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Shannon Brown Hopes Lakers Fans Don’t Boo Him Tonight

Shannon Brown was a fan favorite during his high-flying  Laker days, and he hopes the patrons at Staples Center will remember that when they see him tonight rocking a Phoenix Suns jersey. From the OC Register: “He will be glad to see old teammates, friends and fans, but also realizes that some might not be happy that he took his aerial act to Phoenix, signing with the Suns as a free agent. ‘I just hope they don’t boo me,’ he said. Brown, who is playing for his fifth team in six seasons, said he always will be thankful for his time with the Lakers. He played in all 82 games in each of his two full seasons, including the Lakers’ 2010 championship team, and averaged 8.4 points and shot 33.8 percent from the 3-point line. ‘It’s the first place I went to where I really got a chance to play,’ he said. ‘I really got a chance to showcase my abilities and I’m very thankful and grateful for that,’ Brown said. ‘I got a chance to play for one of the greatest coaches (Phil Jackson) to ever do it and then play with one of the greatest players (Kobe Bryant) to ever do it.’”

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  • Nehemiah01

    Fans only boo players that made a significant difference. You’re good

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    when he checks in, they’ll cheer, but if he goes off, he’ll hear the boo birds

  • wssss

    ^^^^ lol

  • Jer dawg

    I’ll boo because he looks like Chris Brown. I hope Rihanna sits courtside again. Storylines….


    Who cares. Rhianna’s booty ‘s a DI(K WRECKA !!

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    @max please tell me u saw anthony rondolph’s dunk against the raps, that landing was…………..like a BO$H!!!!

  • tomtom

    I’m not at staples tonight, but if I was I would boo, he left for money plain and simple. If he left for playing time or family reasons etc. I can usually respect that but he decided to leave a contender to go to what will probably a lottery team.

  • Jeremy

    So it can inflate your ego even more? I think not champ. Why leave the Lakers for Phoenix though?… it IS L.A.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    who cares if he left a contender. fans overrate titles so much. it’s cool to win, but people respect you no matter what. no titles for reggie or charles and we love them more than horace grant and rick fox. titles mean nothing man. just cool to say. this is a child’s game they play to get money. i say, go get that money. provide for your family. but these NBA players wont sleep differently years from now if they win a title or not

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Spit hot fiyah, Yes I did, and I didn’t even think about that LMAO. :)

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    I bet he wanted to land on his belly like BO$H in Charlotte, but he kinde knocked his face into the standings from the rim lol.

  • robb

    @tomtom what do you mean you’d boo because he left for money, they are pros, of course he left for money that’s what they do for a living, if he can take better care of his family by joining another team so be it, what’s so wrong about it? Personally I’d only boo him if he entered another dunk contest, Shannon is a good guy.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    He plays less minutes in Phoenix then he did in LA. I think it’s more likely they laugh at him.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    max, almost as good

  • shuref00t

    Nah, Shannon Brown should be okay tonight. Even dunking over a couple of Lakers, he shouldn’t get boo’d. But if he was rocking a Clippers’ uniform, that would be a different story.

  • LA Huey

    He’ll probably get the same treatment Bron got last year in Cleveland.

  • GC6

    @LA Huey Lol

  • neaorin

    For one, he already got two rings so going for the money at this stage is understandable. Also, I’m not so sure that he and Mike Brown were on the best terms while in Cleveland.

  • Ldub

    @Joey E…the problem with not winning is you will always be 2nd tier to those who have won. You mentioned Reggie and Charles…they are 2 of the top 50 players ever. But they are also 2 that have never won a ring. You play to win. Shannon Brown will never be on Reggie or Charles’ level because he has not and will not change the game as they did. Titles are all that ppl care/think about. RM and CB get respect for what they did during their time. Chris I mean Shannon brown will not get respect on a RM or CB level ever…even tho he did win a ring riding Kobe and Pau’s coat tails. To say that Titles mean nothing is a joke. Look at players like cp3, rondo, wade, durant, dirk…these players want to win and they do all they can to help their team WIN. Not help their team get more money. your thoughts on winning vs money are wrong bro

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    Someone needs to get Paul Pierce’s big-ass a wheelchair.

  • Hum


  • Mitchell

    Once a Laker always a Laker, but in my eye’s he’s a traitor. I don’t think its about playing time, its about money, and when you play just for money you won’t win. I will sure’ll boo him tonight. Brown had a great deal on the table. Four years 16 Million, seriously. Trust me when I say after Lamar Odom left, he would had gotten more minutes, and maybe win M.I.P (Most Improved Player of the Year).

