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Report: Russell Westbrook Signs 5-Year, $80 Million Extension With OKC

Good news, Thunder fans. According to a Yahoo! Sports report, your star point guard isn’t going anywhere: “All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook has signed a five-year, $80 million contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Thunder general manager Sam Presti finalized the deal with Westbrook’s agent, Thad Foucher of Wasserman Media Group, on Wednesday night. The Thunder will hold a news conference when the team returns to Oklahoma City on Sunday. The agreement, which begins next season, solidifies the franchise’s two cornerstone players – Westbrook and MVP candidate Kevin Durant – for years to come. Westbrook, 23, has emerged as one of the NBA’s most dynamic young guards. He made second-team All-NBA in just his third pro season a year ago. Westbrook wanted to stay with the Thunder, and the two sides reached an agreement with several days to spare before next Wednesday’s deadline for rookie contract extensions. Presti and assistant GM Troy Weaver made Westbrook the fourth overall pick in the 2008 draft when few, if any, league executives considered him that promising of a prospect.”

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  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    In other news: James Harden to find a new home as soon as he wants to get paid. Oklahoma City only has a box of oreo’s left.

  • JoeMaMa

    A no brainer. 2 stars. They’ve said they want to work it out. They’re growing together. And if, after a couple of years, it’s not gotten to the point where they’re winning titles or getting to the finals, you trade one (likely Westbrook) and get tons of talent back. I’m looking forward to seeing how Presti manipulates his cap space now…or how he keeps it from getting exorbitantly high. Because now they’re walking on a tight rope. And Harden won’t come for cheap.

  • Heals

    ^^^Yup, but we all knew they couldn’t keep em’ all together anyway (we see you Minny). So does this put the Avon-Stringer Bell comparison to rest or just thicken the plot…

  • AD

    take that ESPN!!!!

  • o tay

    looks like the big decision in the upcoming years will be who do they want to keep more? harden or ibaka.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Great point NBK. This is a double edged sword for OKC because Ibaka and Harden’s rookie deals will be up soon and OKC has to find a way to keep both cats. Ibaka’s defense and Harden’s all-around game off the bench plays a vital role in OKC’s success.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    What do y’all think Harden’s fair market value is? I’m thinking 11 mill. 12 tops . . .

  • http://google J-Ro

    Harden should get a 3 year $27-28 million deal.

  • http://www.uhlife.com/basketball/profile.aspx?PlayerID=3356&SeasonDivisionID=30 nbk

    Depends on how much he blows up this season. Prolly between 8-10 for the first season of whatever deal he signs.

  • T-Money

    jtaylor: they won’t. that’s the decision they had to make and i think it’s a good one. overpaying your own role players is very dangerous. that’s what happened with cleveland: 8 mil for andy v, 5 mil for boobie, 4 mil for damon jones, 10 mil for larry hughes, etc. role players are easily replaceable, stars are not. although they don’t play the same game, collison can take ibaka’s minutes and is already the preferred option late in games. as for harden, it’s not that hard to find a wing scorer to bring off the bench.

  • Landry_legend

    I could see KD and Westbrook turning into somewhat of a Jordan & Pippen. without all the rings of course…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Bowen’s Bowtie Collection

    Westbrook plays very good defense, could be better. Okc has a high quality team for many years

  • MistaIceBergSlim

    I forsee a clash of egos in late game moments, I don’t see Westbrook conceding to Durant enough to cover his ball stopping ego driven mistakes. Stringer -Bell bout sums it up

  • AD

    @MistaIceBergSlim Keving Durant took every last second shot for the Thunder this year thooo

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @legendary_legend, shut up

  • MistaIceBergSlim

    @AD all off of inbound plays tho. Guarantee if westbrook brought the ball up it’d be to convince him not to shoot

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com yada

    i just dont like when the thunder win its KD who gets credit but when they lose its westbrook that gets blame.

  • Maniac

    2nd best duo in the league. It will be interesting to see how the Thunder will look in five years.

  • Bruno

    I guess we can stop the Marbury/Garnett comparisons now!

  • Chukaz

    The real story shouldn’t be about how Westbrook’s deal will keep the Thunder from resigning both Ibaka and Harden. It should be about how Westbrook would probably be able to sign a max extension worth 94 million after the season (he’ll make an all-nba team for sure) but took 14 million dollars less instead. I would’ve liked to see Durant take less money too

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    interesting tidbit chuckaz

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    Harden deserves to start. I hope he leaves because of that. He’s too young to be coming off the bench. Too young and too talented for that

  • http://Germandlgd@yahoo.com German

    Durant took less money to he also signed an extension for 80 mil.

  • AD

    @mistaIceBerg so you think durant dislikes westbrook taking late game shots?

  • http://Germandlgd@yahoo.com German

    Of course he does. Those two ain’t going to work out because of westbrook but the thunder are smart for giving him an extension to use him in a trade.

  • MistaIceBergSlim

    @AD, I don’t think he dislikes it, I believe he isn’t that petty to take it personal, but believe he does prefer the ball

  • http://Germandlgd@yahoo.com German

    Yeah that’s also true.

  • MistaIceBergSlim

    @AD almost always an advantage for KD any given night, plus he’s a cold blooded shooter

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    @ Chuckaz Durant signed for 5 yrs $85 mill. Couldn’t he have gotten more than that? I think if it comes down to Harden and Ibaka its pretty much a no brainer who you sing. Fear the beard!

  • AD

    @MistaIceberg russell westbrook is very clutch tho .. they both should take the shots…. It just depends on who has the hotter hand

  • JoeMaMa

    I love what Arenas did. He signed his contract without a bloodsucking agent and signed for less….but the max, minus the agent’s fee, would’ve netted him the same amount. So the Wizards signed him for under the max, but he still basically got it.

  • BasketballJunkie

    “Nooooooooooooooo”-Keven Durant

  • robb

    No championship for OKC. Sad.

  • Ldub

    too much dough. they have a great “team”. what about harden and ibaka and all the other dudes? Not sure about all the contracts and lengths but thats alot of dough with the new CBA. hope it works out…kd and russ are a good duo, but those pieces in between make a huge difference.

  • Heals

    When the kid’s on, his style and the havoc it causes makes that contract worth every penny. When you’re OKC you HAVE to make this move. They may crap out (I doubt it), but you can’t hope with that market, gotta be proactive. It’s easier to find another Harden or Ibaka than Wussel Restbrook…

  • http://www.slamonline.com House

    Talk about tunnel vision, Westbrook is one valuable piece but I would argue that in many ways Harden is almost as valuable and the money left available to him just went way down I guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/P.Y.Y.B.L Gametimeweezy

    Great signing by keeping this guy locked up and Durant happy… why do people care how much these players make as if it’s too much, like yall paying the bills smh…

  • Chukaz

    @dfrance21 Durant signed a max contract. After this new CBA was in place it turned out that a max for a player that has started 2 all-star games, made 2 all-nba teams, or has won mvp during his 1st 4 years get a 94 million dollar contract. Durant was the 1st guy to benefit from the derrick rose rule (even before rose). KD’s making 94 million. He coulda taken less if he cared about keeping the team together. I ain’t knocking on him for taking the money tho. He’s worth every penny x10 and the responsibility of building a championship team falls on the front office, not the player, but it still would’ve been nice of him to take what a max would’ve been during the last CBA