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Mike Brown Wants NBA to Review Blake Griffin’s Push of Darius Morris

After the whistle was blown, Blake Griffin pushed an airborne Darius Morris during Saturday night’s chippy Lakers/Clippers, leading Mike Brown to temporarily lose his mind. The Lakers’ coach is now asking the League to look into the incident a little closer. Reports the Daily News: “Whether the shove was blatant and, boom, or was just a little shove, when a guy is in the air, that’s a dangerous play,’ Brown said. ‘Nothing was called (on Griffin) and I wondered why. So I’m going to ask (the league) to review it mainly so I understand.’ Brown didn’t say he believed Griffin meant to harm Morris, but he said he was confused by the referees’ explanation of events. ‘I would like to know the league’s ruling on that after they watch it on tape to see, so I have a better understanding,’ he said. ‘What I was told, in a nutshell, is that its OK to push a guy in the air as long as he doesn’t get hurt, or it doesn’t look like he’s going to get hurt. So it’s a judgment call because the whistle clearly had been blown.’ Griffin upset the Lakers last season and during two exhibitions earlier this season because they believed he celebrates his dunks a little too excitedly and jumped on their backs while going after rebounds he clearly cannot get. Griffin did not apologize for Saturday’s play. ‘All last year, if I ever kept going after the whistle (stuff happened),’ Griffin said when asked after the game about the shove on Morris. ‘I got told early in the season that was going to happen. It’s an unwritten rule. If you’re going after the whistle, be prepared.’”

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  • http://www.laumol.nl/weblog Laumol

    Never saw Phil Jackson get this worked up.

  • robb

    I’m starting to dislike Blake. He bullies smaller guys and flops like a soccer player. I don’t like that.

  • RyandC

    young man is turning into a punk early…

  • D-train

    Morris wants to dunk, maybe he should do it during play. Good on ya BG teach these young punks some respect

  • tom

    Maybe he just remembered what Bynum did to Barea last season …

  • christy

    Welcome to L.A. coach. Home of the unnatural basketball acts and basketball reasons.

  • angus

    obviously the commenters up there didnt see the play ^, it was just a reaction play, you see a guy flying at you and you stick your hands up to protect yourself. Blake gets no love from the refs, i think its because he over reacts on alot of calls but still the man gets hammered. Mike brown should not be complaining, hes a laker now, he’ll get EVERY other call in his favor anyways

  • kobesBESTfriend

    stfu Mike Brown and go get a starting pg(G.Arenas)and a back up sg(A.Iverson)cuz Fish and Morris aren’t cutting it!!!

  • lexluther703

    Dude tried to dunk on Blake after the whistle blew, and Blake stuck an arm out.. there was no desire to hurt this clown on Blake’s part. Mike Brown, don’t be a sore loser.

  • Rocky


    Look at it! BG was standing around, heard the whistle, saw Morris attacking the Basket and the stepped in the lane, realised he was to late and shroved him away!
    That’s no sportsmanship behaviour!
    He could hurt that 50lbs lighter guy a lot!

    Sorry for my spelling. I’m german… so hate me, but not a couch, that tries to protect his player!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    We certainly have fallen far from the gritty days of the 80s and 90s, haven’t we? There was barely any contact here. What kind of man complains about this?

  • http://theheroesandvillains.com heroes and villains
  • LaKid

    @kobesBESTfriend, that’s not really on Mike Brown bud. That’s more a Kuptchak/Buss decision, and they’ve already said they are ok with how the team currently stands.
    Also, I really feel like Brown was just doing his part to protect his young player, and the ref’s explanation set him off (you can hit a guy in the air as long as they don’t get hurt). Not sure he was losing it over the touch, although Blake Superior didn’t really need to do that.

  • German Reignman

    Tonight on Lettermans Top Ten List:
    The number one thing not to say after a stupid after the whistle foul and facing possible consequence from the league “If you’re going after the whistle, be prepared.’”

  • alekesam

    This was just another case of favoritism. If any of the Lakers had done that it would’ve been called a flagrant.

  • http://leipzig-eagles.de/ Speedy

    Hey Rocky
    That’s not really a hard contact. Do you play ball? I mean the guy lands on his feet. Nobody gets hurt by something like that.
    Blake gets attacked harder in nearly every game he plays.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    Wasnt much in it but still dangerous, its a mans league, u pussies need to gtfo.

  • Rocky

    Yes, i played for about 12 years.
    Time ago, i was in exactly the same situation but didn’t land on my feet after getting unnecessery pushed in mid air. A Rib was gone and my elbow looked awful, standing in the wrong way.
    So i get upset, when people say… come on, there was barely no contact, teach this young gun some respect. I also miss the harder, old days of the leage, that is not the point.
    But for me, the fact is, it was dangerous and i don’t want to think about a worst case scenario for what could happen.
    I can remember many games, BG dunking after the whistle for entertainment… If KG, “the always barking dog” had done something like that to Griffin in such a situation, people would scream out loud, wtf? how in hell can he do that or something like that.

  • Matt Park

    The rook does it in a dead ball situation. You are not supposed to do this kind of stuff, especially as a rookie. Blake learned it last year and now he’s asserting himself as a superstar. Face it, I don’t care if you like KLove or whoever better than Blake, but a superstar or a veteran needs to assert himself. It’s the NBA way.

  • http://leipzig-eagles.de/ Speedy

    I got your point Rocky and sorry for what happened to you. Hope you hadn’t to stop playing because of that and recovered well.
    Undercutting somebody who is in the air is the silliest move one can ever pull on the court.
    But I still don’t see a contact that could cause losing control in the air in this case.
    I’m from Leipzig Germany. Where are you from.

  • Dyce

    If people don’t stop bringing up Iverson’s name….He’s done. YOu have to let go.

  • Tleezy

    Blake sent a message, it wasnt even that bad. I get hit harder going to the basket by my four year old. I miss contact

  • The AntiCrust

    Anyone saying Blake was right is an idiot…look, he could have tapped him lightly to remind him that he could have popped him harder. He didn’t have the class to do that. Let’s look at Darius Morris….what was it? His 2nd or 3rd NBA game ever, and he’s actually looking like he can play…why not act as if you belong, get all the court time you can. Granted if he went in for a Tomahawk dunk, that would have been uncalled, for…but still, it’s a matter for the refs to deal with. I think Blake’s head has gotten too big. The way he plays, I can see where he’s going to have many ankle/knee injuries as he takes off over 2-3 people (4-6 feet/legs)…I loved his style at first, even going so far as to say I’d rather have Blake than LBJ….but now, I don’t know. Back to Morris…look, he was just excited that he finally realized he can keep up in the NBA. With his size and skills, If the Lakers get a former PG (retired) that is more his style to mentor him, he could develop into a solid NBA player…The league should rescind the technical on Mike Brown, and give either a regular technical (unsportsmanlike conduct), or a flagrant-1 to Blake. Darius Morris is not the only NBA player that has played around after the whistle blew…guys, shoot 3′s, guys dunk hard, guys keep shoving each other (cuz they know, that most likely no other foul or technical will get called if it’s a quick pop)….with Morris, it was a wide open view, almost in slow motion, that’s what made it so obvious. Blake deserves a T. However, the Clippers are the new favorite team of the league office, so it won’t happen.