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Kobe: Bynum is Lakers’ No. 2 Scoring Option

Andrew Bynum has a ways to go before becoming a bona fide second scoring option to Kobe, but the Mamba thinks the Lakers will be going to Bynum often this season. Via ESPN: “The scoring pecking order is no longer former MVP Kobe Bryant, followed by former All-Star Pau Gasol, followed by up-and-comer Andrew Bynum. Now it’s Kobe, then Bynum, then Gasol. ‘It seems like it’s changed a little bit,’ Bryant said after the Lakers’ 97-90 win over the Golden State Warriors on Friday. ‘Andrew is thirsty to score and he can score. He has more of a scorer’s mentality [than Gasol], so we’ll take advantage of that.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Kobe still has clout.
    When he says it… it is so.

  • Yann Blavec

    Since Shaq left the Lakers, Kobe is the first, second, and third option.

  • Jer dawg

    I don’t think Pau has a problem with that at all. Let Bynum get all that physical pounding and Pau will play his versatile game.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    If Kobe states it, it will happen. MVP speaks 2012. BOOK IT!!

  • ARL30

    Of course Pau has slipped in the rank. In fact, he wasn’t even supposed to be in LA this year.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnoT

    Pecking order as follows, Kobe, Bynum, Black Swan!

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Exhibit #22 that Kobe is really the laker’s coach.

  • Heals

    Good lawd, he’s still at it. Damn the Mia Threeatles ran away with the award last year, but Kob is at a record setting pace with trying to keep himself news this year…

  • jose

    kobe then kobe and finnally kobe

  • http://www.slamonline.com Tarzan Cooper


  • http://wikipedia.org Eddie1

    Does anyone with any medical knowledge know if Kobe’s wrist will heal during the season? The illuminati ain’t telling me ish.

  • OTB

    Kobe is an idiot sometimes. He really doesn’t know how to deal with people. You don’t just throw people under the bus (he did it with Bynum when he said he has to fall in line), and then throw your sidekick under the bus. I’m most disappointed that he didn’t even support Pau when the CP3 fiasco was going down. Yesterday’s game was the first time I’ve seen Kobe and Pau embrace each other in about 2 years…tells you a lot about the deterioration of their team chemistry. I remember the first 2 years they were practically attached at the hip.

  • Zabbah

    Kobe and Paul are still gay for each other. Why else do you think his wife wants a divorce?

  • DTE

    @OTB………….shut yo lame ass up

    For ya’ll to hate kobe so much ya’ll sure catch feelings for every word he says

    A real hater would ignore it

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    ^^^^^^Cosign 100%!!!

  • monkeyball

    I think OTB has it right. After the no-trade, the comment could be ablow to Pau’s confidence. How does that bhelp team chemistry? As fore Kobe not knowing how to deal with people, everyone knows that’s true. It has nothing to do with hating Kobe.

  • Heals

    If ya’ll feel OTB’s comment is anything remotely resembling the concept of hate please take a deep breathe, remove the purple and gold beer googles, take some time to sober up and then come join us reality…

  • manu

    Never mind Pau is on the team…

  • robb

    I don’t think Kobe’s throwing Pau under the bus, the way Bynum’s been playing in the paint offers better opportunities to score than Gasol shooting jumpers out of the key. Also I was watching Pau the other day and he’s playing without any intensity both offensively and defensively. His skills and length bail him out and he can still get good numbers, but he’s just not playing hard enough. Bynum’s no.2 now because he’s hungrier than Pau, but I think this could be a good situation for Pau because he can play without the pressure to deliver, he’ll be more effective playing as a No. 3 scoring option.

  • dahon

    trade gasol for zach randolph…gasol-gasol combo. hes tried of dealing with kobes mentality. kobes slow now, and will be slower. when jordan was at his age, he was still on the top.

  • http://www.adultism.com justlenny

    smh bynum no.2? no wonder the lakers suck

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    as a laker fan, it’s nice to see Bynum shut the “Bynum is overrated” crowd. told you guys. us laker fans were right about bynum

  • Cameron

    Kobes the coach, the pg, the sg, the first and second scoring option.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    dahon… as weak as Pau is in your eyes… and injured Zac Randolph isn’t better than ANYONE.

  • http://Hoopshype.com/rumors Hossy

    The lakers are only force feeding Andrew the ball and starting Ebanks to hopefully bait Orlando into giving them Dwight. Look for kupchak, kobe, buss, and brown to hype up Bynum in every interview. They will let Bynum take 25 shots a game, less wear on Kobe and they might be able to land Dwight without losing Pau. It’s all part of the larger plan. Look for all media owned by that company who gave the lakers that multi billion dollar tv deal to hype up Bynum and Ebanks as well. They gotta land another franchise player in LA so they can start getting a return on their investment.

  • golakeshow

    Who cares. bynum and pau are equally good. I just hope we get dwight. The cp3 fiasco was tough. but the clippers are still worse and cp3 or not nobody cares about the clippers is LA. Also Lamar Odom is really bad now because he focuses on reality shows more than basketball. Send andrew and ebanks and fisher for dwight.


    Bottom Line . Lakers SUCK this year, they ain’t goin nowhere unless they get someone to bail em out AGAIN. Not happening , i hope Dwight goes to Chicago, at least that team has a heart & soul & theyr’e SUPERBAD . Not bad meaning bad …


    Word to Hossy. Nice breakdown. Bottom Line . Lakers SUK this year, they ain’t goin nowhere unless they get someone to bail em out AGAIN. Not happening , i hope Dwight goes to Chicago, at least that team has a heart & soul , & theyr’e SUPERBAD. Not bad meaning bad …

  • http://bulls.com airs

    Of coarse you want DH in any uniform but the Lakers. We’re tired of them taking home the chip. I know I am. Let’s just be honest.

  • bubblecat

    Bynum is shooting 57% while Kobe is at 44%. Bynum should be the No. 1 scoring option just like Shaq should have been when he was with the Lakers.

  • LA Huey

    Bynum is still a carrot for Dwight. And Kobe really needs to practice more Dale Carnegie and less Niccolo Machiavelli

  • http://www.facebook.com/P.Y.Y.B.L Gametimeweezy

    Bynum is 2nd option now.. gee ya think? Pau Gasol overrated? Nooo cant be… he’s Pau Gasol lmaooooo….

  • Justin G.

    Gasol isn’t overrated he’s just not playing the way he has the past 3 years, at least not yet.