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LeBron James Wants to Shoot 80% from the Free Throw Line

LeBron James, a career 74% free throw shooter, says he wants to reach the 80 percent mark this season. That will take a lot of concentration, Bron-Bron. From the Palm Beach Post: “Ten of the Heat’s 15 players participated in an optional workout at the Pepsi Center late Thursday afternoon. One of those 10: LeBron James, who spent the final few minutes practicing his free throws, following a 9-for-17 struggle that contributed to Miami’s overtime loss to the Clippers. During one stretch I was able to see, he made 17-of-20. ‘It’s about repetition,’ James said. ‘Repetition and consistency. I didn’t shoot the ball particularly well from the free throw line [Wednesday] night, so you know, you come in and you try to fix it. So I thought I would do that today.’ [...] ‘My goal is to shoot 80-plus this year,’ James said. ‘I know I’m going to get to the line enough, so you’ve just got to go up there and knock them down. But I guess my averages kind of average out, and I’m back to the mid-70s again. But it’s all about concentration, like I said, repetition. You get the opportunity to go up there and shoot free throws, you try to knock them down.’”

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  • hobbes

    Lejoke always talk shit n make excuse after lost

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    you want 80? aim a 100.

  • BlackStar

    This guy … I really can’t read anything else about Bron. He needs to just DO THINGS and talk about it later instead of saying what he’s going to do then fail miserably when the pressure is on.

  • bike

    No sh*t Captain Obvious. It’s ridiculous that a player of his caliber doesn’t shoot at least 80 percent. He should have had this worked out 8 years ago.

  • Riggs

    i think he’s around 78-79 right now so its not gonna be hard.

  • T-Money

    blackstar: so he should just duck every pre and post media sessions and take the fines to make you happier?

  • lisa

    This is sad… Ofcourse he needs to knock down his free throws, but thats not what he should be worried about. It’s his performance in clutch situations. He could have missed every last free throw, but made the ones that counted the most… and there wouldn’t be a problem. Smh… He needs serious help.

  • lisa

    T-money: he is not saying not to do the pre and post media sessions…. But not to say he is going to do something, because if he doesn’t the media will be all over it. LeBron wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure as he has showed numerous of times.

  • T-Ray

    @lisa I thought he did pretty well as far as making the right clutch decisions against the Clippers. He was agressive in attacking the rim BUT there’s no excuse for missing free throws. THEY”RE FREE! No one is guarding you so hell might as well make them.

  • lisa

    T-money.. Thats what I’m saying they are free and that he should make them. But he is missing the big picture, thats all I meant by that. He is saying I need to make my free throws and he should, but people are giving him a hard time because it cost the Heat the game. He still has time to work on closing out games… Wether it’s free throws or taking the last shot.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I agree with what both of y’all are sayin.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    “…who spent the final few minutes practicing his free throws…” Few minutes ain’t gonna be enough Bron or D12 that matter. PUT IN WORK!

  • Ldub

    its the medias job to ask a ? About a specific subject that is going to get some sort of arousal from everyone else. Lebron and the Heat shot really poorly down the stretch against the clips. I understand the point of Lebron saying he wants to get to 80%. That’s a respectable %. But if no one is holding you accountable and your league mvp, you aren’t going to feel a NEED or a want to improve. Lebron is a great talent, but no one is above improvement. I think people are so turned off with “the decision” and how the Heat acted like they already won 4 championships before they even stepped foot on a court together, makes ppl have this “hate” towards them (especially Bron). Kinda seems like ppl want him to be this perfect, Jordanish type player and he’s not, nor will he ever be.

  • ClydeSays

    I wish writers would just skip quotes like these: “I guess my averages kind of average out…”

  • Do Work

    there’s no excuse for being under 80% as an NBA player, unless you’re a center in my book

  • Key_34

    Cats talking about he needs to do better in clutch situations. You can’t simulate that. You can do the “5…4…3…2..1..shoot” all day but its not like that when it gets real. You shoot jumpers in the gym and free throws at the line to get better. And when the time comes, you hope the practice pays off and it drops.
    Slam took two sentences from a q & a that probably lasted 15mins. Relax guys.

  • 23

    Lebron actually said 80 plus. Not just 80 like the titles lead me to believe.

  • BlackStar

    @ T-Money: You and Lisa already debated what I was trying to say, but LeBron is beyond annoying right now. If you’re a forward thinking person and want to win in the NBA (or in life), you should always be thinking of ways to improve … And do it. The fact that he’s finally getting into the post after being in the league for 8 years is retarded. And now he’s talking about improving his free throw shooting now? I’m not a big Bron fan, but I don’t see why he can’t average AT LEAST 35 pts a game and foul out half the oppositions players. No one can really guard him one on one, so he should get 10 pts from the line easily … then hit 10 shots from the field, which breaks down to 2 to 3 made 2 pointers a quarter. That right there is 30 pts … he can figure out how to get the last 5 points anyway he likes. It’s just frustrating seeing someone with so much talent talk about wanting to be the best but isn’t willing to do what is necessary to be the best.

