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Chris Bosh: ‘I’m Not a Popular Guy, I Guess’

It’s yet to be determined whether or not Chris Bosh will be selected as an All-Star reserve, but after being bypassed as a starter for the East, the Miami Heat forward acknowledged his relatively low popularity amongst NBA fans. From the Sun-Sentinel: “Bosh said Friday his only surprise during Thursday’s announcement of All-Star starters was that it was Charles Barkley who rushed to his defense, demanding a recount after New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony was voted in as the second East forward alongside the Heat’s LeBron James. Of course, then there was long-time detractor Shaquille O’Neal. The former center and current TNT studio analyst did not initially have Bosh on his list of East reserves after the starters were announced. ’I never read too much into TV,’ Bosh said. He also never reads too much into NBA popularity contests. ’I'm not a popular guy, I guess,’ he said matter-of-factly of the fan vote for All-Star starters. ‘I don’t think I am. I don’t appeal to the popular crowd.’ Why? ’I don’t know,’ he said. ‘That’s a good question. And you know, it doesn’t really matter to me. I just try to be the best player I can be.’ Dwyane Wade said the popularity will come. ’Chris is just starting to get into the public eye, in a sense, the last year,’ he said.”

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  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Where I live, BO$H is a GOD!

  • http://Slamonline.com Kap

    I think if a Gasol/Bosh trade occurred the Lakers and Heat would eat improve because I think each is a better fit for the opposite team.

  • ripslam

    He was pretty popular in his Toronto days because he was easygoing and funny. Not that anything has changed, but that some of his comments and behavior last season alienated him from a lot of people, not to mention pretty much all of Canada.

  • J.C.

    Bosh is probably more deserving this year given Melo’s struggles and injuries, but being less popular than Melo isn’t really a knock. Melo has star power, plays in a huge market and while he isn’t having a great season right now I think most people would probably agree he’s a great talent and a better overall player than Bosh. I don’t know why everyone gets so agitated about ASG starters anyway, everyone knows the fans will just vote the big names in regardless of how they’re actually playing that season. Just gotta have faith that the coaches will reward the guys stepping up and having breakout seasons.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Man, I used to talk mad sh*t about Bosh for some of the more b*tchmade stuff he did last year…and I still kinda do.
    But most of the stuff dude gets hated on for, he doesn’t deserve to be.
    I mean, Shaq doesn’t think he’s an all-star?
    Shaq is pathetic. He makes Silky Johnson look like Ahmad “my main man!” Rashad.
    It’s come to this…I’m defending Chris Bosh now.


    it should be the best player starting at his position. Melo ain’t a 4. he’s a 3 and Lebron is staring there. this forward guard thing gotta stop

  • fizzbucket

    Carmelo started at power forward for the West last year too. I would also disagree that Melo is a better overall player than Bosh. Sure, he’s clutch scorer and decent rebounder for his position, but not much else. He jacks up shots, doesn’t play a lot of defense, and more or less just goes iso every time he gets the ball. It’s not surprising that the Nuggets are playing better team basketball without him, and it’s also not surprising that the Knicks are struggling with him, especially with a lack of a pure point guard. Chris Bosh is a multi-faceted guy who can swing between PF and C, shoot from mostly anywhere on the floor (he’s been hitting some 3s this season), a great defender (and ball-handler for his size), and a more skilled and willing passer than Melo. Bosh flops a lot, can be whiny and have his off nights, but he got robbed.

  • ugly_fish

    LOL….remember when Melo got snubbed as an all-star from 04-07 basically?

  • http://www.slamonline.com the_unknown

    Bosh should be starting in this years All Star Game. He’s definitely more deserving than Melo. I’m not so sure Melo even deserves to play in the All Star game this year due to him and his team’s performance so far.

  • Justin G.

    Yeah, I’d say this and the Griffin over KLove start are the two most glaring mistakes in the voting. And what is Shaq smoking? Dude needs to not let his personal feelings about a person cloud his judgement as an analyst. Not having Bosh on your list as an All Star should be a justifiable firing from TNT.

  • fruizm

    The ASG is a joke anyway.

  • Shem

    You guys are nuts if you think Bosh is a better player than Melo. Carmelo’s got one of the purest jumpshots in the league, he’s a legitimate star while Bosh is a 2nd tier star. I got love for Bosh, even though I shouldn’t as I live in Toronto but Melo is deserving of the starting spot.

