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Metta World Peace Doesn’t Mind His DNP-CD Status

Metta World Peace is known for causing controversy, so after he received a DNP-Coach’s Decision against the Cavaliers Friday night, it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise if he said something slightly ill-advised. But World Peace lived up to his new name, telling the OC Register that as long as the team is winning, he’s perfectly happy: “Metta World Peace has gone from starter to DNP–Coach’s Decision in a matter of 13 games and he’s not the least bothered by it. Not as long as the Lakers are winning. World Peace embraced his move from starting to sixth man in Mike Brown’s offense, when the season started. But his game has not come close to his first two seasons with the Lakers when he averaged 11.0 and 8.5 points and was a solid defender most nights. This season, World Peace has struggled to find his shot and his shooting 35 percent from the floor. An achy Achilles Tendon and back isn’t the only reason he failed to get off the bench in the Lakers’ 97-92 victory Friday against Cleveland. ‘I don’t have any issues … it’s not even an issue,’ World Peace said. ‘The issue is that we won. We won, so it doesn’t even matter. It’s one team that’s working on winning and that’s all that matters.’”

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  • hulahula

    where in the blue hell is luke walto?sorry never see him so far,lol

  • hulahula

    at least ive seen him in couple games,not like luke walton…

  • Jose

    I saw luke Walton play in one of their games. . . i was shocked they stilll remembered he was on thier team. He hasn’t gotten any burn time since MWP arrived

  • Ldub

    He is supposed to the “captain” of the 2nd team. I really dont understand when you have a player coming off the bench like MWP that gets no tick. Yes Kobe is going bananas right now, but Peace cant get no love when Barnes goes out?

  • tomtom

    I take peace over ebanks any time. I feel like ebanls govea energy but Jmac is our enrgy guy (when healthy). Give peace a chance.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    good. hope he gets used to it. ldub and tomtom, you guys obviously havent watched him this season. he’s useless

  • Dr. DL

    Yeah MWP has been pretty awful. I know he says he’s cool with DNP-CD’s right now but we’ll see what his attitude is like after a string of those. My money says he won’t sound this peaceful for long.

  • majic

    RON ARTEST just like his mama calls him

  • Metta metta

    Your not his mama are you? You call Ali Cassius? Prick


    Your’e not even Metta metta are you ? You Abdul Rauf ? (unt

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    The idea is that Ebanks will at least get better so you might as well give him PT. MWP is regressing rapidly and it makes sense not play until he gets fully healthy and they actually need him (playoffs).

  • Mike Mihalow

    An injured player doesn’t play a game? Why does this get its own story?