!!!!

  • Dixie

    Quit whinning and blaming Dwight because you are a crappy point guard! You can’t break a press and you can’t hang onto the ball.