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Patty Mills Released By Chinese Team, Accused of Faking Injury

Xianjiang of the China Basketball Association and Patty Mills are no longer in business together, as the club released the Australian guard, and claimed he faked a hamstring injury. Per the AP: “Former NBA point guard Patrick Mills has been released by Chinese professional club Xinjiang after he refused to play because of an alleged fake injury, the club said Wednesday. ‘Due to a fake injury, the Xinjiang team has cut the foreign player Mills,’ team general manager Hou Wei said in a posting on the team’s microblog. The release of the Australian, who played last season for the Portland Trailblazers, comes after Xinjiang fired head coach Bob Donewald on December 20 and allowed former Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin to leave. Mills has not played since Dec. 23 because of a hamstring injury and had asked the team to allow him to sit out another two weeks to fully heal, the Basketball Pioneers newspaper said. The club refused the request. Mills is expected to anchor Australia’s national team at the London Olympics. During his 12 matches with Xinjiang, the lightning quick guard averaged 26.5 points a game. Both Mills and Martin signed with Xinjiang during the NBA lockout, which ended in early December as the club sought to improve on its second-place finish in the Chinese Basketball Association last season. This season they are 9-7.”

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    translation i wannna go back home so I can grab some Wendy’s

  • Anon

    I actually know for a fact Patty Mills was not faking an injury. He injured his hamstring during the Guangdong game. He had an MRI done and it showed it was an 11cm tear and caused him a lot of pain. A hamstring injury can be serious and if not treated properly or heal to the fullest; it can cause career-ending problems. The request to not play was so he could focus on his long-term career and not winning the next 3 games for Xinjiang. The firing of Bob Donewald has NOTHING to do with Patty not playing. After that incident took place he was supportive of his team and the other players. Kenyon Martin did leave because of Bob’s firing because working for a strict Chinese coach was out of the question for him. You can’t believe everything the CBA says because there is a lot of corruption in this business. Maybe you should get two sides of the story so you get your facts straight.

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    what Mills actually said was: “Ey mate, I got a problem down under.”

  • Heals

    Props for taking the timeout anon and fake or not let’s get WilChandler and Brooks twhe same deal…

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    11cm tear sounds vicious

  • Louis

    Patty isn’t the type of guy who would fake an injury, we all saw how keen he was too get back on the court for st Mary’s for the NCAA tournament.