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Jeremy Lin Making it More Expensive to Watch the New York Knicks

The surprising emergence of Jeremy Lin as the Knicks’ so-called backcourt savior has been a great joy for the team’s fan base, but it’s going to cost them. Reports the NY Post: “According to secondary-ticket site aggregator SeatGeek, transaction volume on the secondhand market for the Knicks’ game Friday against the Lakers nearly quadrupled — to 1,125 stubs swapped from an average of 310 the three days prior — in the 24 hours after Lin dazzled with 28 points in Monday’s home victory over the Jazz. Lin’s rapid rise from benchwarmer to crowd favorite also stoked a 13-percent spike in average prices for the game against Kobe Bryant’s club, to $312.51 from $276.39, and bump of 36 percent for next Wednesday’s more affordable matchup against the Hornets ($89 to $121). [...] The surge in demand compares favorably to the one the Clippers enjoyed upon acquiring Chris Paul and approached the rush for tickets at the Garden after the Knicks trade for Carmelo Anthony last winter, Will Flaherty, SeatGeek’s director of communications said. ‘It lends credence to the argument Lin is driving up ticket prices,’ Flaherty said.”

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  • c.a.


  • baller23

    He Save the Knick Season so far!

  • RunNGun


  • Canesta

    You poor Knick fans, a guy has two respectable games, and now he is your savior. You guys are really desperate…just some advice, j ump off the Lin bandwagon now, before you get your hearts broken again. Linsanity has already reached it’s peak, it’s not gonna get any better. It will only go down from here…

  • DeeDre

    Man i’ve been a Jeremy Lin fan for about 2 years now. I’ve been tellin everybody that this dude has major NBA potential at least as a role player but nobody believed me of course. I’m just surprised by the amount of black people who hate on him just because he’s asian. Almost like they don’t want him to succeed. We of all races should know better

  • DeeDre

    @Canesta So what’s your opinion on Norris Cole?

  • bike

    Lin is looking like the nba’s version of Tim Tebow. An intelligent, nice, asian guy and very, very polarizing.
    And if there is ever a team in need of a good story, it is the Knickerbockers!

  • Canesta

    @DeeDre Norris Cole is different, because in Miami they aren’t acting like he is the next Jason Kidd or something. Cole is getting some attention, but not over the top. I wasn’t trying to hate on Lin or Knicks fans, although I am a Sixers fan. I was just trying to say that Knicks fans should calm down, I don’t wanna keep hearing about how amazing Lin is just because of two games. The Knicks are a bad team right now, I don’t think the fans should be hype about anything, especially two good games.

  • DeeDre

    @Canesta i get that. the reason he’s getting as much attention as he is now is because it’s New York and he’s Asian having some successful games in a black league as a point guard. I’m not saying that the media isn’t over blowing the situation because they obviously are just because it’s surprising to see. My beef is that people are automatically discrediting him just because the dude’s Asian without even seeing him play. They did it in GS and they’re doing it now. I’ve been watchin dude for 2 years now and i know he can play but nothing makes me angrier then somebody having talents undermined just because of race, regardless of race

  • Yesse

    This is just stupid.

    He had 2 good games and now the Knicks think he is the new face of the franchise. The kid has huge potential, but i think this a bad thing to him as well. I think this has a possibility of adding some pressure on the kid.

  • Jer Dawg

    Knicks looking desperate milking a free agent undrafted player for what it’s worth. I’m SO happy for Lin for his awesome play the past two games, but NY is a different animal. Those hypebeasts at those social blogs, newspapers, and whomever got a keyboard in front of them are spinning this out of control. One game, JUST one bad game will drive these looney ass New Yorkers into a frenzy. Those media outlets, fans, and people are bi-polar when it comes to a very enlightening story about a diverse guy playing point guard for Knicks. I can’t stomach this hype when it’s good. I can’t stand it more if he has a few bad games in a row. I’m not rooting against him, I just hope there is perspective.

  • l2ising Phoenix

    @Canesta, look bro, I’m from ny and I’m ultimately a Knicks fan. You might be misinterpreting what REALISTIC ny fans are saying. Me, personally , I know Lin got talent but I’m not proclaiming him THE SAVIOR. He can ball and he’s proving it. I know what you mean by dudes saying Lin is the savior of the Knicks, but those are the fans , who arent really realistic. Like my sister would go “dam Jeremy Lin is a sure fire allstar!” But I’d quickly correct her , but I wouldn’t be mad, cuz she doesnt know bball like that. The point I’m trying to make is… Fans will be fans! Calm down bro. Ny fans can’t be a little happy. I’m sure your estatic about philly, so why can’t we be happy about Linsanity?

