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Kobe Bryant Finds Latest Loss to LeBron James ‘Hard to Digest’

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

Given all of the buildup and excitement created by LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant showdowns, for the most part, the games have largely been duds. The reason is that LeBron seemingly always wins, while putting up better numbers across the board.

And this drives Kobe Bryant crazy.

Bryant put on a cheery disposition following the Lakers’ loss in Miami last night, saying the team was still working on the “blueprints” of its anemic offensive attack, but inside he was raging. Kobe confessed that he had a hard time accepting yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of James and the Heat on national television.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Kobe Bryant hates losing to LeBron James. He hates it. From Cleveland to Miami, the beatings have come over and over, leaving the Los Angeles Lakers star surly, seething. Ultimately, they’re made easier for Bryant because James has repeatedly failed in the playoffs. Bryant plays for championships, but these magnificent national stages do matter to him. In his mind, embarrassment isn’t so easily dismissed. “It is hard to digest,” Bryant said.

When this 98-87 beating by the Heat was over on Thursday, Bryant had settled into something rarely seen in these circumstances. Something between resignation and exasperation. The offense feels like a mess because it is. These Lakers are fumbling for an identity with Mike Brown that isn’t there, waiting on their new coach to come to conclusions and push past the experimentation of too many games, too little practice time. […] Somehow, someway, Brown, Bryant and these Lakers are searching for a contending formula that probably doesn’t exist with this roster. As for the offense, Bryant insisted, “It’s under construction. We’re still working on the blueprints, actually.” And after all these years, all the certainties of Phil Jackson’s system, how does that feel? “Strange,” Bryant said. Bryant has an idea, tried and true: “We talked and we treated some things differently tonight,” he said. “But maybe we should go back to the things we were doing.”

Mike Brown will continue to tinker with his offensive game plan throughout the season, an experiment that will undoubtedly produce ugly results such as last night. Given the roster Brown is working with, there’s no other choice.

The Lakers travel to Orlando for another big-time matchup tonight against Dwight Howard and the Magic. With all eyes on his team once again, you can be sure that Kobe Bryant will be looking to make a statement. Will the rest of his squad follow, though?

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  • RunNGun

    Kobe loses Phil Jackson, Lamar Odom, his three mansions, his wife, his kids, and now loses to LeChoke. It doesn’t pay to have extramarital affairs because karma can be a lil’ b!tch.

  • slamfan4life

    Please demand a trade to Chi….:D

    real talk, i hope the lakeshow figures it out soon

  • T-Ray

    Great game last night but honestly idgaf about LeBron vs Kobe unless it’s in the finals when the stakes are higher.

  • ttc

    and u can bet Kobe comes out victourious and if they ever meet on that stage

  • T-Ray

    Normally I’d agree with you 100% BUT no Phil and the traingle or Lamar I find it kind of hard for them to beat Miami if the Heat have homecourt. I’d like to see it though.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com O

    Miami has LA’s number on speed dial…



  • bull22

    its the law of the jungle kobe, mike brown like chan gailey with the cowboys of more then ten years ago inherited the butt end of a aging championship
    team. i respect phil jackson, but two things he is not known for, number 1
    laying a foundation for the team’s future and number 2 he is not going to leave the next coach with a team that is peaking and winning championships..

  • javy

    C’mon, let’s be honest, I love Kobe as a player but his dominance is coming to an End. I don’t like Lebron but I take it and accept the dude is a freak.
    I love the lakeshow but it’s time to rebuild, this is not a championship team.
    We all know it!!The wife is not the smoking, hot wife anymore. Pack your things, get the car keys and leave. Life goes on and a hotter chick will come around.
    UPPSS, sorry I got caught up…it always happen to me!!jaja

  • tomtom

    Dominance is coming to an end? Dude just score 170+ points in a 4 game stretch, and played well after a rough start last night and LAs big 3 dropped 55. The problem with this team isn’t the core its the supporting cast. We have no backup centre whatsoever literally. I mean think about that! I know pau can play a little center but a big body is what’s required. But most of all we are a team whos best pg is Steve Blake (sorry fish) give this team a pg and get mike brown to shorten the rotation, until then we are not a legit contender.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Not a fan of the yellow/purple messiah, but THIS i get.
    Losing over and over again to the same team or specific nemesis player got me fuming a few times during my fav bball years.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Uhhhh what’s happening, why do i have picniqs email address?

  • T-Money

    i think what annoys kobe the most is that lebron is so comfortable playing against him. kobe is used to get guys shooked.

  • jake

    That was me above.

  • Jer dawg

    It’s incredible how this happens every year and it’s pretty sickening that I’m sucked into the tV to watch 2 superstars, but it’s always been one-sided as far as individual match up goes. LeBron can have his bragging rights on these regular season games goes, but let’s see if he can capitalize during playoffs.

