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Wade Likens Ricky Rubio To Steve Nash

Ricky Rubio matched a Wolves milestone in his third NBA game, becoming the first Wolves’ player to record 12+ points, 12+ assists and 6+ rebounds since Sam Cassell in 2004. Rubio’s performance in Friday’s 103-101 loss to the Heat had Dwyane Wade impressed: “The Heat got their first taste of Rubio, a 21-year-old Spanish rookie point guard who dazzled with his slick passing in his first two NBA games. Friday was no different, as Rubio dished out 12 assists, scored 12 points and grabbed six rebounds. The hometown fans wildly chanted ‘Rubio! Rubio!’ throughout the game. ‘The kid has something. He has that Steve Nash capability,’ Dwyane Wade said. ‘They’ve got a gem in him. He’s going to be great for them.’”

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  • slamfan4life

    to all the haters;IN YO FACE

  • http://www.youtube.com/14judge 14judge in Chicago

    ^lol, yeah, he’s had a nice year…oh wait, not hating but but its only been three/four games.

  • charliewinning

    Rubio will never shoot the ball like Nash.

  • AqWord

    Probably, but fair comparison , kid got I’ll passin’ instinct & got hustle.

  • ripslam

    37-year-old Nash > Rubio at any age

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Well, Rubio actually tries on the defensive end so that’s a plus…

  • T-Money

    A Steve Nash that cant shoot but plays defense…. So not Nash then?

  • http://knicks.com Gametimeweezy

    awesome awesome comparison, great court vision just like a young Nash

  • Patrick

    We all know he didn’t say Rubio was exactly like Nash…just that his passing ability resembles that of Nash. You’re looking too much into it.

  • Thor

    This dude is going to be a star, bright future for him and his team.

  • Red

    He won’t be a star by any means but he’ll help my fantasy team.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    He will have a better career than Nash in the future. Nash only led league in assists 5 times in his career and does were because PHX only care about scoring and not winning games. Nash was only an All Star 7 times. We all know about the fake MVPs he won, this is the only thing that make people think he was a great point guard. Also Nash is a loser, had great teams in Dallas failed, then when Nash leave Dallas go to the NBA Finals with a rookie point guard and should have won. Nash had great great teams in PHX and he couldn’t lead them past anything. He got an MVP because Amare was hurt and got another one because media didn’t want to give Kobe MVP award. Ricky will be better. BOOK IT!!

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    the ROTY canidates are tight this year… Rubio/ Kemba/ Irving/ Derrick Williams

  • vctmac

    the seed, u must be smokin on some of tht boom eh? cuz u seem dillusional. fake mvp? an all star ONLY 7 times?
    ricky rubio cant shoot the rock if his life depended on it. nash will and always be better than rubio, thers no comparison. i can say norris cole is a good shooter just like Nash, but its stupid to use tht as a comparison to kid canada.
    media not wanting kobe 2 win? thts false bcause if the media hated on kobe just as much as lebron gets hated on, they wud bring up his sexual assault case and his divorce case which is in progress.
    if it was lebron who did any of those things; the whole world would go to WW3….


    let me know when rubio gets back to back mvp’s shoots 50-40-90 from the floor and brings a team that doesn’t play d all the way to WCF twice

  • fish sticks

    cosign MUBWAR

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    “He has that Steve Nash capability” – no he doesn’t. If Wade said passing capability them yes he does

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Kobe was robbed in ’06.. and everyone knows that. Anyway, I do believe Rubio can become an all-star, he’s just gotta keep working hard. I’m sure Rick Adelman will put him in the Wolves starting 5 soon enough

  • riggs

    eff kobe.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chubachuchi

    People just love to hate on this kid smh he has all star talent…
    in the future you guys will be eating your words.

  • startown

    I think he passes better than Nash right now. It will be interesting to see how he matches up tonight against MAVS

    Personally, I think he is more like Jason Kidd, with less scoring ability, but better defense

  • Thor

    No he does not shoot as well as Nash(not many does anyway), but he is surely no Rondo either. I’ve seen the three Minny games he’s been in and yes he can make a jump shot. vctmac you are a bit dillusional you self to say otherwise.