  • l2ising Phoenix

    @Jer Dawg, Nah man.. I know NY media is insane. But I doubt we’ll jump at Lins throat if his play does decline, the NY media devours the stars , ex:marbury, eddy curry, & melo and Amare might sadly be up next (lmao I just put star next to eddy curry!)

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    He went to Harvard. Of course it costs more to see his brain in action.

  • LP

    2 games guys..he isn’t even on most teams scounting report…..his play will decline. (see Iman Shumpert)

  • Jono

    Just so you guys know, these are secondary markets that are driving the prices up. Just like how those Jordan XI Concords were hyped up to $1,000 on eBay. The Knicks aren’t raising their prices, New Yorkers are doing this to themselves.

  • DerekG

    @ LP I was thinking of Shumpert too! As a Knick fan I’m glad he played well and I hope it continues! Lord knows we all the solid production we can get!

  • Red

    Sad thing is he’ll be playing the Wizards next so they’ll hype him up again.

  • ron

    Easy guys, anyone in the League could have occasionally perform at such level. His achievements are still far from being a starter on nightly basis.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    @Red, this game will be even more hyped than the rest. Reason? For what it’s worth, Jeremy Lin held Wall down to 4/19 FG the last time they met in a Summer League game. (Jeremy was trying out for Dallas at the time.)

  • MaxIsNative

    I like Lin. Harvard graduate, NBA player, Asian. The man is a godsend, a role model. Why wouldn’t the NBA look to offer this guy a spotlight. He’s proven he can play at a high level on the highest level, whether or not it can be consistent may be the question, but nevertheless Lin deserves this attention he is receiving, and for those who disagree, I shake my head at you for neglecting his ability to do thing most people will never do: score 25+ in a NBA game, and graduate from Harvard.

  • KSupreme

    I’m a huge fan of this kid, not saying he’s the savior, but we should all be proud of this guy for what he’s done so far. Whether his stock rises or falls, we should all see it as a guy who works hard and is finding his way in the league. He can contribute to any team. He’s been overlooked numerous times and we can all relate. People are already trying to put him down and I must admit its the NY media that’s applying this pressure. But the kid stays humble. Rather then people say he’s goin to decline and he’s the savior, why can’t we say this guy is good and can contribute. He still has a lot to prove. I bet if Derrick Rose and 2 explosive games in a row in his rookie season, people wouldn’t put him down.

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/recap/_/id/310203019/miami-heat-vs-orlando-magic Jukai

    @bike: Tim Tebow is asian?????

  • bike

    @Jukai – no, not what I meant. Tebow has the whole religon thing going on whereas Lin has the Asian aura. Both make them unique in their respective sports. And to some, very polarizing.

  • Marleyy

    @Jukai. Tebow was actually born in the Philippines, so technically he is Asian.

  • modiggz

    What I’m seeing here is a point guard on the Knicks who finally figured out the system and is doing well at it. Nothing to do with race. Keep up the good job Lin!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    THE YELLOW MAMBA! Jeremy Lin!

  • dilatedmind

    Not saying I don’t think jeremy lin is gonna keep up the productivty… but even if it doesn’t pan out, I don’t think nyk are gonna be mad at keeping on the roster because they’ll make all their money from the marketing alone…. but to be honest I see jeremy in the light of Willie Beamen in how they were both third strng players that excelled in there moment of shine, except lin is less egotistic and more humble. And if d’antonio gets fired, he’s taking lin. Lol.

