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Kobe Bryant is the NBA’s Highest Earner

Kobe Bryant’s Lakers are the League’s most valuable franchise, and according to Forbes, Bryant is the NBA’s biggest earner on an annual basis (LeBron James is number two): “Bryant’s following has allowed him to amass an endorsement portfolio of global brands including Nike, Smart Car, Panini and Turkish Airlines that pay him $28 million annually. Factor in his league leading $25.2 million salary from the Lakers and Bryant is the NBA’s top-earning athlete at $53.2 million. Bryant’s Lakers salary is $3 million greater than any other NBA player thanks to the idiosyncrasies of the NBA’s maximum salary rules on individual players. Under the old collective bargaining agreement, 10-year veterans could sign deals for 35% of the salary cap which was $58 million last season. Yet players can sign deals worth 105% of their previous salary even if it exceeds the salary ceiling. Bryant has 15 seasons under his belt, but is still just 33-years-old and has signed a series of maximum deals which is a rarity in the NBA as players typically slow down as they approach their mid-30s. Bryant can command escalating salaries from the wealthy Lakers who last year inked a deal with Time Warner Cable that will pay an average of $200 million annually over 20 years.”

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  • capostat

    i have about $5000 in the bank right now.

  • cheesewiz


  • bike

    Kinda puts perspective on the 75 million his ex wife got.

  • Milez Long

    Correction! Vanessa Bryant is the NBA’s highes earner! lol

  • ThaDoogal23

    read that and weep business LeBron

  • cinquet

    that chick got 75 million kobe happy with that settlement, kobe been in the league since 17 right. He got way mor than 150 million, he probably got 150 mil in the states lol

  • Pais

    and rightly so.

  • ttc

    i have about -$400 in my bank acount

  • CubicleWorker

    Vanessa makes more than at least half NBA players

  • http://yahoo LakerNation

    Yeah that 75 mil he gave his ex wife wont put a dent in his bank account i can gaurantee that based on the total ammount he is getting annually

  • Red Star

    Kobe! You’re Welcome!

  • Stroshow

    So Kobes in the hole for 22 million + 3 houses this year.

  • LA Huey

    Business LeBron is doing well considering he’s giving Business Mamba a $9M lead just off NBA salaries.