  • fizzbucket

    ^Again, he is an incredible scorer and clutch player, but having a “pure jumpshot” does not make one that much better than another player. By that logic Ray Allen is the biggest star and best player in the NBA. The thing about Melo is that he’s pretty much in his prime, and he’s just a lazy defensive player and black hole on offense. He may get more media exposure playing in NY, but Bosh is the superior overall player. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Having a better jumpshot (even that is debatable) doesn’t make you a better player. Bosh brings more to a team than Melo does.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    He should be starting, the fans shouldn’t be voting. And those problems or ones like them have been persistent issues.


    Bosh thought he could piggy back ride to All-Star games when he joined up with Wade and Bron Bron in Miami. Remember when he was in Toronto and did that video trying to get your votes? Dude is a clown, and he’s has ZERO right to act like he’s more deserving than Carmelo of a starting spot in the All-Star game. He never did a damn thing at Toronto to show he’s a franchise type player. Hell I remember he was a freshman at Georgia Tech the same year Melo was a freshman at SU, and his punk arse got served an L by Melo’s team. Bosh aint Batman and he aint Robin…he’s Batgirl! FYI to all the haters saying Melo didn’t deserve the spot…this makes up for the year Melo got snubbed for an All-Star game in favor of David West.


    The fact Bosh couldn’t even lead his Raptors to the playoffs all the time in what was a WEAK Eastern conference just goes to show you BC was right about him…he’s not a franchise player. Not a guy you build your team around and depend on in clutch situations.

  • robb

    Yeah yeah yeah, he’s not this he’s not that but I’ll tell you something Chris is: He’s better than Melo today and Melo’s staring why? Because people aren’t objective. If they dislike a player they can’t get past through that and recognize when a player is having a better year. Melo over Bosh is a joke, Griffin over Love is a joke.

  • Cameron

    Melo should start over Bosh and Aldridge over Griffin. Or Love. either one would be better than Griffin for the west

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Orange, melo is?


    Bosh actually led the raptors to back to back season in the playoff while ur 2012 knicks that have Melo(20mil) Amare(20mil) n Chandler(16mil)are in 12th place in this WEAK east

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Bosh took a Raptors team to the playoffs with a starting back court of Joey Graham and TJ Ford. He was joined in the front court by Rasho and Jorge Garbojosa. There’s NO WAY Melo takes that team further than Bosh did. Is Bosh a 1st tier superstar? No. But although Melo posses the talent to be one, I don’t think he’s a first-rate mega star either. He’s a GM’s worst nightmare: an overpaid, underachieving, “me-first” type of player.

  • http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=pawtucketymca Gametimeweezy

    Stop playin! Melo’s stats absolutely warrant a start! Maybe his fg% is a little low but so is Bosh’s rebounds for such a ‘great’ power forward. I actually happen to think Bosh’s stats are fine but maybe if he stop makin a kissy face peeps would vote him in. Period.

  • fizzbucket

    Bosh took the Raps to the playoffs twice and won a division title, with a roster full of scrubs, and perennially averaged around 23 and 10. The Raptors, year after year, made bad roster moves and draft picks, so he left. Carmelo consistently had a playoff team with teammates like Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Marcus Camby, Andre Miller, and couldn’t get past the West finals. Just because Bosh plays as a 3rd option behind LeBron and Wade, doesn’t mean he’s less of a star. That Atlanta game this season when Bron and Wade were out he went for 33 and 14 and hit a game-tying three to send it to OT. There is no way Carmelo Anthony is a better player than Chris Bosh. Who would I give the ball to with five on the clock to win it? Melo. Who would I want to build a team around? Bosh.

  • http://tempdog1 Tempest

    He’s the Boshtritch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTQdcA_VeRw that’s why nobody likes him

  • http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=pawtucketymca Gametimeweezy

    Those are all great points but when it comes down to it Bosh must have known what he was getting into when he signed with Miami. He was giving up personal accolades for rings.

  • http://slamonline.com. datkid

    Melo is the homie. but Chris Bosh is actually just as good if not better right now. Bosh is more efficient, less of a ball stopper, has just as much range, can score right with melo, and plays superior defense. Bosh has taken his teams to the playoffs with basically no- talent rosters while melo has barely made it out of the conference finals despite having plenty of help. Bosh is also an underrated clutch player.

  • http://slamonline.com. datkid

    and for the record bosh is averaging less rebounds bc miami, especially lebron and wade, rebound so well as team.

  • shutup

    @gametime exactly, thats the nature of the beast just like the fact that if they do win a chip that one either Lebron or Wade is gonna get the Finals MVP. I dont know how long Bosh is gonna be able to deal with this lesser role. As for Melo, I just dont like the fact that forwards are lumped like that, do they do the same thing for guards? could an allstar team start two point guards?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    For those of you who bring up Bosh’s Toronto record: granted, the guy isn’t a franchise player, but he helped push a team to 47 wins that featured T.J. Ford as the second-best player. Looking back, the Bosh-centred Toronto teams had a putrid collection of talent, and this coming from a Torontonian.