  • LA Huey

    Reggie Miller top 50?! Puff, puff, give.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    He’s not important enough for boos. I wonder how la fans will react to lamar coming back. It might be cloudy in staples that night

  • Ldub

    LA Huey….you dont think Reggie is Top 50? then what would you say top 100? Where would you rank him as all time great sg’s?

  • tomtom

    @Joey E. And robb We love reggie and chuck because they are all time greats, is Shannon? Nooooo. My point is that I personally like guys who play to win, certain guys get to play with great players like Kobe and Gasol, they have a lot of success and feel entitled to more cash/attention/playing time. Then go away and the reality sets in that great players make everyone around them better. (brown, Perk, bigben, Ariza, Qrich).

  • Ldub

    agreed with tomtom

  • Ldub

    it is ok to leave for the money, but brown damn near ran out of LA as if it was his worst experience in the L. Dude got all his publicity and recognition there. Very very few people knew who he was. If im not mistaken he went to Mich State, and people didnt know about him then either. He got to play with Bron, went to CHITOWN for 6 games and did nothing, went to charlotte for 30 and averaged a massive 4ppg. Came to LA (and like i said previously) rode kobe and pau to some chips. and played on a $hitty team and didnt get in PT down there. and now he is on the SUNS where stevey nashty can throw lobs to him or dime him off for the 3 (which he fell in love with in LA) yet is only shooting 27% this year. im surprised the suns actually signed him. but just as surprised that he left a contending team. now he can say he won 2 chips but decided that winning was less important.

  • Pais

    Reggie NOT top 50??? Young man, go to school. I hate the dude, can’t F’ing stand him, but he earned his spot.

  • golakeshow


  • robb

    @tomtom not every player can be an all time great, Shannon’s got great athleticism but that’s all, I’m sure he plays to win, but he knows he’s not a potential HOF or even an allstar, that’s just being realistic, and even if he was an incredible talent, Kobe will be the starting SG for the Lakers until he retires, where would that leave Shannon? He’s already 27 by the time Kobe retires he’ll be 32. Players like him need to cash in as much as they can, because their window is very small, he won’t be leading another team for a championship, let him do whatever he needs to do for him and his family, it’s not like he’s been overpaid or something.

  • LaKid

    Still love the dude, don’t boo LA

  • tomtom

    I get your point robb and i agree he is certainly not overpaid but it just leaves a sour taste as a fan because he got a lot of support as a Laker. I would boo the guy because i wouldn’t feel right to cheer him and if i pay for my ticket you are going to hear me one way or another…

  • tomtom

    Reggie top 50? I honestly don’t know i guess it’s perception no? But definitely top 75.

  • Mega

    cheryl’s brother is not a top 50 player all time. SLAM has him at 54, and I don’t agree with that at all. his scoring averages are not elite, I mean vince carter has better career ppg then cheryl’s brother.

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    Shannon probably figured he would always be Kobe’s backup in LA, and he’d rather be part of the youth movement in Phoenix. Plus, never a bad thing to play and learn from the great Steve Nash.

  • Cameron

    @JoeyE…what the hell does that have to do with anything?

  • neaorin

    Guys like Shannon gotta think about money a lot more than LeBron or Dwight. Playing to win is nice and all when you make eight figures in salary and double that in endorsements. Shannon has to make his money right now. He was a minimum guy for a while and who knows how much he has left in the L.

  • Justin G.

    Reggie Miller isn’t even close to top 50 ever. He didn’t make the list in ’97 and since then you can start adding players like Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Duncan, Jason Kidd…there are more but I think you get the point. And I agree with those that say Brown will be just fine. Generally bench players that come back don’t get a reaction one way or the other

  • G

    The real concern will be if they’ll even know who he is…

  • LA Huey

    I’m kinda with Justin G here. Reggie didn’t make the list in ’97 and you could make a case that 10 players on that list were iffy but Reggie’s doesn’t make the top 10 of players (as of today), that didn’t make the NBA’s official top 50. I love Reggie, but he tends to get overhyped because he had some legendary moments at MSG.

  • Ldub

    ok so if not top 50 then top 100? either way thats great for someone who never won. and this is ALL time no? @LA Huey…over hyped? so having the most 3 pointers ever (until ray allen) is over hyped? Not only do you have to take the shots, you have to make them. He was doing that around the L, not just in MSG where he seemed to have a bigger fued w/ Spike than the Knicks!

  • LA Huey

    Dude, I’m not saying Reggie’s a scrub. He was a great player. But if you’re putting him in the Top 50 of ALL-TIME, you’re overhyping him. My point about his classics at MSG is that if he had done that against a team with a modest profile in the playoffs, most fans wouldn’t dare mention him among history’s top 50. Like I said, I love Reggie great baller and an even better showman.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Reggie Miller was great. But he was not top 50 all-time.