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Joel Przybilla to Rejoin the Portland Trailblazers

“Ghostface” Przybilla is taking his talents back to Oregon, as he plans to re-sign with the Blazers. From the Oregonian: “Joel Przybilla was coming back to the Trail Blazers to be a backup center despite the recruiting efforts of the Miami Heat, and repeated phone calls from the Chicago Bulls. On Wednesday, Przybilla reached an agreement to play the rest of the season for the Blazers providing the 32-year-old can pass a physical on Sunday afternoon in Portland. If Przybilla passes the physical, the Blazers will have to clear a roster spot by either waiving or trading a player. Second-year guard Armon Johnson and injured center Greg Oden are the candidates to be waived. Acting general manager Chad Buchanan declined to speak about Przybilla until he passed his physical. The 7-foot-1 Przybilla doesn’t figure to be an impact player, not with the wear-and-tear of 11 NBA seasons, which includes two surgeries in the last 15 months to repair a ruptured patella tendon in his right knee. But if he has maintained any of the traits he displayed during his six and a half seasons in Portland (2004-2011) he should offer three skills the Blazers have lacked while sputtering to an 18-16 record: rebounding, toughness and the ability to set a good screen. Starting center Marcus Camby, who played the equivalent of a season with Przybilla, said any team could use another 7-footer, especially one with Przybilla’s traits. ‘He would definitely be welcomed back by me,’ Camby said. ‘He played hard, was a guy who protected the paint, and he wasn’t afraid to give hard fouls. And he was definitely a team guy.’”

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  • http://sajkfldl.com Jukai

    The Heat and the Bulls missed out big on this one.

  • http://www.hmihmi.com JS

    Blazers just got deeper and stronger this week. Western teams will notice the difference of his presence in upcoming games.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    They forgot to add “blocking shots” to his listed skills.

  • Mariano

    We’ll see how he fares with injuries though


    Heat getting turned down by errrbody. lol

  • permaculture james

    This should be positive. But I can’t help but think of the irony of losing Roy to knees, and Oden, then signing Pryz with his knees. I can just hear the haters if this doesn’t work out.

  • LA Huey

    The only clear upgrade he would’ve have been would be over Asik in Chicago. The defensive system of Chicago and Miami is underrated IMO. I don’t think he could seamlessly join either team in this kind of season and have a greater impact than Haslem or Taj.

  • http://sajkfldl.com Jukai

    LA Huey: it’s more the size thing. I guess Chicago doesn’t need it but he’s a seven footer with six fouls who can catch a pass and dunk. That’s rare in the league, sadly.

  • LA Huey

    Yeah, I thought but dude yapped about minutes in Portland for the brief moment Oden was healthy. If my memory serves me right, then that kind of personality would do more harm than good with the Bulls and Heat.

  • Crackdogg

    Living in Portland, and being a Blazer fan for about 25 years, I can’t remember one time that the Vanilla Gorilla complained about minutes. He’s a tough player that believe in the team concept. He’s not afraid to lay the hammer down if needed either. The Blazer fan base is very executed to have the Thrilla Joel Przybilla back on the squad.