  • stlheatmaniac

    yea if kobe mad now he really finna b hurt when LJ start holding up the next few championships causing kobe to fade out even more. LJ finally on a sick team and this yr 2 and he just getting better with every loss making him mentally where he needs to b to win a championship. Im so happy those Cleveland days over where LJ give his all but his team suck so bad he still gets the L. he finally will live to his tru potential and beyond. he a monsta and its his time now to start addin up these chips

  • http://Slamonline.comq1- Rocksinmypants

    Man, I can only imagine how hard it is to type like that. ^^^^^^

  • T-Ray



    Simple Really. That’s cause Lobe s on the slope & Bron is on the rise. L.A. sux & Miami are great. Aint no rocket science. POW !!

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    @ tomtom, the Lakers don’t have a backup center, but half the teams in the L don’t have a starting center . . . Bynum is arguably the 2nd best center in the L. Be thankful and remember that teams have guys like Diop, Johan Petro, and Amir Johnson are starting at center for their respective teams.

  • javy

    170+points in 4 games…ummm, does anybody know what the overall porcentage was on that?….Again Love Kobe but the body and the mind have to meet eventually. Lebron exposes Kobe’s age in a huge way.

  • Ldub

    @rocksinmypants. LMFAO!!! iz wuz thinkinz tha saim thang!

  • https://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    LeBron would have a ring by now if he could play Kobe and the Lakers in every round of the playoffs.

  • DieselMechanic

    Bron motivates Kobe to take extra shots on home team’s court after games that he lost.

  • bike

    When it’s all said and done, the Laker’s inevitable demise will be tied to losing Phil Jackson. He is the only coach that knew how to manage Kobe’s ego and get the best out of all the current players.

  • Bawse

    Well if Lebron exposes Kobe’s age then who exposed Lebron’s age? Did Dirk who is 30 plus show up Lebron?

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    LA Huey
    If he could play Kobe and the Lakers in the Finals he’d have about 3 or 4 by now. And Diesel brought up a good point I’m surprised Kobe didn’t have a post game shootaround like last year. I truly believe that it makes this guy throw up when LeBron best him because he is just that damn competitive.

  • icreatedbasketball

    Lebron James better and finna win multiple chips and have more career assist, rebounds and blocks than kobe and points will b tuff to do but still possible since lj only 27. kobe was on legendary team after legendary team so stop acting like kobe led a bunch of bums to a chip cause he never has. LJ was trapped in the crappiest sport city eva built wit failure after failure and they didnt build around LJ. So he had to do it for himself which i respect. kobe is a legend and amazing but haters wake the f*** up and realize the evolution of basketball. MJ changed the game, Kobe coppied MJ, now LJ changing the game again and whoever next finna b a even bigger monsta. wake up and realize the lake show dead even if u get howard so bow down to the King and count his rings a couple yrs from now im out.

  • 23

    Lebron is better. Lakers PF/C combo is easily the best in the L. And the lakers still couldn’t beat bosh/joel anthony. Kobe is used to willing his team to win, but its easier said than done against the best player on the planet. Especially since lebron is lightyears ahead of kobe physically at this point.

  • bike

    LJ betta than kobe and it dont take a brain surgen to realize it. LJ will retire wit more assist, blocks and rebounds and possibly points and possibly rings than Kobe. Kobe has always been on supa teams while LJ been in dat bum city Cleveland for all dem yrs where they wont build a championship team if they life depended on it. in a few yrs after LJ has several rings yow haters aint finna have jack to say. the Lakeshow dead even if yow get that big kid Howard. everytime greatness arrives haters hate till they proven wrong then yow swingin from his ball sack. they hated on MJ till he got chips, they hated on Kobe even tho he came to good team and they hating on LJ. he got a squad now so its a wrap. kobe got more rings than LJ for now. LJ 27 he hella yung and he finna get his. some of yow sound like old men arguin that the world is flat when its round. why dont yow evolve instead of hate? yow kno Cleveland suck in every way. wat they go to the worst team in the league when LJ left… ummmm yea… im out

  • 23

    I think if lebron would’ve stayed in clev he would have eventually gotten his whole “clutch game” figured out by now. And if he would have grabbed 1 ring, it would have been enough to solidify his carreer amongst the top players ever. As a lebron fan I wish he would have stayed in cleveland because now he will never get the universal respect he deserves. Espn built up lebron starting at his hs days. And they crushed him with a smile last year. Its disgusting. And don’t be surprised when they do the same to rose, and durant. 1 slip up is all it takes for espn to suck the fun out of a persons carreer.

  • robb

    The Lakers never perform against Miami, they always look clueless out there, not a big surprise.