  • BlackStar

    And as a side note, he can shoot 90% from the line … but if he doesn’t make them when they matter, that percentage is worth trash.

  • shem

    Most of you don’t even give 80% at work or school and you wanna talk about Lebron and his free throws…smh!!! What’s wrong with him wanting to increase his FT% by 4-5%? That’s his goal get over it…the media and you internet thugs stay trippin over nonsense.

  • http://Slam Kinglira6

    Well better get in that gym start shooting free throws

  • http://Slam Kinglira6

    Man he needs to stop Saying all the things hes going to do and just do it simple as that

  • MaxIsNative

    LeBron, you can shoot 23% from the charity stripe and no one would care, just as long as those 23% you make are in the fourth quarter to close out games.

  • T-Ray

    The problem isn’t him saying it but now go out and do it. And who here is trying to be an “internet thug”? I don’t see anyone on this thread saying that’d beat his a$$ or bust his sh*t. Only stating opnions.

  • T-Ray


  • Da-Meat-Hook

    @ BlackStarr: Over the last 8 years, Lebron has averaged 29 points and 7.5 assists and 7.3 rebounds per game. Are you really gonna sh*t on him for not averaging more points while he has consistently been his team’s primary ball handler/distributor/best defensive player + simultaneously asking him to rebound like a starting power forward? C’mon now!

    He’s on a team with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. They don’t need him to score 35ppg, they need him to make sound decisions and to knockdown makeable shots (including free throws) within the flow of the offense for 4 quarters a game.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    cosign ^^ also blackstar jordan and kobe didn’t have a post game during their first 8 years in the league either. but whatever….

  • http://slamonline.com jumpman22
  • BlackStar

    @ Da-Meat-Hook – LeBron only became serious about playing defense about 3 years ago, so he might have had the ability to be his teams best defensive player, but didn’t step into that role until recently. And basketball is all about match ups and finding ways to attack the other team at their weakest point … And that being said, there isn’t another person in the league that can really stop Bron due to his combination of size, strength, athleticism and versatility, so I don’t see why he shouldn’t look to score more. He’s almost like Shaq because he’s so dominant that you have to create a game plan for someone like him. He might have Wade and Bosh, but if he’s constantly attacking and trying to score, he would have to get double teamed … and that opens everything up more everyone else. Especially since he’s such a good passer, he would also average double digit assists with ease. But hey, maybe I’m too analytical.

    @ datkid: The offensive reportoires of Kobe and Jordan within their first 8 years in the league were far superior to what Bron has to offer within the same timeframe. And Jordan used to post up smaller guards all the time. I never said Bron has to live in the post, just use his physical gifts to punish teams more.

  • BlackStar

    @ jumpman – Good post.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    @ BlackStar,
    I see what you’re saying, and you would be correct, if opposing teams defended Lebron 1-on-1, but they don’t. They throw zones and double-teams with a third defender waiting to contest. Although I don’t think 10 assissts per game is out of reach for Lebron,the stat is usually designated for players who attempt 10 or less shots a game (Nash, Stockton)or players who are their only team’s ball handler (Paul, D. Williams). Lebron is scoring 30 a game and is on a stacked team that includes Wade, an ELITE slasher who needs the ball in his hands to be effective as well. I actually can’t think of a player that balances the role of elite-scorer (a-la Kobe/Mello) while simultaneously being a “pass-first” distributor better than Lebron. People throw Magic’s name out there, but people forget that Magic averaged less than 20ppg in 9 of his 13 seasons in the league.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    I can’t believe people are knocking Lebron for not adding things to his game when he’s become an elite midrange shooter and defender and a solid post player in the last few years alone. Yes, he should shoot his free throws better. On the other hand, Wade is a worse free throw shooter. And yes, the percentage of free throws Lebron makes in the clutch rises significantly.

  • Matt Park

    Assists don’t come from passing out of double-teams. Some assists might, but only against crappy teams. You cannot suddenly raise your assist total by drawing more double teams. NBA level defenses rotate so well to three-point shooters that a team needs to swing the ball around for a better shot. Most assists come off transition, cuts to the basket, and drive-and-kicks.

  • Hobbes

    Lechoke keeps choking and his sucker fans keep making excuse for him

  • http://slamonline.com jumpman22

    @BlackStar t hank s

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ngtWdgOz0o&feature=related ab40

    “that’s what Shaq said”