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Ray Allen Looking for Multi-Year Deal With Boston Celtics

36-year old Ray Allen is once again proving that age is nothing but a number (for him, anyway), and clearly thinks he has a few more productive years remaining in the NBA. Allen hopes those years will be spent in Beantown, according to Fox Sports: “Ray Allen, a free agent after the season, hopes to re-sign with Boston and get another multi-year deal: ‘Yeah. That’s what I want.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/iiightMrJump Hatim

    Dear Danny Ainge.. Raymond aka Jesus Shuttles Worth aka the greatest shooter in modern basketball should retire a Celtic

  • http://nba.com/celtics lights out

    deserves it. he’ll settle for less, i’m sure, and why wouldn’t the Celtics want him? still the best shooter in the game. it’s still early, of course, but the guy is shooting 57 from the field and 61 from three.

  • ripslam

    Ray’s officially joined the Steve Nash Ageless Club, he deserves to retire a Celtic. Would love to see this happen.

  • shutup

    I would have wrote of allen a long time ago, he was so athletic but he put in the work and has developed a freakish jumpshot, remember watchin a sports science piece on him and was truly amazed at the perfection of his shot. He’s the first that I have witnessed to have such elevation on his shot with the longevity that he was withstood. (most of the all time great jumpshooters like reggie miller, chris mullin, thunder dan, dell curry, steve smith …..all had low elevating jumpshots and that helped extend their careers) his offseason work is unmatched in todays game, it is a thing of legend much like Jerry Rice was.

  • Kasim Lee

    As a longtime Ray Allen fan (15 years to be exact) I think he’s more deserving of a nice contract with the celtics. He’s one of the greatest shooters to ever pick up a ball and his work ethic is unmatched. You know he’s willing to sign for a decent price, his first contract with boston is proof (took major pay cut so boston could get kg). Boston should do right by Ray and let him retire as a Critic.

  • Kasim Lee


  • http://www.michaelcho.com m cho

    I’d love to see Ray retire a Celtic. Make it happen, Danny!

  • zero

    He can still play until 38 or maybe 40. Boston needs his shooting..

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    No reason why he can’t play another productive 5 years. That jumper isn’t going anywhere. Shutup, he was always a great shooter, he just used to drive more because he was athletic and younger. But you make it sound like he was a strictly an athlete that made himself into a great shooter which I don’t think is accurate.

  • tomtom

    I’d love to see Ray retire.

  • Kadavour

    Ray Allen’s calves are probably the greatest asset to his shooting.

  • Björn Atli

    Cs should keep him.

    2 years, 12-14 mill makes sense

  • Ldub20

    @shutup….he put in work and developed a jumpshot? dudes shot has been like that since the UConn days. You dont remember him knocking down treys in Seattle? What exactly is there to write off? He was never this over the top athletic dude. Has always been a shooter.

  • Bt

    He’s still got 1-2 years as a starter plus 2-3 as a designated shooter off the bench in him. He’s in as good condition as anyone and it doesnt take much to run through picks then catch and shoot

  • Mischief

    Keep Ray. 2yr/15m contract maybe? I would hate to see Ray on any other team but the C’s.

  • anthony y

    We have to re-sign him if he feels he can still go another couple years. If we don’t, 8 contenders will be lining up to sign him. The best shooter in history, won a chip, would most likely take small money to bring in extra pieces. Sign him ainge..

  • Jer dawg

    He’s pretty awesome player still even as a one and a half dimensional threat as a basketball player. Every year is one more year to contend, but something needs to be done about their youth. They have average young players. If Jeff Green is going to be that guy then they need to wait even longer.

  • Heals

    First off I’d rather lose with Ray than win without him cause the guy just kills it in the community. There’s a couple places he’d be an excellent fit, but ideally he runs 2-3 more years, transitions into a key bench guy for the last half (provided the C’s find an adequate sg to start) and then retires with the kelly green and white…

  • Heals

    Almost forgot at the time of the trade how much the health of his ankles was debated. Glad to see all that wasted airtime ended up being used on such a relevant topic, right media heads…

  • Dubby Dub

    Ray should retire a clipper

  • http://slam.online house

    this may be crazy but I could see Ray playing till what? 42/43?

    @lights out: his percentages are astounding

  • http://slam.online house

    okay I’ll put down the pipe, playing till 42/43 may be a bit of a stretch…..

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    the first step is to admit, good job

  • http://nba.com/celtics lights out

    @house: shooters last the longest. and as a few have mentioned, he’s as physically fit as anybody in the league.

  • http://slamonline.com cold as ice

    hey ray retire a knick. u would fit in perfectly with our system. with or without d’antoni

  • http://slamonline.com cold as ice

    hey ray retire a knick. u would fit in perfectly with our system. with or without d’antoni. besides u come here and u know what you’ll be called….JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH!!! SWEETBABY JESUS(in my yeezy voice)

  • Brahsef

    Only Celtic I like. No NBA fan can hate a shot that pure.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    Someone needs to get Paul Pierce’s big-ass a wheelchair.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    ZONE BUSTER!… channelling the Miami Heat piece over yonder.

  • Ldub20


  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Ray not doing nothing anymore but just shooting, plays no defense like Steve Nash ageless club. Celtics should trade him for some young talent, before its to late. BOOK IT!!

  • http://slam.online house

    @spit hot fiyah: truth

  • shutup

    yeah hes a shooter but his elevation on his jumpshot makes his longevity unique, as we have all heard the legs are the first to go, so having so much elevation on his shot would mean if he didnt stay in top peak shape he wouldnt have maintained his same shot. and he was crazy athletic in seatle driving to the rim, dude had a 40 inch plus vertical. and yeah a jumspshot like that isnt made overnight he had to develop it and keep working on it.

  • http://slam.online house

    I would sacrifice a kidney for his knees….

  • Shifty

    First of all agree with you heals would rather loose with him then win without him. Guy is a freak of nature. Is more consistent and better then most of the shooting guards out there. Would say he’s only behind d wade Kobe and monta in terms of position. He’s was always loyal to the bucks and to Seattle and has shown no let down in his loyalty to the green and white. Danny should give him a 3 year deal. Averaging the most out of the c’s in terms of points at the moment and his efficiency was at his best last year. Can still throw it down and I’ve seen him throw it down on some bigs over recent years and put on key blocks. He’s my favorite player and hope he gets what he wants from bean town. also he was shooting like he is now back in uncon. His shot then looks like what it does today. When he first started he was considered a new breed of gaurd along with Kobe Bryant being in the 6’6 category following mike in terms of athletism. Weird to think he participated in the dunk contest while he was a buck.

  • http://dennysisforwinners.blogspot.com DennysFishTacos

    If Ray Allen wants to retire a Celtic, then Danny Ainge should let him retire a Celtic. Same goes for Garnett (who should be calling it quits at the end of this season), and Paul Pierce.

  • Dingo Rob