  • feez_22

    … kobe, get used to it. this has been the trend and will remain so.

  • Nikos

    hey Kob,drink a soda man…

  • bike

    @23 i have to respectfully disagree with one on a few points. 1 ring wont b enuff for LJ. itll b good enuff for Wade but not someone like LJ. also some cities just dont do wat it takes to win. also once LJ wins the championship with the Heat it wont matter wat espn media clowns say as long as LJ wins it and Wade didnt do it. long as LJ dominates he will have the positive respect but if he fails and wade bails him out he will b insulted. however the way bron playing right now is incredible and unspeakably well. he is taking over the Heat without saying a word but with good game play. wade knows to fill into the proper roll when he comes back from injury. i think the team is Ljs to lose right now and he will take them to the promise land. and u soooo right about durant and Rose. once LJ wins this yr Rose and Durant will start feeling the media heat just watch!

  • Maniac

    Lol you people are very stupid.

  • Cool dude

    Reading some of the posts here feels like how i imagine scrubbing your butt with a cactus would feel like.

  • 23

    Bike, I meant if lebron would’ve stayed his whole career in cle then 1 ring w no supporting cast would’ve been remarkable. Of course now anything less than 3 rings won’t cut it imo. But I hear you, lebron needs to kick wade out of shotgun and just sit him in the backseat w bosh. Because when wades in the passenger seat he likes to grab the wheel so lebron has nothing to do but sit and wait for the crash

  • 23

    At least in my eyes I would see it as a huge accomplishment if, for example, lebron would have beat san antonio in the finals. A) he would’ve beaten a dynasty team with the all time greatest pf. B) he would have been undisputedly been the top dog of the nba. C) he would’ve been the only guy to win it by himself basically. D) that would have been more impressive than any of jordans rings due to the lack of another all star caliber player to help. But that’s the past. Lebrons gotta win now, and win a lot in order to keep his name in the jordan, GOAT conversation

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    I don’t think that’s bike.

  • bike

    Bike at 1:33 ain’t me. I could not have composed something like that even if I shot pure heroin straight into my temples.

  • Truth

    @cooldude I think it more of sticking my thing in a blender

  • b. angus

    the only way kob’ goes 2 the chi is 4 drose, noah n everybody else…it aint happenin’, wake up

  • Allenp


  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    When Kobe was droppin all those 40 point games n winning he was tha best player, looking young again ect, ect. Now that tha Lakers lost to Miami, he’s old again, tha Lakers r done ect. Make up ur minds people. Lakers goin deep this year

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher


  • http://Slamonline.comq1- Rocksinmypants

    @Ldub, I see what you did there lol. Idk what to make of the lakers this year though. It’s seems like last year when they kept saying we’ll be fine we’ll be fine. We all know they weren’t fine. Until someone on this team stands up and says we’re Fu(k3d they aren’t going anywhere. The main thing as everyone except Kobe knows is the bigs aren’t getting fed consistently. When that gets figured out things will get better. Rebounding has been killing them too or lack thereof.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Bowen’s Bowtie Collection

    Lebron will not be stopped this season. I’m quite certain he will earn finals mvp

  • doyouwantmore

    I think Kobe might have been the hardest-working player of all time, and I don’t even like him. Its like he worked the hardest to be in the top 10 and now its bugging him to watch a guy like Lebron do the same thing but without having to work as hard. Don’t even get me started on Dwight Howard.

  • doyouwantmore

    I love to watch the most unimaginative coach in the NBA coaching the Lakers. Phil Jackson is about and wise as Paris Hilton but he had imagination when it came to his offense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    @Rocks well if that’s the case I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe is the one on the team that stands and says that. It’s pretty ideal for him to do that.

  • http://leipzig-eagles.de/ Speedy

    I just came home from a hard league game loss. It was delivered in the last second of the game.
    But reading this post just made me laugh like nothing happened.

  • Slim Tebow

    my atlanta hawks may have a chance this year against the lakers last night the lakers looked bad real bad.

  • http://Slamonline.comq1- Rocksinmypants

    @phantom of course it’ll be him to stand up and say that. The thing is though he will come up with the wrong solution which will be for him to shoot the hell out of the ball even more. Kobes my favorite player since the lakers got him but he’s to damn stubborn to do anything other than his own way. A coach that would stand up to him or at least be able to coral him would be nice.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Kobe knows LeBron is nothing but a physical specimen, like no other. But his brain and killer instinct is that of a mustard seed. Bron played well and watching the game. I predicted once Heat get lead, he will go in frontrunning scoring Cleveland days mode. He did, he took bad shots in the end trying to get his. That game was over from start. Lakers rookie pg, is SORRY, it has to be a point guard in the D-League that can do better than that. I still take Kobe for the long haul, this game will motivate Kobe to work even harder to get his and bring the Lakers back. BOOK IT!!