  • Thor

    cosign startown about the J Kidd thing. but slow down on the Nash passing skills comparison please. It ain’t fair to anyone

  • http://knicks.com Gametimeweezy

    closer to a young jason kidd because he can’t shoot yet. but jkidd was way stronger and faster even as a rookie

  • triyo

    Do people think jkidd doesnt pass as well as Nash? im confused

  • naoanaoa

    Hate all you want, he will work hard and shut mouths. He already is. Yes, only 3 games in, two of them against arguably the two best teams in the league.

  • add

    slow down there, whats it been like 4 games. wait til the end of the season for any comparisons.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    He’s Ricky Rubioooo!

  • Patrick

    No he didn’t specify passing capability, but come on. When he refers to Nash he’s definitely implying that.
    But whatever, that’s not what was said. Nash is obviously better right now but we can at least admit Rubio has a bright future ahead of him.

  • http://ggfhh.com Jukai

    Well, he’s white and is a flashy passer so sure, who cares if the comparison didn’t make sense anywhere else?

  • Thanatos

    @ The Seed..you’re on another planet! “Only 7 times All Star, fake MVPs” go back to your previous form of existence, an amoeba!



  • Harlem_World

    J Kidd? I do hope you’re talking about J Kidd now – because if you’re talking about J Kidd when he was younger, that is straight disrespectful. Kidd was a better passer and arguably the best PG defender in the league (next to GP). He was also far more athletic. If you’re talking about Kidd now, the comparison doesn’t make sense as Kidd is a good spot up shooter and doesn’t play defense anymore. From what I’ve seen, the closest comparison is Rondo without the ability to finish in the lane. Both can dime, neither can shoot, both get steals from playing the passing lanes well and aren’t afraid to take risks on the defensive end. Not saying he’s even close to Rondo’s level right onw – but is a better comparison in terms of style.

  • burnt_chicken

    Just the other day I saw a dog having trouble finding its own ass to lick and I thought: I miss the Seed. Good to see him bringing his A game into the new year!

  • subh

    Rubio > Nash @ age 21. (nash wasn’t even in the nba) O and his first two seasons till age 24 he sucked.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    Rubio is good.. and gonna be great in the future hopefully. and I think it’s clear that Wade is referring to Nash’s passing ability that’s all so..

  • Davek729

    Rubio is an exciting young player with great passing skills. His career is 3 or 4 games along. I hope he has a great long one, but he doesn’t yet get my vote for the NBA Hall of Fame. OTOH, Steve Nash is arguably the best pure point guard since Stockton retired. Paul and others (maybe Rondo) will surpass him soon. But there is no denying that he has had a fantastic career despite not leading Phoenix to an NBA title.

  • startown

    Well, not sure if Rubio is a comparison to Kidd when he was younger, but I watched the game tonight, 14 pts 7 assists in 29 min in a Wolves win over the Mavericks, all I can say is that he is goood, fair enough?

    Time will tell how he compares to Kidd and Nash

  • shutup

    There is no way Rubio will be better than Nash or kidd, his career might be the same as jason williams, without the jumpshot. Dont see him being an allstar in any conference any time soon. Remember tomorrow isnt guaranteed and careers do get cut short, Nash has been around a long time and put up amazing numbers, made avg players allstars (like Marion) and led the most potent offense the leagues seen in years. I’m predicting an avg of 8ppg,6apg, 5rpg, 4TO -for Rubios rookie year and hell come in 3rd for rookie of the year votes if his hype doesnt get him the award on hype alone

  • http://dsjfklf.com Jukai

    Hmmmm great passer, good defender, likes to drive but can spot up if given room, rebounds well for his size but is still a tall point at 6’5… Sounds like Gary Payton to m— oh, wait, white. Yeah, he’s Steve Nash.

