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Andrew Bynum: Lack of Great Centers Helped All-Star Chances

Though obviously happy to earn his first All-Star berth, Lakers’ center Andrew Bynum is honest enough to admit that it helps that he doesn’t have all that much competition at his position in the Western Conference. From the LA Times: “Lakers center Andrew Bynum was handling his newly minted All-Star status with a touch of humility, pride and, yes, some kid-like joy. His ascent was more like a one-sided political election — so the official announcement on TNT later Thursday afternoon was a mere formality. Bynum had pulled in more than a million votes, and his closest challenger, the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan, was well back at 322,056. ‘I always wanted to be an All-Star,’ said the 24-year-old Bynum, who is averaging 16.5 points and 12.1 rebounds, both career highs. ‘I said that, like, six years ago. It took a long time. … Attrition [helped] a little bit. There’s nobody there. No Yao [Ming].’ Said teammate Pau Gasol: ‘He’s got the mind-set now. He’s a little more mature as a player and he understands the game better. He knows where he can be more effective and he’s healthier. So that helps.’ A healthy and sleeker-looking Bynum has taken advantage of the changed circumstances in the Lakers’ world. ‘I’m just in a different system,’ he said. ‘I’m getting the ball a lot more, obviously without [Lamar] Odom here, I get more minutes. So the numbers go up.’”

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  • Yesse

    Well, its not like he is a Sherlock, because we all know that.

    Dwight Howard is probably the only center in the league right now, that could compete with the centers from 90′s, but i think the old centers would destroy Dwight as well.

  • Kobester

    For a second there, I thought he said “I am just a different system…” damn for Kobe commercials!

  • ENDS

    He aint Lyin’

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHoliday

    At least he’s honest and has a grip on reality, unlike Javale Mcgee’s mom who thinks Javale is the future of the NBA!

  • David Stern

    welll duhhhhhhhh.

  • LA Huey

    I like the honesty

  • Chris

    Did an NBA player not named Battier just use the word “attrition” in an interview? *sheds a tear*

  • http://www.fortworth,tx. J Cox

    I always know he would be a ALL STAR if not Phil Jackson would have traded him back n 2008.

  • allen3

    I was looking at all star game 1995 with zo ewing dikembe o’neal olajuwon robinson (who made a slick cross over on a break dammmnnnn)

    How could these 2 fare against these mammoth .

    Even 2nd tier centers like daugherty,kevin willis,rik smits where better than these 2 .
    talent wise I think nene hilario is better than these boys

  • Paul H

    Maybe this Is a sign of Drew growing up. At least till his next self-infatuated, postseason meltdown.

  • shutup

    Why didnt they just substitute a forward say like Kevin Love instead of giving it to Bynum, (like how they shifted Melo to the 4), who clearly doesnt deserve it this year, not saying he wouldnt be an allstar in the future but he is so clearly undeserving of this spot this year

  • LA Huey

    allen3, I feel you on missing the days of dominant pivots but Smits and Willis are not better than Dwight or Bynum.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow


  • shutup

    Rik Smits was better than Bynum and had better offensive game than Howard, willis on the other hand only had more muscles than howard, dude was jacked till he retired at 48 lmao, The dunking Dutchman was a problem 7’6″ with a solid jumpshot, the same problems Dwight had with Yao he woulda had with Smits

  • allen3

    La huey bynum and dwight specially him they have no post move they are just bullying their way to the rim
    I don’t even remember the last time I saw a center who has a special move like dream shake, or sky hook

    they have better stat than willis and smits because they are are superior athletes and are playing against weaker oppponent
    even guys like rony seikaly and vlade divac are way more technical than these 2

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Cosign David Stern & Both of LA Huey comments.

  • Paul H

    Allen3 must be watching a different Andrew Bynum. Drew has a whole array of moves on the block. Give him 20 shots a game and he would get you 25 a game. Efficiently and In style.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2011/01/post-up-23/ Allenp

    Rik Smits was soft on the boards. Check his numbers. And he didn’t block shots like bynum.
    Superior scorer though in my opinion.

  • Justin G.

    Agree with AllenP on this one. Smits was a pretty good on the free throw line as I recall as well

  • Spades

    I think Duncan could bang with any center from any era though. That guy is just a cerebral player.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    while this is true, if fan vote was eliminated, Bynum would still be starting center. having a great year. where all you haters at? man, bynum has been the most hated dude by non laker fans for years now. definitely feels nice for laker fans to say “told you”.