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Kobe Bryant: ‘I’ll Have to Talk to My Guys and See What’s Going On’

The Lakers fell embarrassingly to an injured Bucks team last night, with their road record dropping to 1-7 and their confidence dropping below zero. According to the LA Times, Kobe Bryant, who continues to put up decent numbers through the drought, is wondering what’s going on: “The Milwaukee Bucks were without two key players, but the Lakers looked undermanned in a 100-89 loss Saturday at Bradley Center. They continued their pathetic performances on the road, falling to 1-7, and set a team record with their 13th consecutive game under 100 points. Not since 1953-54, the season before the shot clock, have they been this futile. Kobe Bryant played well in a staggeringly high 42 minutes, but Pau Gasol reverted back to shrinking status by making a woeful six of 18 shots. … ‘I’ll have to talk to my guys and see what’s going on,’ he said of the Lakers’ road woes. ‘Myself and Coach Brown, we’ll have to sit down and think of what’s going on and how we can be a much better road team.’ With 20 games gone in a 66-game season, they better figure it out soon.”

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  • Justin G.

    With Bogut out this should have been the time to get the ball down low. I think the Lakers are on the road for 7 of their next 8 so needing to figure it out soon may be an understatement

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Kobe as the leader/coach will find a way to make this team better. Lakers need a point guard and if we would have went 4-4 on road instead of 107 on road we a top team in Western conference. That’s why I have confidence in my Lakers. Also Deron or Dwight are coming. BOOK IT!!

  • http://fklfs.com Jukai

    Nice to see you haven’t changed, The Seed.

  • ibdb

    dwight will be traded to dallas in march..and next year deron as a FA…BOOK IT! :D

  • shutup

    I’ll sum it up for you Kobe, you just lost the best coach in NBA history and replaced him with Mike Brown, your team tried to trade two of its best players and failed, then trading LO for nothing, your shooting like 35 shots a game, and Metta big head peace/artest is trash, oh and your pg is like 50. One more point you have arguably the 2 best post-up players in the league and you guys dont play inside out, thats it for now.

  • OTB

    ^ Gasol shot 6-18. Kobe has been playing team ball.

  • RedRum

    @shutup: hit the nail on the head there mate, mail that to kobe please

  • underdog

    Agent 0 to the rescue!

  • MLK4Life

    Need a PG. Keep Bynum and Gasol. Sign Aaron Brooks when he gets back from China. Two 7 footers that they have are together better than Dwight. If they lose their size, Dwight & Kobe alone won’t get them past the Thunder. They just need an athletic PG. No need to trade their big guys.

  • Justin G.

    I didn’t see the game but where did his 18 shots come from? If a majority of them came from the perimiter then that’s a problem because that’s not where you want him getting his looks.

  • JML-G

    Thunder will beat them in the 1st round of playoffs and thats it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542782613 The White Steve Smith

    Kobe’s ex-wife makes the BEST cheese eggs in the world.

  • hellomanameis

    Kobe’s number have been Lebron-like. that is why they are losing. Kobe isnt suppose to put up 28 7 8 . When he has low assists and only scores they usually win. Passing is not what kobe is suppose to do.

  • J.C.

    What’s going on in LA:
    - They traded a fantastic offensive coach for a defensive one.
    - Not only are they all learning a new offensive system, but by replacing the Triangle they now cannot hide their glaring weakness at the PG spot.
    - They held onto a lot of pieces well past their usefulness. Pay attention to Danny Ainge.
    - While Kobe is doing his best to carry the load, he’s too set on proving to everyone that he’s still the alpha male.
    - Years of cruising to a top seed has left them decadent and without the hunger a competitive team needs.
    - They’re old.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    *Kobe goes up to his guys and asks what’s going on*

  • kobesBESTfriend

    whats wrong with Pau…hes like a shell of his former self

  • john

    Paragraphs please.

  • the truth

    “When kobe has low assists and only scores they usually win” haha u don’t need to be allowed to post on here anymore

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    And hellomanameis with the stupidest comment I’ve seen on this site in months.

  • shutup

    Nothing really wrong with Pau except most Lakers fans are using him as a scapegoat, I’m looking at you Snoop Dogg, with comments like he tweeted, calling him a waste and calling to get rid of him, not only did they try to trade him, but the team constantly ignores his pleas to play inside out. @OTB Kobes been playin team ball? really? Kobe took 21 shots which is 7 less than both Gasol and Bynum. Oh and went through the play by play the Bigs got most of their shots up in the first half and only 2 shots between them in the fourth.

  • Jab

    Smh some of you guys straight up don’t know the game of basketball how can some of you question kobe bryant shots? Do you see how horrible dis team is? There is no way this team is getting past the first round.. Somebody needs to give management a wake up call kobe has no help bynum and pau are to inconsistent I watch every single game its day to day with dem two. Gasol should not be shooting 18 times bynum has surpassed him as a player.. But we really need to sign gilbert arenas after what i’ve been seeing dere is not enough scoring from the bench. And we need to make that dwight trade happen asap cuz once dwight comes deron is going to follow he wants to play with dwight.

  • Jab

    @shutup ur dumb for even thinking kobe needs to shoot less.. We talking about kobe bryant here pau and andrew are not superstars

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Lakers just don’t have much of a roster anymore once you look past the starting 5. Should have held onto Odom, I expect to see some trade(s) around the all star break. BTW, Gooden was killin’ it lastnight!

