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Mike Brown: Lakers Have Contacted Gilbert Arenas

Lakers head coach Mike Brown confirmed that the team has been in touch with Gilbert Arenas and other players as they continue to look for backcourt support, but Brown tried to downplay the seriouness of the team’s interest in Arenas. From the OC Register: “Lakers coach Mike Brown acknowledged the Lakers’ inquiry about free-agent guard Gilbert Arenas but downplayed the prospects, noting there was neither a workout or nor any past Arenas video reviewed by Brown. ‘It’s just conversation,’ Brown said Tuesday. ‘We’ve had conversations about a lot of players. There are a ton of players that we’ve had conversations with.’ [...] ‘I’m always in communication with management,’ Brown said, adding that he talked to Kupchak to get updates on the status of ‘a couple available players.’ The Lakers would have to cut someone from their roster to add anyone, because they’re at the 15-player NBA maximum.”

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  • Pais

    As much as I’d love to see LA add a quality player to their perimeter, this makes me nervous (he’s a head case). There was a point where Areanas looked like he could be one of the NBA’s most prolific scorers ever, but of course the deadly combination of injuries and mental retardation put the brakes on that. Even if he was able to duplicate a fraction of his insane 2005 season, LA still needs someone to contain the bevy of super talented PG’s in the league (i.e. Chris Paul).

  • bike

    I would imagine that having Arenas and MWP on the same team would lead to disaster.

  • Fat Lever

    This would most likely be his last shot in the NBA. If he can come to grips that he’s not the same player he was in 05/06 and understands his role, he can be a valuable addition to an NBA team, although I dont think LA is the ideal location for him. They wouldn’t need his scoring or whatever’s left of it, just someone to give them solid PG mins.

  • Pais

    @Fat Lever – not sure about the scoring thing. If zone D hampers Gasol/Bynum point production all you’re really left with is Kobe. No one else has been reliable with respect to putting the ball in the bucket. If LA really want to contend this year I’m not sure they can pin their hopes seeing if Goudelock pans out. A solid shooter would keep defense honest, help spread the floor for the bigs and crack zones. Remember this is a squad that’s been struggling to score 100pts or more.


    Are there enough shots to go around for Gil? lol

  • anthony y

    Seeing as they got cheated out of cp3, this may be their best option. Gil’s not the same hibachi he was a few years back, but he can still score. Orlando was a bad fit from jump. Playing with kobe and pau he’s gonna have no choice but to come in focused. Like someone posted eariler, this is his last shot at the league..if it goes through..

  • Lonnie

    Love Arenas……Great Fit For Lakers……Give him a 1 yr contract

  • biggieman

    If your going to consider Arenas, why not give AI a shot? Agent Zero was a scrub last year, while still getting plenty of minutes in Orlando… Last time we saw Iverson he was still averaging 15 a game, with limited minutes and limited shots in Philly. Bring him off the bench and let him put up 10-15 shots a game, he would still torch nearly every backup guard in the league!

  • Mitch

    Somebody tell Mitch kupchak to wait until march and Try and sign Arron brooks..if we can afford him

  • shutup

    I feel sorry for Lakers fans if they think that this is a good pickup, this guy isnt the deal of the day he’s definitely a zonk (sorry been watchin too much daytime tv since I been switched to night shifts)

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    A half mentally disabled, gun toting, ball chucking, shell of former self Arenas is still an upgrade over 47 year old Fish and 14 year old Darius Morris.

  • James

    They should sign gilbert arenas…I still have a trust that arenas can be explosive player when his healthy..He can bring his game back to become great player..The Lakers should sign GILBERT ARENAS…The Lakers should waive steve blake..Steve Blake is not worthy in Lakers team…I don’t like the way he play…