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OJ Mayo No Longer ‘Mad’ About Coming off the Bench

OJ Mayo admits that he wasn’t happy when Memphis Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins asked him to come off the bench last season, but now he’s happy with the role. Per the LA Times: “O.J. Mayo had talked about being an NBA Hall of Famer going back to his days at USC, so his reaction was predictable last season when he was told he would be coming off the bench. Bench players and the Hall of Fame typically don’t go together. ‘I was definitely mad at first,’ Mayo said. The shooting guard seemed headed in the wrong direction, going from runner-up to Derrick Rose in rookie-of-the-year voting and averaging 18 points during his first two NBA seasons to second-tier status. Mayo swallowed hard and did his best to accept the situation. He averaged a career-low 11.3 points but was featured on the highlight reel during the Grizzlies’ upset of the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs by making a key three-pointer in Game 3. Now he’s in the early portion of his first full season as a reserve, something he’s embraced after having a lockout-extended off-season to digest the move. ‘It made the transition a lot easier going from last year to this year, understanding that that was what was needed for this team,’ Mayo said. ‘Coming off the bench, it just makes our team a lot stronger, depth-wise.’ Mayo is off to a slow start, averaging 9.9 points and 24.8 minutes per game while making only 20% of his three-point shots.”

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  • JML-G

    id love to see Mayo on Knicks or either a team he can be top guy

  • Matt

    He’s way too good to be on the bench.

  • Jer dawg

    ^^ So true. That jumper looks good, but he’s missing badly. He needs to start somewhere fresh. I commend him for handling it like a pro.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    if anyone is way too good for the bench, it’s james harden. i dont even like OKC as a laker fan, but I feel bad for JHard. he should be getting 35+ minutes and putting up 20 a game

  • Ldub

    So hard to adjust to coming off the bench when youve been a starter and you know you are good enough to start at the 2 for all but a few teams in the L. I wasnt much of a fan of OJ going back to the USC days, but dude has skills…he can ball, and IMO he should start.

    @Joey E. I agree J-hard should start. But the reason he doesnt is because he would take the ball out of OKC’s golden boys hands.(which RW does well enough himself) He is the top player of the 2nd squad. Kinda like LO was in LA, like Crawford was for ATL. Its very very humbling, but I think it does wonders for the overall team to have a starter be willing to come off the bench and do work.

  • Sayaboi

    I would love this fella to grab a new contract with a contending team in the next few years. He has the mind set and work ethic to be a starter. Seeing as he’s still a young player in the L he still has tons to contribute. I’m thinking CHI, LAL, or ORL

  • Shifty

    He should go to the celtics when ray Allen eventually retires.

  • Will Lee

    i see him as a Jason Terry type of player, so it’ll benefit him long term.