  • Heals

    Still enjoy Shaq on the whole, but I must say he has felt “extra” a few times on Inside after the games. He doesn’t usually back his points up with any substance and sometimes disagrees with somebody and explains why only to then agree with person at the end. But it’s Shaq so it’s still funny…

  • http://Juanm.Garcia@comcast.net Uknowsquat

    Last time I checked the Kobe puppet laws looking for his 5th cookie wh
    Lie dancing to “This is how we do it”… While the LeBron puppet was hungry for a cookie… did I miss something? What’s changed?


    N.W.A. – No Vaseline & Lobes the Villain.

  • B.C.

    Lakers please trade Steve Blake for Jordan Farmar, Artest for Ariza, Darius Morris and McRoberts for Shannon Brown, trade picks for Lamar Odom, release Troy Murphy add a Ronny Turiaf or Josh Powell, problem solved. They cannot win a title with their current roster.

  • Zoom

    Kobe is just at his point were he won’t be going uphill anymore its all downhill. LeBron is the best player in the NBA hands down.

  • http://slamonline.com Vance

    Sorry to say but the Lakers would not beat the Heat even with Phil Jackson or his old team, its all about match ups and the Lakers can not match up at hardly any position. Also they really should consider trading for Steve Nash, Grant Hill and Channing Frye then they may be able to compete, they really don’t need D. Howard they have servicable big men, they need a true floor leader.

  • MLK4Life

    The game I’m really looking forward to is Bulls vs. Heat next weekend. Kobe vs. LeBron was nice a few seasons ago, but Kobe is not where he used to be physically. He’s on the downside of his career. Just playing for championships now, not regular season games. There’s a reason why this game wasn’t on Christmas Day this season.

  • 23

    Mlk, kobe dropped 40 on how many consecutive games? Plus WE ALL KNOW when kobe wants to bring it he can strangle any team by the throat. So don’t act like kobe wasn’t trying. That’s nonsense. Kobe plays EVERY game like its his last. Especially against the team every is crowing prematurely. Btw this game probably wasn’t on christmas because the lakers vs lebron have hardly ever equaled a great basketball game. Usually all blowouts

  • 23

    Kobe is arguably the most competitive dude in the league! His game face is always on. You think he just went to mia and went thru the motions not worried about the outcome? Kobe cares about beating lebron. Kobe loves proving critics wrong. He especially thrives on the road. But lebron and the heat are just better. Plus kobe doesn’t play like an old man! He’s not the same physically but he is still way above average physically. Plus the past 4 years he’s relied on his jumpshot way more than his athleticism. He’s taken care of his body, he’s still in great shape. Lebron is just superior in every aspect.

  • SportsAddict

    Kobe Bryant is the leading scorer in the NBA. His assists are going up. He’s been through a lot this past couple of months. As far as divorce, trades, specualtions/rumors, Phil Jackson, etc. He’s been scoring. LeBron is right behind him in scoring, and both were among the 20 finalist for the USA 2012 Basketball Team.

  • ron

    Kobe, like all other great players need to face ageing and seeing their game diminishing. Kobe’s prime time is over while LBJ’s is still young.

  • BBaller

    Kobe v Lebron =zzzzzzzzzz. Only thing that matters is the Heat > Lakers

  • BBaller

    I hope both teams lose in the 1st round.

  • dee

    Do you think Jordans Bulls would’ve pulled a no show agaisnt a team that everyone’s picking to win it all? NO, they would’ve sent a message. Ever see a young Kobe play versus MJ? MJ killed him. THat’s how LBJ is going at Kobe whenever they play…Magic’s Showtime Lakers hated losing! When they took an L, they made the next team pay. Period! Lakers lack mental toughness. Lamar Odom was Kobe’s “Pippen”. Combine that with Mike Browns lack of whatever & you have a very long frusrtating season. Bring back the triangle ASAP! What has Mike Brown done to want to change what’s produced 11 Championships? 2 Eastern Conference championships? Kobe’s saying all the right things but the reality is he should probably meet with the GM & owner and demand changes. It’s embarassing to watch a championship contender look so terrible. It’s time to use these younger players on the team and play uptempo. Ebanks, Morris, Gaudelock need to more minutes to take the pressure off Kobe. He’s not the same guy that put up 81 on the Raptors. When the rival celtics won their last championship, they did it with a mixture of old veterans (Big 3) and young players (Big baby, Tony Allen, Leon Powe & Rondo)their younger players got minutes during the season and became dependable during the playoffs. Bad enough the lakers passed on players in the draft I felt were more proven but their not playing the ones they have. The GM needs to wake up! Mike Brown needs to grow a pair!