  • ripslam

    @shutup Joe Johnson and Dwyane Wade started in the backcourt for the East in 2010. Stupid in my opinion, the voting should be by PG/SG/SF/PF/C. The fan voting should also be altered. Maybe flip the reserve and starter voting, with fans voting for reserves? I dunno, but stuff like an over-the-hill Allen Iverson and injured Yao Ming starting shouldn’t happen.

  • Random


  • http://www.slamonline.com megatron

    nooo, it would be chaos if the fans were allowed to vote for the reserves.

  • burnt_chicken

    what if the fan vote was calculated in a percentage-based system? E.g. 50% of the starter vote is fan votes, with the other 50% being coach/gm based. Myself, i wouldn’t mind doing away with fan votes altogether…or maybe fan votes could be restricted to voting in slam dunk candidates?

  • Shem

    This is all talk, if you’re a GM and have to build a team around either Bosh or Melo you take Melo and run. Bosh is NOT a star. Half of you guys haven’t seen him play more than 20 games. I’ve been watching him for 8 years and you cannot have a winning team built around Bosh as the primary star, he’s not that kind of player.

  • Keith250

    I haven’t read all the comments so maybe someone pointed it out, but I thought Bosh was voted in as a starter in 2007? So he was popular before. Maybe he could look into why that happened?

  • Jeremy

    Wait just a second, you cannot build a team around a Star power forward without a good point guard, Jose Calderon was awful during Bosh’s rise… he never had a chance to have a team built around him. I would take Bosh over Melo as a rebuilding tool, Bosh is talented enough to be a me first player but isn’t, he is clutch, efficient an a smart ball player and dude in general. Chris is so effing underrated and it makes no sense, any sane Toronto fan would have seen the garbage team Toronto put around him to be successful.. Andrea was awful, calderon.. and a plethora of dudes to fill in those in between spots… the big name signing? Hedo Turkoglu..or however you spell that d0ouches name. Carmelo had good pieces and couldn’t do anything.

  • EJ

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really care how good the players in the ASG are? I just want them to be exciting, not to say that Melo is the fanciest player out there. I’d like to see someone like Rudy Gay over both Melo and Bosh.

  • shutup

    Carmelo doesnt have the right pieces around him or the right coach, this coach only re-enforces poor defensive effort and chuckers on offense, and in NY he doesnt have Nash to correct this on the fly. I remember like 2-3 years ago the debate was who’s the best pure scorer in the game and it was Melo vs Kobe. As for Bosh you cant feel bad that he put himself in that situation to be the third best player on the team, its all part of the sacrifice, I just hope it pays off for them. @ripslam thanks for the info, maybe fan voting could get the candidates for each position narrow it down to 2-3 per and then gms and coaches or reporters finalize it? didnt McGrady get voted to the allstar game as well without actually playing or playing very little?

  • Kobester

    Bosh over Melo this year and I like Melo’s game.

  • Harlem_World

    Chris Bosh is not better than Carmelo Anthony. If you really believe that after watching both their careers – there really is no point in trying to give sight to the blind.

  • eyal

    There is no meaning for the All star game, In this crazy season Chris should thank the fans and the coach for not selecting him. and take some rest to be fresh and healthy to the playoff games.

  • ab40

    Nope, and you run like a girl. Stop screaming and beating yourself to get hyped.. You don’t even play D.

  • asylum777

    If I remember correctly, didn’t Bosh do a whole publicity thing a few years ago getting his name out there to get a nod in the All Star game, crazy antics, singing and all? You Tube or something? Maybe the guy has just quieted down over the years and is happy to let Bron and Wade get all the attention?

  • trueballer

    Hands down Bosh is having a better season than Melo.. He should be an all star reserve at least.., he won for his team with out bron and wade this season.. BOSH PLAYs D!- when its just bron in Bosh in the game he gets more touches and points..

  • http://slamonline.com. datkid

    smh bosh is so underrated. skip bayless and shaq call bosh a “2nd tier” star and now everybody thinks he’s terrible. ya’ll are retarded.

  • Shem

    Jose Calderon awful in 07? I don’t know why half of you pretend to know anything about the Raptors. He was a walking double double with an insane assist to turnover ratio (I think it was a bit under 7 to 1). He also shot 97 percent from the foul line and was easily one of the better guards in the league at the time. The hedo turkoglu signing was considered good at the time, he was coming off that huge finals run with the Magic.

