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Delonte West Was Temporarily Homeless This Season

Delonte West tells the Dallas Morning News that he was forced to sleep in his car (and, at times, the Mavericks’ locker room for some time when he signed with them) because he couldn’t find a home at the start of the NBA season. From the Postgame: “West suffers from bipolar disorder, which causes extreme mood swings. In 2009, he was pulled over near his Maryland home on a three-wheeled Cam-Am Spyder motorcycle, and police found a 9mm Beretta pistol, .357 Magnum and a Remington 870 in a guitar case. West pleaded guilty to weapons and traffic charges, but was able to avoid jail; instead he got electronic monitoring and supervised probation and counseling. Additionally, West was dealing with the end of his four-month marriage. He feels his mental disorder is at least partially responsible for both his personal and legal problems. ‘I’ve watched contracts go out the window, endorsements disappear, court fees, lawyer fees, divorce fees,’ he told the Morning News. “You watch the saving account just shoop … shoop … shoop … shoop — slowly disappear.’ Despite making more than $14 million in a career that began in 2004, West has lost just about everything. During the NBA’s labor dispute, he took a job at a Maryland furniture store. West had to sell vehicles, jewelry and ‘just about everything I own, except for my house and the clothes on my back,’ he said. After joining the Mavericks, the team gave him a hotel room during a very brief training camp. However, once the regular season got started, NBA salary cap rules blocked the team from providing housing for West. He said he tried to rent apartments around North Texas but failed, because they were either too expensive or he wasn’t allowed because of his legal troubles. So West would get a hotel room when the Mavericks were on the road, but when they came back to Dallas late after road trips, he had no place to stay. So rather than getting a hotel room for just a few hours, he would sleep in the American Airlines Center locker room area or park his truck in the arena players garage and rest. West told the Morning News his outrageous living situation didn’t last long after his boss found out about it. ‘Soon as Mr. Cuban heard about that, he made one phone call and everybody was lining up to rent me an apartment,’ West laughed. ‘They were calling back saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got the penthouse suite for you.’ The Mavericks are paying West $854,389 this season, while three therapists help him deal with his bipolar disorder.”

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  • Jay cutler

    Can’t lie. That’s gracious of Cuban.

  • Mack

    damn that sheits rough

  • Trout

    That is hard man.

  • Heals

    Get well D, just when things were looking good his finger gets effed up. Last year it was the wrist then a bum ankle he kept rolling…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    J Lin isn’t sleeping on that couch anymore…seriously though, that’s sad stuff. Say what you will about Cubes, but it’s great of him to help the dude out. Hopefully West gets it together soon.

  • bike


  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    so sad….

  • SesameBaller

    I heard Landry Field’s couch is free now!

  • price

    Word to Mack and Trout. My life would be maaaad tough too if I only made $854,389 dollars this year.

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    This just proves the theory that there is no headline with Delonte West’s name in it that will ever suprise me.

  • Zabbah

    Say what you want about Mark Cuban, he’s a jerk, he’s obnoxious, but the dude has a heart. Mugsy Bogues can attest to that.

  • vtrobot

    He “lost” 14 mil? Where? Obviously REDZ has issues, but WTF, man?

  • dma

    He’s making a million this year and he still couldn’t afford a place to live? You telling me he has no friends, family or girls besides Lebron’s mom to let him crash when he was in town for a few hours here and there? Or couldn’t afford a crappy motel? The hell is wrong with people and their spending habits?

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    I dont fell sorry for this dude, he got paid 14 mil to play ball, something I do for free and I have a home. How in the hell do u go freaking homeless!

  • bravo

    Man where did ur money go bro? Tooo much hookers and weed? Common most nba players are dumb wen it cones to loot

  • deezndhaus aka giogolo

    You lost 14$ million over 7 yrs just because of Bipolar Disorder. GTFOH. man.that’s more like stupidity and laziness to me.

  • Biggie Mike

    This guy is a pathetic looser. Im so sick of all these idiots that make millions of dollars and blame it on stupid shiznits. Bi polar??? The only disorder he has with all those tattoos is a wannaby thug disorder. That guy dosent deserve anything!! The only bad story here is that he has a place now. Morons like this deserve to be homeless!! Cuban should use his powers to help out the real needy people in the world!

  • tomtom

    Bipolar? or laziness or whatevere you other commenters wanna say, this is a sad story but i’m happy for the guy. You don’t F up then you don’t make mistakes. People seem to get mad at these kid’s (most of them younger than me! 22) who go from having nothing to having more money than sense! It isn’t greed or stupidity it’s human nature.

  • tomtom

    If you don’t F up then you don’t **learn from** your mistakes ^^^how ironic.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    this makes me sad because we all can tell that once his career is over, West might be living under a bridge.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    And he didn’t lose $14 million.
    That’s how much he was paid in salary.
    Which means he probably earned something like $8.5 million.
    Which while nice, is not a lot of money when you factor in court fees and divorce fees.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    I can’t believe the guy was homeless shortly meanwhile still playing, that’s pretty crazy.

