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Nets Interested in Renaldo Balkman

Defensive-minded swingman was cast away from the New York Knicks in order to make space for JR Smith, but according to the NY Post, he might not wind up too far on the map from his previous location: “Nets coach Avery Johnson has not tried lately to hide his desire for an upgrade at small forward. He already has started five different players at the position this season, and the search could lead to Renaldo Balkman, waived when the Knicks signed J.R. Smith. NBA sources confirmed the Nets have some interest and are researching Balkman and the possibility of adding the 6-foot-8, sixth-season veteran out of South Carolina out of South Carolina. The Nets’ need has been glaring. Consider the Nets ended their 97-85 upset of the Bulls yesterday having been outscored on the season at the starting small forward position, 500-188, or 15.6-5.9 per game. And that included a whopping 57-0 in two games before yesterday when DeShawn Stevenson was scoreless against the Grizzlies’ Rudy Gay (25 points) and the Pacers’ Danny Granger (32 points).”

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  • JML-G

    so now they picking up every player Knicks doesnt need?! lol

  • http://www.slamonline.com aman from arkansas

    Go get Al Thornton now.

  • Stroshow

    Trade for S-Jax?

  • SMIK

    Renaldo Balkman! now thats a franchise changer, NJ seriously fighting for scraps lol

  • VC

    When Balkman played in Denver I liked him though he barely played and this year when he p;ayed wit the knicks he was good too. Just give this guy 25 mins and Im sure he’ll give you 10 rebounds, couple blocks and steals and hustle plays. He’s like a poor mans dennis rodman and most coaches probably dont see that. Plus he can defend wing players and post plaers.

  • TSmoove

    DeShawn Stevenson is the Nets starting small forward?

  • LP

    get RENALDO BALKMAN OUT OF THE LEAGUE! what are these guys thinking!

  • Wolfson

    He improved as a ball player. One year he was on denver i seen him putting in alot of work. Suprised me and watcj the jumper

  • Dream (Debbra)

    to take Balkman out of the game when the Knicks playing so well was a mistake, the grass is not greener on the other side. hes apart of the team and he play as such, he put in the work so he should be rewarded for it. if Lin didnt get a chance to show what he have to offer then the Knicks wouldnt have seen what he can do and did, give Balkman a chance and im sure you will see he can hold his own and keep his team going. Just give this guy 25 mins and Im sure he’ll give you 10 rebounds, couple blocks and steals and hustle plays. He’s like a poor mans dennis rodman and most coaches probably dont see that. Plus he can defend wing players and post players. what the Knicks did was wrong and it was a mistake…..

  • DR O

    Balkman is a solid role player with a nose for the ball. As the Knicks have seen and Miami learned you cant buy a championship by stockpiling Superstars. Look back over past Championship teams. They all had at least one low scoring role player.

  • http://www.LipFix.com Nick Johnson

    I’m glad to see a few people on this blog actually follow players before commenting. Most don’t analyze the stats. It seems incredibly short sighted to focus on PPG. Or any “per game” stat for that matter. There needs to be a player “metric” that reflects true value – the contribution he makes to winning a game. We should be looking at stats on a “per minute” basis not “per game”, “points per minute”, rebounds per minute, steals per minute, assists per minute. We should be looking at shooting percentages and discounting “points made” by “points the other team made off misses” – of course if we did that it might bench Carmelo (and JR too when he’s not having one of his hot streaks).

    Such a metric would make it more obvious Balkman was a great asset who’s been largely wasted by the flak between D’Antoni and Isaiah Thomas surrounding his first round draft. This was a bad break for Renaldo and inexcusable for D’Antoni and Thomas in my opinion. My wife and I have followed Renaldo since his college days when he was MVP in the NIT which USC won two years in a row – and “probably” where Isaiah saw this talented player and decided to pick him in the first round. Does anybody remember? Isaiah said he used a first round pick because D’Antoni was going to get him. I guess we’ll never know since D’Antoni saw all the flak Isaiah was getting and denied it vehemently. When D’Antoni took over from Isaiah Thomas he shipped Renaldo off to Denver and why he got him back in the Carmelo trade I’ll never understand.

    But take a look at Renaldo’s stats and divide by the minutes he played per game. Admittedly you can’t even get going in 2 minutes but you will see many games in which he scored a “point per minute”. But 6 points in 6 minutes (Detroit on 1/31) is still only 6 points per game and that’s all most people seem to be looking at. Take a look at the Oklahoma City game on 1/14/12: 12 points in 12 minutes with 67% shooting (100% for both 3 point and free throws) plus he got 4 rebounds and 2 steals all in 12 minutes but that’s still only 12 points per game, 4 rebounds per game, and 2 steals per game. That doesn’t jump out does it but what if he could do that for 34 minutes?

    Would 34 points, 11 rebounds and 6 steals impress you?

