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Lamar Odom: Kevin Love is ‘a New Version of Bill Laimbeer’

Following the Timberwolves’ Sunday night win over the Mavericks, Lamar Odom compared Kevin Love (who torched Dallas with 25 points and 17 boards) to Pistons’ great Bill Laimbeer. Per the Star-Telegram: “He’s almost like a new version of (Bill) Laimbeer to me,’ Odom, the Mavs’ forward, said. ‘Almost Laimbeer-like. But a little bit more athletic.’ Love showed off that athleticism when he converted a gorgeous step-back three-point field goal during a key moment of the fourth quarter. That three-pointer followed another three-pointer by Love on the T-Wolves’ previous trip up the court and soared Minnesota ahead 90-82 with 4:07 left.”

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  • http://slamonline.com jumpman22

    I felt more like a Brad Miller.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    When Dirk got going in the 4th I thought the Mavs would seal the game, but Love, Rubio and Tolliver stepped up big tim.

  • Tupack Shackur

    Look for Bill Laimbeer to come back at Love with a vengeance in their next matchup.

  • robb

    Why are you insulting Kevin like that Lamar??

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    How about reverting to the old version of yourself, Lamar. I’m hoping an injury is the reason u now play 15 mins a game, otherwise take your sensitive butt back to LA.

  • kobesBESTfriend

    and Lamar is a new version of Slava Medvedenko

  • Startown

    I would say that is in insult!

    Love is setting nba records…Legit double double machine!

  • Bt

    That’s an insult to bill, he actually played defence and team ball rather than Only being concerned with individual stats

  • OTB

    Kevin Love and Rubio were the reasons Wolves won that game. The score was 84-82…and KL hit two back to back step back 3s. The dude is a beast.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    bill laimbeer must have been REALLY unathletic

  • laimbeer played defence kevin love doesn`t even contest shots

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Laimbeer is an a**hole

  • gakbrenti


  • myizzle

    and Lamar Odom is officially the Newer version, but more ancient version of Kendrick Perkins, BUTT-HURT

  • Blakos

    So Bill L had no D?

  • robb

    bullying and hitting other players doesn’t make you a good defensive player. He was a terrible baller who found his place in a system where he could “contribute” doing that kind of stuff. He s*cked.

  • startown

    bt: Funny!

    K Love career stats 15.2 pts and 11 rebounds, 3 assists per game

    Laimbeer 12 9 and 2

    K Love NBA record for double doubles.. Laimbeer no NBA record

    Current average 25 and 15, Bill best year 16 and 13

  • Heals

    Love the heads coming out to defend Laimbeer. Dude not only had the D ya’ll speak of (Yeah KLo puts up nasty #’s, but what’s his man getting?), but also had nice range with his shot to perfectly compliment the BadBoys squads. Not to mention this totally overlooks Bill’s knack for pissing off his opponents so much that winning almost became secondary to trying to kick his a$$…

  • Zabbah

    That’s an insult to Kevin Love. Love ain’t dirty on the court and he sure as hell ain’t over-rated.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    To a certain extent LO is right. Dude steps out and hits the 3 like Bill did, apart from that, I don’t see any similarities. Lambieer was a superior defender/team player while Love’s superior rebounder/scorer and seems to only care about his stats.

  • Blakos

    I havent really watched much of the late eighties Deteoit teams so I can’t comment on Laimbeers d. However I do know that love plays no d what so ever.

  • startown

    Love plays no Defense??… but amazingly he was +/- up on his opponent in 36 of the 51 games he played last year. Kinda throws that comment out the window.

    3rd year in career-Love 20.2 15.2 (lead league in rebounds) and 2.5 a
    3rd year in career-Laimbeer 6.7 5.5 and 1

    Love 55 straight double doubles, including a 31 points and 31 rebounds in one game.

  • PapiSuave

    Lamar just made himself look even more like a fool. Check the stats and the style. Lamar’s just naming tall white guys

  • http://dsjfklfl.com Jukai

    What the hell IS it… I… christ….
    Hey, a PF/C who liked to rebound and could shoot from far out but didn’t play any defense… kinda sounds like Kevin Willis to m— oh wait, white. Yeah, Bill Laimbeer, spot on.

  • Startown

    Meant to type 56 of 71 games…Loves eff rate was 4th in the NBA behind Lebron, DWade and Dwight Howard

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    haha Juks suffers under the mental anguish caused by comparisons between ball players where the only REAL similarity is the pigment of a mans skin…. AGAIN!.. Bird V Dirk all over again…?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Love is obviously a better player than Bill Laimbeer, but Bad Boy Bill actually played defense, had a big role in 2 championships, and was reviled by anyone not in a Pistons jersey for being a total douche–in a very entertaining way. Three things Love has yet to achieve. But alas, there’s still time.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Personally I think it’s time we start the Love/Bird comparisons. Lovebird.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Haha, when Shaq was doing his list of NBA players (past/present) he’d most like to fight MMA with, he listed off people like Charles Oakley, Xavier McDaniel, etc. But then he had to mention a white guy, and instead of picking Bill Laimbeer, he picked… Danny Ainge. LOL.
    So yeah, O’Neal never wanted it with Mr. Combat Basketball. Shaq was scurred.