  • Slowhand

    Way to call out your players to the media Kobe!
    Get use to it laker fans-your dynasty is over. Da Bulls!!

  • anynomous

    @shutup You`re right on point. I would even go back as far as the 4 consecutive 40-pt games where kobe was probably averaging around 30 shots. Those games were destructive to the team and to players like bynum and gasol who were deprived of the necessary touches/shots DOWN LOW IN THE PAINTED AREA needed to keep their offensive games rhythnically sharp. @OTB if you think about it, kobe playin team ball is pretty far-fetched.

  • anynomous


  • robb

    I really wish CP3 was with the Lakers.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    I’m curious as to how la fans think lakers will be able to sign aaron brooks or anyone else. Aren’t the lakers well over the cap?

  • Pais

    You guys are so fixated on your Kobe hate you can’t see anything objectively. Kobe generally takes the same amount of shots as the number 1 scoring option on any team (fine, occasionally a bit more). He’s shooting around 45% not 35%, he had 9 assists and 8 rebounds in the last game. Anyone else on any other team and we’d recognize his performance this season for what it is, which is borderline great. There’s no other player in NBA history which makes otherwise rational people blind fools. The Lakers got 99 problems but Kobe ain’t one.
    Even the majority of Kobe hating analysts are finally conceding that Kobe’s the only thing keeping the Lakers somewhat relevant. The Lakers don’t have good players, period. Bynum and Gasol as good as they are, are not consistent. Marc Gasol is now in my opinion the better of the two brothers.

  • http://www.coachesclipboard.net/FlexOffense.html nbk

    Kobe Bryant leads the league in usage. And shot attempts. I don’t blame him at all, but don’t lie to yourself. He’s shooting a ton.

  • Pais

    Just watching LA vs Min, it’s end of the 3rd. Can’t help but notice, it’s possible Kobe shoots a little too much.

  • Pais

    Kobe finished 48% from the field for 35pts & 14 boards. Pau had a strong performance and Bynum was a constant threat. Minny’s zone choked the middle and LA’s bigs took time to adjust. Goudelock had moments where he looked real good but LA needs a legitimate scoring threat and defender other than Kobe on the perimeter.

  • anynomous

    @tarzan I was thinking the same thing. Didn`t they send someone down to the dleague just to clear up cap space?

  • tomtom

    Ok, if you all think it’s Kobe’s fault answer this he is putting up the same numbers as he always has (you know, when the lakers have been great). ‘well he is too old now’ Well, his PER is it’s highest since 06-07 and his assist percentage is 33! That’s a career high. I like a see less turnovers though.
    As for Pau being scape goated sorry but the guy has shot 12-13 FGs per game since joining the lakers look it up (he is shooting 13.5 this year, his second highest average since becoming a laker). So how can he be complaining that he is not as involved? The decline in his game is due to the drop in FG percentage and the 1.5 less offensive rebounds he is getting.

  • http://www.coachesclipboard.net/FlexOffense.html nbk

    The quality of the shots he is getting are the problem. The offense Mike Brown has implemented and the complete lack of depth are the Lakers problem. Not Pau Gasol. Or Kobe Bryant.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Kobe shot too much when he was with Nick Van, The Shaq, Eddie Bones Jones and AC mary-me-first Green….. you think he doesn’t shoot too much now…. : /

    When the best Spanish player in the world gets shut out (sorry Rubio) without the ball yet again…. LAL have a bigger problem. Maybe instead of Kobe TALKING with Mike Brown he should be LISTENING to Mike Brown….

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    @Darce…Maaaan f*ck Mike Brown, his terrible offensive coaching is one of the biggest reason the Lakers are like this right now.

  • Booyahhh

    Lakers almost blew the Minnesota game tonight, Bryant was clutch in the 4th quarter but as a team.. Ehhh.. They need To trade fir a point guard.

  • tomtom

    lol nbk, like i said, his numbers are the same and his efficiency is UP so even if he is shooting tough shots how can he be the reason we are losing. Drace, again Pau isn’t getting shut out he has more shots this year than the past two seasons, he just isn’t performing as well. Which you can kind of blame on Bynum helping to crowd that post.

  • monkeyball

    Kobe is not putting up “decent” numbers. He’s putting up SPECTACULAR numbers. I do think he shoots too much. But, at 33, you can’t argue that his output this season is just a tiny notch below MJ level.

  • birdy

    what makes you think Mike Brown even has proper offensive sets?

  • dsleepy

    if kobe deferred to pau and bynum, lakers would win more rings.

    but kobe will not defer to anyone ever. because mj did not.

    therefore, the lakers will get knocked out in the 2nd round, and kobe will not get ring #6 (a la mj)

    kobe will kill his last chance to be like mj, by trying too hard to be like mj.

  • Terry Ott

    Was at the game in Milwaukee as a Bucks fan. Amazed to see how Milwaukee took it to LA in every facet. Thought I was paying to see the Lakers; the uniforms were impressive as always, Kobe did his thing which is always a treat to see, Fisher nailed his usual 3 at the first half buzzer. But where was the team?

    Could not seem to get untracked. Look for a very short playoff run with this collection of guys.

  • http://www.coachesclipboard.net/FlexOffense.html nbk

    TomTom idk if you just didn’t read what I said or what. But the problem is Mike Brown.