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Jeremy Lin Wants Media to Leave His Family Alone in Taiwan

Jeremy Lin’s celebrity is getting out hand, and he’d like for the media to give his family some space and privacy. Per Reuters: “The NBA’s first Taiwanese-American player, after scoring a team-high 28 points and doling out 14 assists, appealed for consideration for members of his family in Taiwan. ‘I love my family, I love my relatives,’ he said, when asked about his grandmother in Taiwan, who has become something of a celebrity, according to a question asked by a Chinese television reporter. ‘One special request I have is for the media back in Taiwan to kind of give them their space because they can’t even go to work without being bombarded and people following them,’ he said. ‘I want people to respect the privacy of my relatives in Taiwan. Hopefully this will get back to everybody because they need to live their lives as well,” said Lin.”

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  • Jer Dawg

    As a Taiwanese American I hear and see how feverish the people are when they are caught up on something. It is absolutely silly. I mean, politicians are in fisticuffs and jumping off tables to do flying clotheslines (not joking, YouTube Taiwanese politician fights), there is something different about the mentality of the people in Taiwan. I hope they do have enough class to chill out with that stuff.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ^haha true, they get down

  • http://slamonline.com. datkid

    fair point.

  • quest

    Lin is gonna have the biggest bidding war from shoe companies ever! its different with yao or yi because they are seven feet tall, but lin is a normal sized guy, I can’t wait to see the figures he pulls in for whoever he signs with


    Jeremy Lin action figures on sale!!!

  • Chukaz

    As soon as Jeremy Lin stops playing out of his mind (he won’t keep playing like a DRose-Westbrook clone forever, you know?) people will chill the f*ck out.

  • Zack

    D-Rose(scoring)/Westbrook(turnovers) I see what you did there, even if that isn’t what you did.

  • Ldub

    I am not totally sold on Lin yet. Granted he is putting up great numbers…dude can ball. However the comparisons to me are silly. And if the Knicks werent winning would there be anything to talk about? People always want to bring up race, and I refuse to do it, just another guy going out there doing his thing. Once Melo returns, then we shall see the direction of his game. Once defenses actually start keying in on him, then we will see his game. The few times the Mavs doubled Lin, he turned it over. Mavs are a good defensive team, but i would like to see Lin go against say the Heat or Bulls with a healthy Rose. Again not trying to take away what he has done, cuz everyone is in the NBA for a reason. But Kidd, Calderon, Terry, Dfish, blake…etc None of those PGs are defensive/athletic PGs. I hope this kids journey continues to be great, as I enjoy the story. But just not quite sold on him just yet. And to end it…I just kinda think Lin is in the zone right now. We have all (those who play ball seriously) had days/weeks where we couldnt miss, shot a great percentage etc. Even the greats have low games and he has yet to. I wanna see how he bounces back after a 10pt game on 4-20 shooting.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca niQ

    quest, he already has a 3 year deal with Nike.

  • 23

    Basically nobody will be satisfied until he beats the spurs, clips, thunder, bulls, or celtics. Because even if he somehow scored 30 against the heat, who are the best team in the nba by record, people would say “chalmers is weak”. So he can only prove himself against 5 teams.doesn’t sound very fair to me. On xmas day everyone was on roses jock cuz he beat the lakers. Nobody said anything about fisher then. Some people will never give this kid a chance. And yes the knicks are winning so that addas to the importance of this kid. He is the sole reason why they’re winning right now. Stat isn’t doin much and melo is absent. So lin is carrying the city on his back and leading them to victories. Against kobe! And the champs! But bthats not good enough I guess

  • Waskito

    I just little bit glad knicks lost to nets. So JLin will have a normal good and dependable PG for the knicks. Still the big 3 should carry this team