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Utah Jazz Players Frustrated With Head Coach Tyrone Corbin?

This is Tyrone Corbin’s first full year at the helm in Utah, but there are rumblings that not all is well within the Jazz locker room. Reports the Salt Lake Tribune: “Tyrone Corbin has himself a problem. It’s emerged early in this season and it’s likely to re-emerge with more force later. It will test his strength and standing and his resolve and position as a head coach, as well as his ability to communicate with his players and his command of the Jazz on the whole: His use of younger players versus his use of veterans. There’s already the making of a division on the team, with some of the more experienced players grumbling about their minutes, about rotations, about coaching decisions. Raja Bell, an intelligent, articulate, strong-willed oldster, is frustrated with his role. Corbin was asked about that on Wednesday, and his response was: ‘Ask him about it.’”

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    Ha Ha !


    First Beeeehaches !

  • geoff

    Raja Bell frustrated with his role? So far this year I’m having a hard time understanding how in the hell he is even playing in the league. It’s like having 4 guys on offense out there and the defensive toughness that people talk about with him I just do not see. He’s a liability to have out there, and the young rookie Alec Burks and Hayward should be taking up every last one of his minutes. Raja should be playing in the D league instead of arguing about his role on the Jazz.

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    Last year the Jazz thought they were contenders so they splurged on vets and semi-vets (Watson, Jefferson, Bell) and let their young developing talent walk or traded them for cap space (Wes Matthews, Brewer, Maynor). And once they decided they couldn’t make any playoff noise, and traded D-Will to start the rebuilding process they were stuck with vets who don’t want to play in the Utah youth moment.

    Jazz might as well go young and give Hayward, Evans, Favors, Burks massive minutes a la OKC two seasons back. Amnesty or trade grumbling vets for picks and youth. And keep the vets who don’t care about minutes. Bell hasn’t really shown he deserves minutes, has he? Least Jeremy Evans will entertain the crowd with a few dunks…

  • omeezy

    The Only Vets that are contributing out there are Watson, Jefferson, and Millsap. I think that Millsap should get some more minutes but, in regards to Raja Bell he hasn’t done anything all year he has no room to talk.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I agree, Alec Burks and Gordon Hayward SHOULD be Utah’s priority. The problem is not really with the guards… Utah just has too many bigs who can all start. They need to trade someone–either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap, I’m guessing–so that Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter can develop. Millsap especially deserves to start elsewhere instead of coming off the bench.

  • Matt Park

    Millsap definitely needs to be traded so he can play a lot more… He’s one of the most solid power forwards in the league even if he is a bit undersized.

  • http://www.zoobuh.com Alan Fullmer

    What more does Bell want in his role? A staring position? Wait, he’s got that.

    When he can start making shots, maybe he can open his mouth. But until then, his attitude needs to stop.

  • D Paul

    Ah ha! That was my suspicion from the beginning. The veterans are feeling the heat. Jazz management needs to “act while the iron is hot” and dump the dead wood and go with the “powerful pups”. Favors and Kanter are future superstars. There is big time jealousy. They need a point guard and the D-Wil conspirators then can all be sent to Devil’s Island. Sap is the only veteran that I really care about. I was sorry that the Jazz dumped all of their foreign players. Memo is especially and sorely missed.

  • Steve

    Bring Sloan back. He’ll have the youngsters playing like tough vets in no time. Jazz need to say good-bye to both Watson and Bell

  • Steve

    Bring Sloan back. He’ll have the youngsters playing like tough vets in no time. Jazz need to say good-bye to both Watson and Bell

  • mike

    Please, please, please dont trade Milsap.

  • Bill Fitrzgerel

    Trade the winers, we are fresh out of cheese.

  • TomC

    Based on his play this year, Bell doesn’t deserve any minutes. He ranks near the bottom on the league statistically for SGs. His trademark defense is not nearly what it was.

  • Dr.Hor

    Don’t trade Millsap who is the only one got the spirit of the old jazz. Then other old men can be traded whoever.