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Carmelo Anthony: New York Knicks Should Prepare like the Miami Heat

The biggest lesson Carmelo Anthony took from the Miami Heat’s recent spanking of his Knicks, is how LeBron and company preprare for games. Per Newsday: “Anthony said the Heat showed the Knicks the blueprint for not only how they have to play but the amount of work and concentration they must put into each game. ‘The way that they prepared for our team, for our game, that’s something that I would like to take and bring that back to my team,’ Anthony said after playing in Sunday night’s All-Star Game. ‘Just the preparation that they put into the situation that it worked out.’ The Heat wanted to shut down [Jeremy] Lin and did. Miami ultimately quieted the Knicks on Thursday, too. That game is the only thing Anthony plans to bring into the second half of the season, which starts for the Knicks Wednesday night against Cleveland at the Garden. Anthony hopes to put all the injuries that limited him behind him, along with the talk that he would have to change his game to cater to Lin’s style. He appears focused on what it’s going to take in the final 31 games for the Knicks to reach Miami’s level. ‘It’s crunch time now because it’s time to buckle up, prepare ourselves to get ready for the playoffs or get into the playoffs,’ said Anthony. ‘Win some games and go from there. Get everybody on the same page.’”

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  • AD

    better shut down kyrie then.. im sure he wants to kill lin

  • Paul H

    I love both Melo and STAT but they never should have been paired together. Team Is never making the finals as presently constructed. Book It. It will be fun but they aint never cleaning the Heat, or the Bulls for that matter, In a seven game series.


    that’s y they should ship Tyson and Amar’e for Howard and Turk. then both teams will be happy

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    Unless the whole team buys into playing hard nose defense for 48 minutes then I don’t see them really contending. Sure you may be able to put up the points but can you stop the other team from doing the same.

  • JML-G

    Melo rather shouldve watched how Heat plays d not prepares for games

  • crooklyn

    Knicks make the playoffs- EASILY- and without a doubt are gonna be a problem. GUARANF@#$%^TEED. Can’t wait for all y’all second guessing, trade making, doubting debbies’ to eat crow.

  • anthony y

    Two words: De Fense!!!

  • Gman

    preparing wont get melo or stat to move their legs tho…

  • Steve

    Funny everybody keeps talking about defense…


    Knicks ranked 7th in defensive efficiency in the NBA.

  • MikeC.

    Doubting debbies. Nice.

  • MikeC.

    NY is likely the best of the second-tier contenders in the East. Miami and Chicago are obviously the class of the conference. Orlando is toast. Indiana and Philly remind me of Denver last year. The team nobody wants to play unless your team has established stars and everyone else knows their role. They’ll make a good team work, but over a series, they don’t have enough primetime talent. Atlanta is the odd duck. When Al went down and Joe Johnson continued his steady rate of decomposition, I pegged them to miss the playoffs. Btw, raise your hand if you knew Jerry Stackhouse was even in the league prior to seeing him at All Star Weekend? Celtics are done. If NY keeps playing this well and can beat some of the better teams, then Knicks look solid. The East is top-heavy this year.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    Melo needs to take his own advice. Play HARDCORE defense. Melo can play OK d, but only on LeBron. Melo got blocked how many times when they played last time? The Knicks have the POTENTIAL to be a real problem, but Melo has to play D, Stat has to take it to the rim, Lin has to work on his dribble (especially going to the left) and ball protection, and maybe replace Fields with Novak in the lineup for those games where the other team has weak perimeter D. Novak is deadly from 3-point range. If Baron can play like he did for Cleveland last year, JR display self-control and Shumpert get back to a 100%, Knicks could be in the Conference Finals.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    Even if they could play better defense they wouldn’t beat miami honestly. not the way miami is playing now.

  • Ldub

    Its tough to say what would be best for the Knicks team. You have an up and coming PG in Lin, who obviously needs the ball to get himself, the teammates and the crowd going. You have Melo and Stat who need their own shots to get themselves going. So I guess the question is…would you prefer to have Melo and Stat lead and Lin fill in, or vice versa? One thing is for sure…if they all can get on one page and start clicking…it will be great for NY as well as the NBA. The more teams that can produce good, competitive ball…the better the L will be.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    @ datkid, don’t forget that Lin, Stat and Melo had bad games against Miami last week, but were only outscored in 2 of the 4 quarters. Given everything, that’s really not that bad. But yeah, I doubt we can take Miami unless we really are clicking on ALL cylinders. When I say all cylinders I mean ALLLL cylinders…

  • l2ising Phoenix

    I have faith in the Knicks.

  • MikeC.

    With Lin’s emergence, the return of Beard Davis and JR signing, the Knicks look pretty deep now too. A little light at backup 4. Oddly enough, Jared Jeffries isn’t stealing money this year. He’s a solid backup 5. It felt weird typing that.

  • Respect

    Stop smoking that linsanity, and then they may be able to beat the heat. Lins poor play cost them the last game.

  • l2ising Phoenix

    Lol jared jeffries!? Yea, he is actually putting in work, gotta learn to finish better though.

  • JB

    melo, prove you can play some D

  • TSmoove

    Dont forget about Josh Harrellson he was playing well until he broke his wrist.

  • Wall Ball

    Why would anyone have faith in the Knicks? What have they won in the last 40 years??? NY is soooooo overhyped…..You guys said it all they need a trade in order to defeat the Heat or the Bulls…The problem is guy may not want to play their roles…Amare needs to rebound the basketball and block shots…Melo needs to play D. If those two guys don’t do those minor things they won’t win….