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Orlando Magic Scored a Record-Low 56 Points in Boston

The Boston Celtics’ defense held the Orlando Magic to a franchise-low 56 points last night. The Magic were historically terrible in all facets of their offensive attack. From the Sentinel: “The Magic unraveled Monday night, and the result was the worst single-game offensive performance in team history. They set franchise single-game lows for points scored and field-goal percentage as they absorbed a 87-56 beatdown by the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. ‘It didn’t start well, and it got worse as the game went on,’ Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said. ‘That’s the most dominating defensive performance at least that I’ve ever had against me. There’s no singling anybody out. It’s the first game, I think, in my career I’ve ever been through where literally not one guy played well. We didn’t play well. So there’s no finger-pointing, and it’s why you get dominated. Not one guy had a good night, and I’m foremost among them.’ Just how awful was it? Orlando made only five baskets during the entire second half. ‘They played harder than us,’ point guard and co-captain Jameer Nelson said. ‘They played tougher. One through however many we have on our roster, we couldn’t execute our offense. Defensively, we didn’t help each other. It was just a selfish game from everybody. It was just very selfish.’”

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  • Lloyd

    I guess it’s because of all the stress caused by the Dwight drama right Jameer? Avery Bradley was exposing his weaknesses harrrrd. Dude was smothering him. I want Dwight to stay in Orlando…they’ve had a pretty good season so far, this one game means nothing in the long run. They have a pretty decent squad if they stop chucking up 3′s. Besides, players need some loyalty nowadays. Shoutouts to Paul Pierce and Timmy D.

  • Bravo

    Horrible game. I hate magics offensive play. All they focus on is 3′s

  • RunNGun

    At one point in this game, ORLANDO had only four players on the floor. J-RICH noticed this and jumped right back into the game. As I stated in an earlier topic, the divorce is getting uglier…

  • shutup

    So wheres all the Dwight backers now? what do you really see him doing in LA that Bynum isnt doing now? both Bynum and Gasol are better post up players and just as good one on one post up defenders. If anyone on the Magic squad wont defer to him, what makes you think that anyone on the Lakers will? Not Kobe, not Artest or anyone else on that squad would dump the ball down. careful what you wish for.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com K.Holiday

    If I’m the Knicks, I’m loving this. Tyson Chandler, Landry Fields, Toney Douglas and Mike D’antoni for D-12. Whoever they want, SHIP EM! Let’s get this done New York!

  • Pais

    So who’s the biggest underachiever this year, NY or Orlando? And who deserves the bulk of criticism, coach or players? NY can claim, following a massive overhaul they need to time to find their chemistry, while Orlando can claim the uncertainty regarding Dwight’s future is a distraction. Personally I’ve got nothing but contempt for both teams. The coach should be treated like the captain of a cruise ship, fully responsible for hitting the rocks. If it’s an issue of players going against the game plan or not showing up then fair enough, but both Melo and Dwight are putting in work.

  • Pais

    …and how on earth is Dwight going to be more effective for LA than the combination of Pau and Bynum? I don’t buy for a second, LA needs a point plain and simple. Plus too many coaches in this league get away with not coaching.

  • 23

    @paris 1 man team in orlando (11-5) to Melo/STAT/Chandler frontcourt knicks (6-10), i think your question is not even worth asking. everyone knew about the dwight saga for 2 years so its not like anyone expected them to win the conference. the knicks on the other hand, ALOT of people were starting to jump on the bandwagon. many people considered the knicks title contenders w the addition of chandler. so yeah its obvious who are the bigger underachievers

  • T-Ray

    So one bad game(18 and 11) and you’re wondering where his supporters are? First off the only reason that they don’t defer to him is because that team is built to shoot 3s. And if you think Gasol is a better post defender than Howard then..wow.

  • http://www.iowsports.com/ Blue

    There you have it, folks. Add Van Gundy’s big ass to the carousel of coaching hot seats…if it wasn’t there already.

  • Heals

    @RunNGun, saw that too, surprised Stan doesn’t use that trick more often. Glad to see the C’s put the hurt on somebody, but I’m sure Th will be a little closer…

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Shutup, Dwight is carrying his team, Bynum is not..

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    And Dwight > Gasol and Bynum..

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    cosign Max 11:26 comment

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    How can Orlando be considered underachieving? Did anyone expect them to be better than 11-5 at this point in the season?!? They’re tied with Miami and ahead of teams like the Lakers, Clippers, Celtics and Knicks!!!

  • china

    you know what they say dwight… if you cant beat em, join em – during free agency lol.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    shutup you are a deadset moron.

  • robb

    You gotta give props to Boston and Doc Rivers, they are fighting through adversity and playing like a team. I hate Boston, but this is a lesson for the rest of the league.

  • http://Facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    This never happened to prime Shaq not even a chance. He was too good of a passer combined with his dlo game insanity. There was a Shaq tax in fantasy. I think we can just lay that one to rest.

  • Pais

    Orlando have been perennial underachievers through out the Dwight era. They’ve had the pieces, the pieces come and go, yet I think NY has a better chance of turning things around than the Magic regardless of their current records. At least NY is just getting started with their new look, whereas Orlando has had the core of what ought to be a contender for a few seasons now. I expect more from Orlando than I do from NY right now. For NY the addition of Baron will help, to what degree remains to be seen but I’m optimistic. He’s not the ideal choice but he’s a real PG. A real coach with the balls to be accountable would help as well.

  • Justin G.

    Max, of course Bynum isn’t carrying his team. Howard wouldn’t be carrying his team either if he played with Kobe

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I disagree with Pais. I think Orlando has done plenty with the “talent” they have had. A finals appearance with in a loaded eastern conference exceeded any expectations I had for the team. I think it’s clear that Otis and the Magic have done a mediocre job of surrounding dwight with enough talent to remain contenders.

  • shutup

    and the reason the team is built to shoot 3′s? because Dwight can handle being the first option. and yes Bynum and Gasol are better one on one post defenders, Dwight plays better help defense than anyone in the league but he cannot stop another bigman with a polished offensive game, Dwight score s on rebounds, putbacks, pick and rolls. If you give him the ball in the post dwight the man of steel hands howard is a crapshoot. @unf@ckable and for anyone else for that matter I hope Dwight goes to a big market so people will sh!t on him when you finally see what type of player he really is.