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Dwight Howard: ‘Big Possibility’ of Staying in Orlando; Trade Request Stands

Dwight Howard still wants the Orlando Magic to trade him, but claims that there’s a “big possibility” of him staying with the team. Huh?! Florida Today has the confusing quotes: “Dwight Howard craves a championship and wants it ‘while I’m young and still have a lot of my abilities. I don’t want to wait until I’m old.’ […] Averaging 20.3 points and a career-high 15.4 rebounds entering Thursday night’s game at the Atlanta Hawks, Howard is highly desired. ‘There’s only one person in control of that,’ Howard said, ‘and that’s the man upstairs.’ Make no mistake, his trade request still stands, and the Mavs, Nets and Lakers still have permission to talk to his agent. But asked if there’s a future for him with the Magic, who had gotten back on track and entered the All-Star break as the Eastern Conference’s third-best team, Howard said, ‘It’s a big possibility. … It’s a big possibility.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com quest

    hes just saying theres a chance that otis is an idiot and lets him walk for nothing. thats all.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    question: if he re-sign with orlando he can sign for one more year and more money than if he sign as a free agent with another team this summer, right? what happens if he opts out this summer and signs a one year deal with for example the lakers, can he then in the summer of 1013 when his one year deal is over re-sign with the lakers with the extra year and extra money?

  • bull22

    the man upstairs has nothing to do with your future dwight. read the bible again brother and you will see what he is really concerned about and why ecclesiastes says that neither the rich or strong have the wisdom.

  • Sean B

    I’d let him walk… no way I accept the Brook Lopez pupu platter so I can subject my franchise to 6th seeds and first round losses for the next 3 years. Blow the whole thing up… suck for two years if you have to. It’s a shame that Dwight wasn’t a free agent in 2011, they could have let him walk, then they would have sucked enough that they could have had a chance to grab an impact player from this year’s draft class. I don’t know what the 2013 class holds, but 2012 looks too be pretty strong.

  • Niio

    blab blab blab who cares this whole thing is worst than “The Decision” if you ask me

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    See my post in the Orlando team meeting thread for my thoughts about Dwight. I figure one of the rare Orlando regulars here should share his thoughts…they’re not pretty.

  • misso

    Ima a magic fan, & I’m hoping he does stay but if we can get a legitimate trade I’d pull the trigger incase but I rather keep him. GO MAGIC!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    that is supposed to be 2013 up there, and does anyone know how the rules work in regards to my question?

  • piggy

    im tired of Dwight now, he should really listen to Oscar Robertson.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    If he leaves he’ll lose loads of money.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    Dwight needs to just play ball and let the cards fall where they may. If they trade you, they trade you. If not and you want to leave, leave. Just shut up in the meantime though because ur painting a picture of yourself that I dont believe is accurate. I think Dwight is a good guy but this scenario is starting to make ppl think otherwise!


    There are big possibilities for big parties in Orlando this weekend.

  • Ill Smith

    SMH heeeere we go with this again. I said it from Day 1 if Orlando is smart hold onto him & see if he’s really gonna leave $30-40 million on the table, call his bluff. If he’s really thinks its that abysmal in Orlando & he’ll leave that kinda money on the table, then so be it. But if Orlando gives in & takes Brook Lopez & a bag of hot s**t for him that just shows the NBA went through its lockout for no reason at all (which is what I think Cubes point was regarding the CP3 trade).

  • BoWeezy24

    I Would Trade Him To a Team He Doesn’t Want To Play For! Hahaha :D

  • bike

    Who is ‘the man upstairs’? God or Magic management? Or maybe its Dwight’s imaginary friend, Queequeg.

  • Mooney10

    Why doesn’t he play and shut up? Be better if he just kept saying “no comment” What ever happened to that phrase in sports?

  • Stainless

    he’s gonna go to the nets. I don’t see why orlando would trade basically all their key players right after they go to the finals, bad management.

  • shutup

    smh, maybe its a generational thing. I used to laugh when people used to say back in my day. What is it about sharing every thought socially? If the Philosopher reads this I got one for you “They say the empty can rattles the most, the sound of your own voice must soothe you” -thats from a Metallica song called “Misery”

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w-XZySMGlA IAMORANGE4EVER

    Did y’all see/hear Kenny “The Jet” Smith’s daughter Kayla Brianna? Click my name to listen to her, “If You Love Me” song. I’ll say this, she’s a contenda, not a pretenda.

  • shutup

    Figured I do everyone a favor and copy Caboose post, “Caboose Posted: Feb.24 at 11:45 am
    Cosign bull22. Dwight’s image (in my eyes at least) of a good guy is just crumbling this season. I’m CERTAIN he was one of the instigators in all of this; he doesn’t give a crap about team chemistry (or it seems, winning with the Magic). I know I’m being harsh, but he has NOT given the effort this season. Yes, I’m aware his stats are nice, but watch him shoot free throws, watch him walk down the floor after missing a shot, watch him hold the ball in the post for 5 seconds then pass right out, watch him rip rebounds from his teammates more than the opponent. And, most of all, how on earth do you take 7 shots for the ENTIRE GAME when Zaza is guarding you? Part of that blame lies with the team, but Dwight was force fed the ball the whole game. And what did he do? Kill shot clock, pass the ball right out, and force the perimeter guys into horrible shots. I still like Dwight (have since he was in high school) but he really needs to get OUT of Orlando.”

  • Otis

    Surely “the man upstairs” has more important things than this to worry about?

  • Magic fan

    I cannot figure out what the hack dwight is talking about, first he says he wants to leave, then he wants to stay, the. He hates his teammates for losing to the Hornets, now he is relying it on ” the man upstairs”?!?!? Is it just me, or is Dwight been taking too many Anti- stress pills! All he needs to say is either he is staying or he’s going, not… Ummm, maybe? Otis smith is ready when you are Dwight, and once you say, I want to go to [blank], then we can get this trade show on the road, or if you want to stay in O-town, then say it!

  • KSupreme

    What a tease….

  • Justin G.

    Apparently he doesn’t agree with Oscar Robertson?

  • http://SLAM FLIGHT 9


  • mike

    Magic aren’t 3rd best in the East… check the standings again.

  • billy bob

    As to the question of whether Howard can sign with another team for one season and then resign for max money with that team: it would be nearly impossible to do as the new team would not inherit Howard’s Bird Rights, which means that team cannot exceed the salary cap to resign Dwight Howard. In essence, Howard would have to play 3 seasons under 1 year contracts or sign a three year contract that doesn’t put the new team over the salary cap. In other words, he would lose a ton of money that way.

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