  • SMIK

    how can this happen? your currently IN the NBA and still cant find the cash any to rent? 14 mill is your undoing D West, no one else. i just cant feel sorry for this type of money management, also great respect for Mark Cuban for giving a helping hand show how much he is willing to go to make his players happy.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    Bi Polar is pretty serious yo.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher


  • yann

    Many people with bipolar are homeless

  • Lan

    Mark Cuban takes care of his employees.

  • http://aol.com Doggie

    I didn’t know all of that about him, good read, although he should take a money management class and anyone making 50k+ should not be homeless..

  • http://www.slamonline.com the_unknown

    27 comments and not one gloria james joke? i’m shocked.

  • JB

    sad on many accounts

  • mskeys

    For those that lack reading comprehension skills, he didn’t sleep in his car because he didn’t have the money to stay at a hotel, he said it didn’t make since to spend the money on a room for just a few hours. Another article stated that he couldn’t find a place because he was being turned down by apartment complexes because of what was said about him on the internet, both factual and rumored.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    This was sad to read about. Delonte is one my favourite ballers — he’s tough as nails and clutch too.

  • http://www.nba.com Alf

    Bipolar is no joke. Real talk. Good on Cubes for helpin REDZ out.

  • James aka…

    Idiots on here totally missing out on the bipolar. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes, his mental illness still persists enough to make it difficult to cope. Perhaps the several jackasses that disparaged him should look up what bipolar people do before commenting.

  • yann

    , people with bipolar make rash decisions at times. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to yourselves, but these people can have incredible ups and Downs, from being suicidal to mania. If you are a manic millionaire basketball player… don’t judge

  • DruNyce

    ^ I concur. A lot of moronic comments.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Jesus this is awful.
    Lamar is on the verge of quitting (he has on the court at least) and Delonte cant rent a home with the salary he’s getting this year?
    Apart from alimony, court fees and therapy, where is the rest of his cash going?
    Man i’m not surprised this seems like a joyless Mavs team so far this season, lots of personal ish going on behind the scenes, i mean Roddy has been AWOL for nearly two weeks now for “personal reasons”.
    Kinda shocked they are still hanging around near the top of the Western Conference so far..

  • DebG

    Wow–Bipolar Disorder is bad stuff. It can and does wreck your whole life. I feel really badly about Delonte having it. I like this dude and feel sad about him. Can’t wait until he’s back on the court! Hang tight, DW!!

  • http://slamonline house

    sad story, he gets my respect and compassion for playing at such a high level in a marquee sport while suffering from what can be a debilitating mental disorder. I hope it works out for him.

  • ThatShtCray

    I thought he’s got a place in Akron?

  • billy


  • Andre

    My dad took his life because of a mental illness so I know how hard it can be . Anyone who’s dissing him just doesn’t understand mental illness and should read up about it before they speak. Mad respect to delonte!


    Hold on his drive through rap never got him a deal? What, hes only gettin 800000 this year, Cmon everybody, Ahhhh Poor Delonte. Ever since Bron dunked him hes been phucked.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    @dma he is not making a million this year, and read the price and u will understand why he couldn’t get a place to stay

  • Cameron

    Damn man…I always liked Delonte when he played for the Celtics and even when he left. Still hoping he comes back one day. We could use you this year to back up Ray Ray

  • Yesse

    Seems like Mark Cuban is doing something right.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    While at least some of his salary went to the shotguns and the motorcycle, and he probably did what all NBA players do (buy big ticket items) he had to sell them all to pay for his divorce. I feel for the guy.

  • bull22

    Love dis ni99a…since I saw him on youtube rappin in tha KFC drive thru w his cousin…lol

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He didn’t say he couldn’t find a place. He said that on short notice all the places were either too expensive, or wouldn’t accept him because he had a prior criminal record.
    He could only find a place that would accept him once Cuban pulled some strings.
    Did y’all read the article?
    And he’s mentally ill. I used to mess with a chick who was diagnosed was bipolar, and she didn’t want to take her meds. She would have extreme mood swings, like going from being incredibly happy, to hating the world and not wanting to leave the house. I can imagine that money would not make those problems better.

  • http://smartgilas.com.ph deezndhaus

    People with money should seriously consider treating themselves as far as thier resources can handle while they’re still at lucid intervals and try to achieve even a slightest semblance of suceeding. If they really value thier life. or retire in tibet and become a monk. maybe they could heal him there.

  • GoodBoy NYC

    Sad story that once you have a bad record with the LAW it will haunt you for life. Whether its getting a job or loan or anything that involves background checking. Reminds me of Akon track – “I am locked up” I am grateful to be crime-free and sane (thank u, God) btw,most people have some sort of mental illness whether they know it or not. All solutions to problems i face is my faith in God.

  • animal1

    I hope Delonte gets/is getting some help. Bipolar disorder is not the joke most people make it out to be. Look up the symptoms of mania. You’ll see that spending ridiculous amounts of money is a sign of a manic episode. It’s much worse when it goes untreated. Mark Cuban isn’t as much of a douche as I thought he was. Very cool that he made those calls on D’s behalf.

    Also, everyone saying those lawyer fees add up is right. Don’t lawyers charge an asshole full of money just for a consultation so they can tell you they charge an asshole full of money for every service? Just saying.

  • Richard Vargas

    I am a Social Worker and mental health is a serious problem in this country. My prayers go out to Delonte West and I pray to our Lord that he remains healthy and safe.