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Stephen Curry Sprained His Ankle Again

For the third time in this young season, Stephen Curry hurt his surgically-repaired right ankle. From the Mercury News: “With just over three minutes left in the third quarter, he picked up a loose ball and was getting set to lead a fast break. Suddenly, he came up hobbling. Curry said his ankle rolled over as he tried to push off his right foot. He immediately tried to get rid of the ball, turning it over, and limped off to the side. After trying to walk it off, he was helped to the bench. Eventually he went to the locker room for treatment and did not return. It’s the third time this season Curry has sprained his right ankle, which underwent surgery in May to repair two torn ligaments. Curry said this was the most painful of the three. ‘Just another reaggravation of the same thing that’s been happening,’ Curry said, a towel over his head, his right foot in a tub of ice. ‘Just another frustrating incident I’ve got to deal with.’ The first sprain happened in the preseason finale at Sacramento on Dec. 20, making Curry questionable for the start of the season. He wound up playing in the Christmas Day opener, but the next night, in the fourth quarter against Chicago, he sprained his right ankle again. That forced him to miss the Dec. 28 game against New York. Curry did not rule out playing Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. He said he would see how his ankle responds and test it out Thursday.”

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  • http://www.saffoldink.com MXL

    Steph should probably take some time off. This shortened, rushed season isn’t good for the guy with the weakest ankles in the league. If he doesn’t prepare for his basketball future now, he won’t have one.

  • Magic Fan

    I think that luke ridnour has the weakest “ankles” in the league.

  • jaychedd


  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Yea, Curry needs to let that ankle heal. He’s not going to help them if he’s always playing with a wonky ankle.

  • Ldub20

    He has to be running differently than other players on the court. Maybe he needs some specially designed shoes or something. Some things you just cant prevent like landing on someones foot, or trying to stop and crossover. But to be in the midst of running in a straight line?? Come one SCthirty!

  • Takashi

    once u roll ur ankle,its never gonna be at full strength again. Stephen should be wearing those Mcdavid lace/strap ankle braces.

  • R32

    Steph should drop Nike and roll with Ektio! He should be the poster boy for that brand

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    His ankle is about as f*cked as mine..

  • http://slamonline Andre

    steph curry should try the kobe system and see if that works and go strong.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    At what point is it obvious that the term ‘surgically repaired ankle’ doesn’t apply here anymore.
    He hurt it on an outlet, no contact at all, specially designed shoes (sounds like marketing bull to me) isn’t going to help now.
    Time off and re-evaluation of the foot probably would.

  • Ldub20

    Your ankles will heal, but not if you continuely roll them once every 2 weeks. The Ankle straps will help for a while but you still have to allow them to heal properly. I played witht he McDavids and to be honest my ankles feel great now…i dont even use the braces anymore. Idk if it was the braces or the change from jordan to under armour shoes. either way steph gotta change something up.

  • Heals

    Weird how no one throws around the “warrior” tag for this younging doing what he’s doing on that ankle like they do other stars…