    Many seem to think Carmelo is the best player on the Knicks so let’s compare Renaldo’s stats. Would you believe Renaldo’s overall shooting percentage is actually “higher” (50% versus Carmelo’s 40%)? No one seems to think Renaldo should take 3 point shots but his 3 point % isn’t that much lower than Carmelo’s (22% versus 29.7) and Renaldo has more rebounds per minute (.23 versus Carmelo’s .17) and more steals per minute (.04 versus Carmelo’s .03) and twice as many blocks per minute (.02 versus Carmelo’s .01). Carmelo comes out ahead in overall points per minute (.65 versus .36) but in my metric Renaldo’s .36 is better than Carmelo’s .65 due to his 50% versus 40% shooting percentage.

    Here’s a simple explanation of the metric:

    If all players make 50% and miss 50% of their shots and the opposing team always gets the rebound and has the same 50% shooting percentage they will get a point off every miss. That ratio effectively halves the net value of that shooters points after considering his misses that were converted by the other team.

    If all players on both teams had the same 50% shooting percentage we can only win the game by getting more shooting opportunities (through rebounds, steals, blocks, etc.) But if a player has a lower shooting % (say 40%) and the opposing team converts those misses – even at 50% – we’re giving them more shooting opportunities to start with. When the metric subtracts a point for every miss Renaldo’s 50% shooting gives the other team we get an adjusted value per point scored of .5 point but when you do the same for Carmelo’s 40% shooting it yields a net value of only .25 points per point he scored.

    That means Carmelo’s .65 points per minute would only gain .16 points per minute (.65 X .25) over the opponent whereas Renaldo’s .36 points per minute would gain .18 (.36 X .5) points per minute over the opposing team. If you throw out games Renaldo played less than 5 minutes his points per minute jump to .49 with a net gain over the opponent of .25 per minute which is over 1.5 times Anthony’s .16.

    If you did not follow the adjustment consider ten shots by Renaldo. He makes 5 and scores 10 points and the opponent scores 5 off his 5 misses (50%) so we gain 5 points over our opponent. We gain 5 points over our opponent for every 10 points Renaldo scores so that’s 5/10 or .5 point gain per point scored.

    The same 10 shots from Carmelo will yield 8 points (40%) and the opponent will score 6 points off his 6 misses so we only net 2 points (8 – 6 = 2) over our opponent. We gain 2 points over our opponent for every 8 points Carmelo scores so that’s 2/8 or .25 points gained per point scored.

    In other words a 40% shooter’s points will only give us a .25 point advantage per point he scores while a 50% shooter’s points give us a half point advantage per point he scores – “twice” the advantage per point scored! (under these assumptions).

    This simple metric illustrates what I am saying but it assumes the 50% shooting ratio for the opposing team and assumes each team always gets the defensive rebound. A more sophisticated metric would actually include the “real” shooting percentage and rebound percentages as well as blocks and steals stats for the two teams to more accurately model what will happen for a miss and factor in rebounds, blocks and steals when valuing a player. It would therefore be different for every game played.

    Clearly if you are up against a good rebounding team with a high shooting percentage you need players who make most of their shots and don’t give the opponent misses to convert. Winning a game is often more about “not missing” than firing a barrage of shots and only counting the ones that go in to value a player.

    In conclusion I’d simply ask you to look at Renaldo’s pre-season game against New Jersey on 12/17/11: A 70% shooting percentage (50% for his 3 point shots). He scored 20 points in 22 minutes so .9 points per minute which is 38% higher than Carmelo’s average. Adjusted for his 30% misses (assuming the same 50% shooting % for the Nets) that’s a net gain of .786 points per point he scored which is over 3 times Carmelo’s .25 point per point average. Extrapolate his 22 minutes to Carmelo’s 34.5 and Renaldo might have scored 31 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals and given the opposing team 16 fewer points in the process than Carmelo.

    I watched the video on the NBA site for that outstanding play and he got no credit! They don’t even mention it although his play alone – his 20 points – accounts for a 16 point net gain over the Nets (using the metric) and they only won by 9!

    Look at Renaldo’s FIBA play the past two years. It’s outstanding – Gold Medal outstanding!

    I’m looking forward to a team with smart enough management to recognize Renaldo’s talent and let him be the star we saw when he played in college and in the few NBA games they’ve actually let him play long enough to do something.

  • http://aol the kid

    If the nets r smart they will sign him….. When he plays he gives his all….. And that means rebounds steels block shots…. And defends his but off from the one position to the four…. If Ur looking for automatic offense then that’s the wrong guy….. But if u want a piece of the puzzle for a championship team….. Sign him new jersey or any team but the Knicks…..

  • Christian Perez

    Renaldo Balkman is a good on ball defender and on a good day can giv u 20 10. He didn’t play much in denver or in his hometown of NY. He’s from my hometown of Staten Island Ny and of the same ethnicity Puerto Rican but despite that I always thought he is a good defendder hes always the first one up the floor i’ve noticed when he plays and hes been working on his shot it was a mistake and can be a good player given minutes and is underrated and under valued