  • tj


    There…wasn’t that clever and original?!

  • startown

    shutup: Ok, geez that is too bad that there is absolutely NO WAY that Rubio will be better than Nash or Kidd. I was hoping that if he continued to play like he has in the past 4 games, that at age 21 he might be in for a great career, but then I read your post and I came down to earth and realized that he at best can be a Jason Williams, shoot I was hoping for more….wow?

    After watching him in person at the Target Center I’d bet my life savings that barring injury he blows away Jason Williams career, want to wager?

  • http://www.listerblister.blogspot.com rainman10

    can we get some Rondo comparisons please and thank you

  • shutup

    Where to start, I think Rubios game is closer to Jason willaims then Kidd or Nash, Kidd and Nash are both future HOFers, and I’d rather compare someone who’s games are more similiar than disrespect two players who consistently were at the top of the league. I’ll use MJ as an example comparing Harold Miner, Jerry Stackhouse and Vince Carter to MJ was disrespectful to MJ and what he did for the game, same goes for comparing Rubio to Kidd and Nash probably the two best passers of this era. And I would take that bet in a heart beat, obv you dont remember all the hype around Jason Williams rookie campaign. oh and his rookie numbers= 12.8ppg, 3 rpg, 6 apg, 1.9 stlpg 2.9 tov, so yeah I think my assessment of rubio is spot on.

  • Serigala

    Hahaha, this time you’re absolutely on point, Jukai.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Jukai, GP was a great passer? That’s news to me.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    rubio is 6’5?

  • javier

    You must be juste!!! Have a look to Nash or Kidd when they was 20 for a true comparisson! Rubio is near a teenager! He is a true hope. Shot is the only thing you and improve in basket…

  • startown

    Time will tell!

    Few players change a franchise overnight, this guy has! I bet the Wolves have 3 times the amount of TV viewers now, probably more when you add in the foreign viewers.

    Nobody watched this team last year, Derek Williams has helped as well!

  • smeetah

    He’s not Steve Nash, but it’s pretty clear he has a playmaking ability and skill set that is pretty rare, even in this league. Maybe numbers wise his season will resemble JWill’s rookie year, but his game doesn’t at all. JWill – love him – was a phenomenally skilled passer but not a terribly great playmaker. Kidd and Nash can make crazy passes but it’s less about the flash and more about reading the play and creating opportunities. That’s what Rubio has, which is exciting because it’s a rare skill. Most of these talented young PGs are super athletic combo guards who can pass a bit but they are more offensively developed, where as Ricky is the opposite. The really interesting thing is that even though Ricky’s only 21, he’s been doing this professionally for so long that he is an old hand, and you can see him making decisions and running the pick and roll like a veteran, his timing, the way he baits his defender. It’s pretty sick actually.

  • shutup

    yeah but rubio has been playing pro ball since he was 15 thats six years, changed the franchise? are you talking on court or off? The hype will be the hype and Jason Williams increased kings viewership back then too.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    Dude will be a good player in this league.

  • Justin G.

    I do love how people take something someone has said and go absolutely wild with it on this site. I’m pretty sure Wade meant as a passer. Now, obviously comparing him to ANYONE at this point is ridiculous. He’s had a handful of games. @subh…Nash didn’t suck in his first two years in the league. He never played. He was playing behind Kevin Johnson and Jason Kidd. Not exactly a lot of minutes there for him although, after Nash’s first game against Jordan’s Bulls Jordan did say in the interviews afterwards that Nash (along with Michael Finley) were the future of that organization. Pretty good prediction. Gary Payton was also not a great passer. People throw the word “great” around much too easily around here

  • Jam.C

    The seed… You make all these specs and have to say… you are pretty damn blind.
    Also lol comparison w jason kidd? Didnt go through early 90s huh?

  • Jam.C

    Have a feeling he will be injury prone… Hope my gut is wrong but hasnt failed me yet so far.

  • Startown

    Looked awesome again 13 and 13 today.