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Boston Celtics Appreciative of Paul Pierce’s Loyalty and Longevity

As expected, Paul Pierce moved past Larry Bird last night, becoming the second all-time leader in scoring for the Boston Celtics. His coaches and teammates understand the significance of Pierce’s production, and his loyalty to the franchise. Per the Boston Herald: “The current state of the NBA considered, with fewer stars remaining with their original teams, moments like Pierce’s move past Larry Bird into second place on the Celtics [team stats]’ career scoring list might eventually become a thing of the past. ‘I hope not. I hope not,’ Doc Rivers said after the C’s 94-84 win against the Charlotte Bobcats. ‘There are some guys who are staying — and again, I don’t begrudge guys who leave. They play themselves into those positions and those opportunities, so they have that chance. But I do like it when guys just say, ‘You know what? This is my team; I’m going to make this better. I’m going to stick it out.’ I love when I see that. So I think you’ll still see some, but not as many, clearly. Kobe (Bryant) coming up. (Dwyane) Wade. You know, Dwyane Wade has added some friends, but he’s never left Miami. So there’s a lot of guys. I would be shocked to see (Derrick) Rose ever leave Chicago. There’s still some good cases.’ That includes the case of his own captain. You know, here’s the part I wish people wrote more about Paul: Paul had a chance to leave us when we were bad,’ Rivers said. ‘And instead of moaning that he wanted to go to a championship team, he stayed. And he said, I simply want to be a Celtic and I trust that we’re going to win a title some day. He had no reason to believe that, at that time. I mean, we were pretty awful. And to me, I wish people talked about his loyalty more, because I think that’s special, especially in this day and time, when everybody’s jumping from team to team. And that’s their right, too. I don’t begrudge that with anybody, but I do think it’s special that Paul Pierce decided that he wanted to be a Celtic for his life. And I think that’s pretty cool. In this day and time, in any sport, I think that’s special.’ Kevin Garnett, while acknowledging that these one-team tenures are fading away, blamed it on the business of the NBA. ‘It’s sad to say that, but the business of basketball has created that,’ he said. ‘This is me talking, but the way teams went into negotiations, with shorter contracts — when you’re signing five-year max deals instead of seven, it makes it very hard for an individual to stay with one franchise. . . . The record is one thing. But it sends such a big message. It couldn’t happen to a better character person. That’s going to be rarer, and that’s sad.’”

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  • Justin G.

    What a load of crap from KG! Just because you sign a 5 year deal instead of 7 doesn’t mean you can’t re-sign when that deal is up. The business of the NBA is more the business of where can I get paid the most? I don’t necessarily begrudge the players for it but let’s not pretend that there’s as much loyalty to an organization as there used to be. And yes, there isn’t as much loyalty to a player either (before all of you pro player fools come out and start arguing the point)

  • LA Huey

    It’s also that players are wising up to the fact that their legacies are influenced by their front offices being able to build a team around them. No sense in being pegged as guy who can’t get it done when your franchise wasn’t carrying their own weight.

  • http://www.slamonline.com aman from arkansas

    congrats to p double. did you all see his wife!!!!

  • roman

    1 and done!!!!!!!

  • Shifty

    Deserves to be a all star this season. His last what 8 or 9 games. Triple double threat. Unbelievable. So happy he broke Larry’s record.

  • Heals

    Yes I did aman, yes I did. On that subject props to PP34, it’s been a fun ride, and good to see MommaDouble in the house last night…

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    An article like this makes me worry that Ainge is gonna trade him tomorrow.

  • Tarsier

    Am I the only one who remembers Paul Pierce’s trade request before they got Garnett and Allen?