  • http://slamonline..com cold as ice

    @deedee hold up, hollllllldddddd uuppp…. i find it disrespectful that comment that black ppl aren’t giving lin no love. 1st and foremost im AFRICAN AMERICAN and im showing LIN love. he come outta left field and is doing his thing. so slow up on that race card brother. cause 1st and foremost i know alot of brothers out there and we talk and we show the the kid love. it doesn’t matter what your skin color is. if u can ball u can ball. point blank period!!! when u step on that black top or hardwood. and u got game then your going to RESPECT. ive balled wit all kind of nationality’s, so the race card holds no merit anymore. thank u. so please reframe from using such ignorant comments like that. im from the bright lights. and i work near china town. and i watch the cats young and old balling everyday. and some of them got it. some dont. just like some blacks,whites,hispanics,etc could ball and some cant. REGARDLESS of whatever sport it is! lin earned my respect when i was checkin the stat sheet and wondering before he got his shine on the nets why the coach wasnt putting him more when in garbage mins he was averaging at least 8pts and 4assists in 10 to 15mins of playing time. sometimes less. so whatever dudes out there that u hear this from. obviously they just talking and dont know the facts. kid is gd. but its only 2 gms. i like what i see. and 2 win against a utah team with a decent record. and without melo and stat and still get the win means something. so sit back, get some popcorn and watch the game tonight brother. it will be interesting for the next 2wks without melo and hopefully monday when stat returns.

  • autoprt

    people who are negative don’t realize lin will continue to have good games because the system fits his skill set perfectly.
    as long as dantoni is the coach lin should do well.

  • Red

    Filipinos aren’t Asian you ignorant idiot, they’re Caribbean technically and are mixed with Spanish or something of the sort. Lin is a fluke and sucks.

  • That Dude

    Lin is a great story because he is the ultimate underdog, thats it. Led his high school team to the CIF championship – no scholarship offers. Went to Harvard, played great and became the first harvard NBA player in whatever years. Played really well in summer league and bounced around, and all of a sudden the knicks are sucking and this high unlikely brainy asian kid comes up big for them. People can see he fought his way here and its a story to get behind and a kid to pull for.

  • That Dude

    @Red wtf you talking about? The phillipines are in SE Asia – Nowhere near the carribean and are not ‘mixed’ with spanish at all. Only reason they have lots of spanish in their language is because they were colonised by the Spanish. Thats like saying the people in Macau are Portugese. Stop hating yourself by trying to claim a connection with latinos you douche. Be proud of who you are.

  • MikeC.

    Lin’s productivity can’t stay so high. It isn’t sustainable. However 10ppg and 6apg are reasonable if he stays in the starting lineup. He’s getting his first extended run. This is like the first week of most 1st round picks’ careers in terms of PT. Let the kid show and prove before he gets hyped up or torn down.

  • That Dude

    @Marleyy – Asian is a race. The Phillipines are a nation. Tebow may be eligible to be a citizen of the Phillipines but he’s not Asian.

  • Red

    Again you dumb douchebag Filipinos are not Asian, and yes I’m an idiot for thinking the phillipines are in the carribeans but nonetheless they’re not Asians in the sense you implied in that case Indians are too. But all Filipinos I’ve met recognize with their Spanish side. Oh and the new Jeremy Lin is Steve Novak congrats Knicks.

  • MikeC.

    @Red – do you watch basketball?

  • Red

    No I like to post on a basketball board for my typing skills.

  • MikeC.

    That’s what I thought. Thanks for the honest answer.

  • JB

    It’s not about race. It’s about ballin. Lin can ball!

  • http://blakegriffindunkfest.blogspot.com iskolares

    JLin haters, guess what? JLin just crossed J.Wall and dunked the ball. 23 points 10 assists. Yeah against the lowly wizards but still a good performance. 3 straight wins!

  • plsmosl

    @Jer Dawg

    i completely agree man, that’s how i feel. it will be sad when the hype train dies out. i’m wishing the best for lin though, it’d be amazing if knicks beat lakers

  • Shawn

    You people hating on Jeremy Lin are so pathetic. He’s a great athlete and a good person. Stop hating and admit to yourself that he is really good. He’s not getting all the attention just because he’s Asian. He is really good and definitely better than you haters. And even more intelligent. So do yourself a favor and just be happy for him. If you don’t have that in you, then you are pathetic feeling insecure on a young man who is making a name because of his hard work. And to whoever you are who said that Filipinos are not Asians, I pity you. You just humiliated yourself in here. Just because all Filipinos you’ve met recognize with their Spanish side, you say they are not Asians. Clearly you don’t know enough to say that about us stupid! You think you know things but clearly you don’t. You are no one and mad about yourself because you are a lose and not any near Jeremy Lin in any. If you’re unsure if Filipinos are Asians or not, google it, I’m sure you know what google is! Karma is a ***** if you don’t believe it, just wait because it will come running at you!