  • https://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    You can make a solid case for Bosh vs Melo but Bosh is clearly having a better season than Melo.

  • Zoom

    Bosh over Melo! Melo has been struggling this year. I hate how the fans decide who gets to be in the starting five.

  • James aka…

    If you took the knicks out of new york and put them in toronto, you would call them the vancouver grizzlies.

  • tomtom

    Actually Mr Bosh, the opposite. You have earned a lot of peoples respect this year by playing tough and keeping your mouth shut (most of the time).

  • http://Roadrunner Kush

    I do not care who like or dislike Chris Bosh I think I he will be the key to the championship from what I see is that one on one playing will work only if they keep a three point shooter in the corner to bail them out when the defense is drawn to James and Wade and Miller needs better looks and turn Chalmers loose he is knocking down threes that will help those guy when they are working in the paint pass the ball more to get the defense off balance because every time you go one on one the other team love it because they know they will force a shot up.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    I actually like Bosh, more then Bron anyway, not more then Wade though. He should definately be starting, get that bum Melo outta there.

  • buschfire

    Bosh is not getting the votes he used to get because he signed with Miami. When he was playing in Toronto he was playing for a bigger market (rooting for him). He had all of Canada to vote for him. Now that he is in Miami no one from Canada is voting for him. I’d say thats quite a few less votes… plus playing behind LB & Wade doesn’t help much either…. & yes Bosh did lead a T dot team to 2 playoffs however we lost in the 1st round both times, once to New Jersey and Vince Carter, the 2nd time to Orlando and Dwight Howard…

  • Justin G.

    Harlem, it doesn’t matter what they’ve done in their careers. It matters what they’ve done THIS YEAR! And right now, it isn’t even close. Bosh is having a much better year. On a side note, anyone notice that as soon as ORANGE’s arguements get shot down he’s nowhere to be found? I wonder if Bosh was on the Knicks and Melo was on the Heat if he’d feel the same way with the same outcome?

  • http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=pawtucketymca Gametimeweezy

    Big players make big plays!!! Giants 2012 Superbowl Champs worrd upp!!!

  • BBaller

    He had my popular vote before the muscle flexing display like a WWF wrestler when he joined the Heat, yeah i know it was over a year ago but the dude was an embarrassment.

  • manu

    people haven’t been watching bal enuff to know that bosh has hit over 10 game winners in the last few years he’s clutch as hell….melos overrated


    Show me a link to highlights of all of Bosh’s “game winners” the “last few years.” I can’t wait for this. Can’t wait to see these “game winners” and the time left on the clock.

  • http://yahoo.com ASG Reply

    Chris Bosh really is the more deserving one in this case. Melo has been struggling recently and only Jeremy Lin has made up for the Knicks slack. Bosh has been the one working extra hard, especially during the stretch when Wade and LeBron were injured. What I will say is that Bosh should take less jump shots and start being a bit more aggressive. Maybe then, he will get more votes for the ASG.

  • K9

    Last year Melo was better than Bosh. On the Nuggets and Knicks. This year, I would say Bosh is. Melo just has to get out of that slump.

  • SiMoney

    @fizzbucket, as much as I respect your opinion, Melo is by far better than Bosh, Bosh is NOT a double-double guy, and only has been for a year and for a team like the Miami Heat who dont have size, he should atleast be averaging 10 and he doesnt. He’s not a great defender, he’s solid but not great, he barely averages a block, and he took a Raptors team to the playoffs twice and didnt do much else. Melo on the other hand, has good handles for his size, good rebounder, has a great post game (better than Bosh in my opinion), stronger than Bosh (Lebron can vouch for that), better jumpshot, and is still in my opinion the best scorer in the League. No hes not a great defender, but hes not “horrible” hes like you said lazy on that end. Not to mention that Melo is clutch like you acknowledged. If you were start a franchise, Melo is a top pick over Bosh hands down. Can’t blame Melo for the knicks struggles, the coach is overrated and so is Amare (who Bosh is definitely better than).

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Poor guy is always Boshtracized.

  • LA Huey

    If you want to see a Bosh game winner, you can start with Game 3 of the 2011 Finals.

  • Mega

    here is an interesting scenario- if melo was in t dot for 7 years, in the PATHETICALLY weak eastern conference, the Raps wouldve made more then 2 playoffs and won at least one series. Ya bosh puts up numbers but he has never shown a winning ability in the L.

  • Kabraham

    @SiMoney, correct me if im wrong, but i think i just read you say ” imo hes still the best scorer in the league”?

    well everyone has a right to their opinion, and i have a right to tell you how stupid yours is.