Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 5:41 pm  |  7 responses

John Salmons Debuts ‘Salmons and Brown’ at Fashion Week

NBA stars are certainly proving that they aren’t just basketball players as we have seen many step outside the box and get themselves involved in everything from music to film. Following that trend, John Salmons is trying to break through in the fashion world. Salmons debuted his new line, which is set for release in Fall ’12, during New York’s Fashion Week. For the line, Salmons teamed with tailor Sherman Brown and opened a showroom in the heart of Manhattan’s Fashion District. For a more in-depth look at the line, be sure to check out their site and and request a lookbook at salmonsbrown.com

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric


  • chris

    really dude????

  • Maniac


  • Jeremy

    Terrible name with decent hipster esque clothing.

  • webstarr

    Definitely no place for the word “Salmons” in fashion.

  • Big T

    You pronounce the L in Salmons. So it’s not like the fish. John is a great dude. I’d definitely give him a chance. He was a skinny 6 foot point guard in 9th grade, was slow and turned the ball over a lot…by 12th grade he was 6’7″ and being recruited by the best schools in the nation. Not that it means he knows clothes, but I wouldnt bet against him. Also, go on GQ sometime…this is what is in style these days. It’s a little hipster, but part of having style is being bold.

  • dubli

    salmons does not belong in the name