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Jay-Z Working to Make the Nets More Glamorous

The New Jersey Nets are moving to Brooklyn next season, and even though they may still be awful at the game of basketball, minority team owner and rap mogul Jay-Z wants the experience of watching them in person to be a luxurious (read: wildly and needlessly expensive) one. From the WSJ: “As the Nets prepare to move to their new home in downtown Brooklyn, Jay-Z will headline the Barclays Center’s grand opening in September with a concert. And while the team declined to disclose his ownership percentage, which is considered to be small, this much is clear: His influence, particularly when it comes to style and branding, far outweighs his financial stake in the franchise. ‘I don’t tell Jay-Z to do anything,’ said Brett Yormark, the CEO of Barclays Center and the Nets. ‘I mean that. He tells me what to do. Listen, when it comes to our engagement, let’s just say he’s the CEO.’ The Nets are celebrating the role that he’s played in everything from revamping the logo (‘He’s refreshed it,’ Yormark said) to designing new uniforms (‘His fingerprints are all over it’) to coming up with a new color scheme (‘A bold redirection’), all of which the team plans to unveil this spring. In addition, the Nets are set to begin marketing 11 luxury suites that will be known as ‘The Vault at Barclays Center,’ a small, high-end space on the event level of the arena. Yes, Jay-Z chose the forks—in addition to offering his input on the Champagne ($300 bottles of Armand de Brignac), the layout (asymmetrical) and much of the décor (lots of black and shimmering metallics). [...] The suites themselves, which are still under construction, will be unabashedly bold—and that includes the price tag: $550,000 per year, with a minimum three-year term. That works out to $45,833 per month, instantly making them some of the most expensive rental properties in the city. The tenants of each suite will receive eight tickets in the first 10 rows to all Barclays Center events, including Nets games, other sporting events, concerts and family shows. Yormark said he hopes to book 220 events per year. So here’s some rough math: If each event averages five hours, that means tenants will be paying $500 per hour—or about $8.33 per minute—for access to The Vault. ‘It enables us to appeal to a different demographic,’ Yormark said. [...] Indeed, while Barclays Center will feature 100 suites in different parts of the arena (average annual lease: $267,000), The Vault was conceived as a collection of uber-suites, part club scene and part Kasbah, replete with a VIP entrance framed by a 15-foot sheer curtain. The first tenant? Jay-Z himself.”

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  • Madterps

    It’s the Nets Jay, maybe you can work on getting Dwight Howard.

  • Nella

    Why? I thought the Nets could go 0 for 82 and he’d look at us like ish was gravy…

  • ktokyo

    That sh*t cray.

  • Paul H

    bro its all good the nets are going to be ok we need to worry about something more important a teamthat legitamently will alwqays have a shot the lakers baby yep the mutha trucking lakers homie put it on everything kobe willhave a 6th ring before his career ends put it on everything kobe is just to damn good

  • RunNGun

    When they move to Brooklyn, he can start by putting sparkly/shiny materials on their NEW uniforms (mainly the lettering/numbering) to make it look all glitzy. Then, along with the crazy laser show, they need lots of fog to fill up the arena so you really can’t see sh!t. When the lights come on, they rain money, glitter, and confetti from the ceiling each f’n game… monopoly money that is with Jay-Z’s face on it.


  • Paul H

    I think he should hook Deron and the boys up with a load of those plunging J-Lo dresses for their next trip out on the town. They are playing like b*tches anyway. Might as well do It with a bit of style.

  • Paul H

    Why Is It saying I posted at 10.29? Strange.

  • T-Money

    suites are for people that like to everything about the nba but the actual game. i went to see a couple of games in them and it’s boring as hell to a real fan who gives a sh-t about what’s happening on the court. i do understand that they generate a lot of revenues for teams though. we’ll have to wait and see if the rich manhattan folks will be willing to go over the bridge and actually lease those “vaults”.

  • Fat Lever

    Emminent Dough-main.

  • Fat Lever

    Or since it’s jay z, eminent dough-mayne.

  • shutup

    From Marcy to Hollywood and back again…..

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    You sprinkle chocolate chips on doo-doo, I still won’t eat it.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Shout out to the Illuminati.

  • AD

    jay need to get his skull n bones self outta here…… why do the Nets have haters…. we know they need work but why elaborate on it ppl?

  • DerekG

    This is a classic case of someone rubbing crap in your face and telling you it’s chocolate! Cosign Spaceship Jay!

  • chris

    how about getting some talent on that team first before charging people these crazy ass prices to see the nets go 0-82

  • Jono

    Glamorous?! NBA players are such lil biatches these days.

  • http://www.slamonline.com aman from arkansas

    Change there names to the Brooklyn New Yorkers

  • stlheatmaniac

    wow now i see why this team cant win a dam game. they too busy trying to “look” a certain way than “being” a certain way. i thought u got new jerseys, fame and all that shyt from winning. how u a got dam sorry azz team that all the superstars run from (so will Dwill) soon as the op comes but Jay wants his team to b glamorious. sound like some ol fudge packin sh** if u ask me. even the honorship aint thinkin bout winnin and they the ones spendin all they money. got dam shame

  • http://Google.com Dame

    Dwight needs to join them

  • http://averrkysmith.org Avery Smith

    As intelligent at these guys act like they are, their only stamp is garish decandence. Way to apply those valuable genius millionaire minds, fellas. Jay-Z isn’t black or white. He’s green. What could he do if he actually matured as person and his priorities changed to pouring into people, and not providing high priced toilet paper for the rich?