  • http://dsjfklfl.com Jukai

    Dacre: Wade JUST compared Rubio to Nash… and now we have this dumb comparison… ugh…

  • http://dsjfklfl.com Jukai

    I mean, literally, Odom just compared the guy whose main value was hard nosed post and isolation defense… to the guy whose main value is putting points on the score board.
    BUT HEY THEY BOTH REBOUND (and shhhh something else).

  • Blakos

    Startown. So you mean because Love had more points than opposing pfs, 56 out of 71 games, while he was on the floor he has reasonable d? Weird

  • Startown

    Just using a statistic, that ranks NBA players and it does involve defense…keep in my mind that a defensive rebound is included in “defense”

  • MikeC.

    When Love is on a playoff team, his defensive rebounding stats will be used to show his defensive hustle. Because his team is losing, he’s a selfish stats guy. Winning makes everything positive.

  • Mike from Spain

    Kevin Love is a beast, I’d want him on my team as a PF and let a tough center handle the help D and the scoring big. Do you really think he’s that selfish?

  • SikhWitIt

    This is such a dumb comparison. There will never be another Bill Laimbeer because basketball is no longer a physical sport.

  • blakos

    Fair point Mike C, but if you watch him play, hia on ball d is soft and he rarely rotates as he wants defensive board opportunities. Probably accounts for his low block totals too.

  • sam

    I wouldn’t say that’s an insult at all! He was a great player and a very tough one, but I don’t see a real good comparison. He’s already out of discussion when his last name is LOVE so that’s one thing. Love really isn’t a dirty and nasty player so he really isn’t like Laimbeer.

  • Jake

    Uh Bt, Love plays D. The rest of the team however, doesn’t. That’s the whole problem with their team right now. Well that and too many point guards. There was no sense in them singing JJ Barea this fall.

  • riggs

    yeah love cares only about his stats….which adds to the freaking scoreboard.

  • unrel

    i’ve seen a few say that k. love cares only about his stats.. that’s a bit strange to me.. maybe i haven’t seen enough minny games.. but if he’s firing up shots to increase his scoring.. okay.. but if it’s in reference to getting 20+ boards.. i would wish that all big men cared that much..

  • Justin G.

    I can’t believe “great Bill Laimbeer” was used. Somebody just brought the bar down about 20 notches

  • T-Money

    unrel: he won’t close out on shooters or rotate on penetration to not lose rebounding position and he’ll “steal” uncontested rebounds from teammates. that’s what people mean by stat padding. to be fair, i’ve watched 2 minny games this year and he doesn’t do it nearly as much. i saw him close out to bosh on a few occasions.

  • Team Jordan

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: How Is His COMPARISON An INSULT??? ESPECIALLY When BILL Was Just As GOOD Back THEN As KEVIN Is NOW… IN MY OPINION: Not A BAD COMPARISON At All… I’ve Been Able To Watch Both Of Them Play and I Say LAMAR Hit It Right On The Head Cause Their GAME Is VERY VERY SIMILAR… They Both Was GOOD REBOUNDERS (Offense & Defense), They Both Ran The Floor Pretty Well, They Both Had A Nice Little POST GAME, BILL ONE on ONE DEFENSE Was BETTER Though, and KEVIN Is Just Little Bit More ATHLETIC Than BILL Was But That’s About It… So I Don’t UNDERSTAND How Is This An INSULT!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    I see him more as a poor man’s combination of Brian Scalebrine, Greg Ostertag, Rik Smits, Bill Wennington, Luc Longley, Kurt Rambis, Chuck Nevitt, Jim McIlvaine, Mark Eaton, Chris Dudley, and Shawn Bradley…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    ^^^ That list is courtesy of my memory and google searching “white NBA centers”…

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Love is not Lambieer, they are both white power forwards that can shoot. That is the extent of their similarities.

  • pzl

    Lulz @ “Lamar Odom is the new Slava Medvedenko”

  • RoyMunson

    You guys got it wrong. Laimbeer played better defense and blocked a few more shots. But, that was part of his role because the Pistons had Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars to handle the scoring duties, so they didnt really need Laimbeer to score as much. I dont know where you guys get your stats but Laimbeer in his prime avg. 17 ppg and 12 rpg. which isnt that far from Love. Also, like i said, Laimbeer could have scored more but he didnt need to because his role was to play defense and rebound. Laimbeer played with better players that could handle the scoring. Kevin Love doesn’t, thats why his offensive numbers are higher. Just look at the number of shots each player would take. Love takes more shots because hes a larger part of their offense then Laimbeer was with Detroit. If Laimbeer was to play on a team like Love with guards that couldnt score, he wouldve been counted on to score more, like Love. Its pretty simple, just look at the numbers.