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New York Knicks Fans Booed (Isaiah) Thomas

Whenever they weren’t rooting for Jeremy Lin last night, Knicks fans at Madison Square Garden rained boos on Sacramento Kings’ guard Isaiah Thomas just because he has a similar name to the former Knicks’ coach and front-office exec. (Stay classy, Knicks fans.) From the NY Post: “Poor Sacramento rookie point guard Isaiah Thomas. Whenever his name was so much mentioned by the Knicks public address announcer Mike Walczewski, for either a foul or bucket, the Garden fans let loose with a round of boos. Some things never change and Thomas got warned by Knicks superfan Spike Lee. The former 5-foot-9 Washington Huskie was indeed named after the Hall of Famer who now coaches at FIU. ‘I used to come to the Knicks games when Isiah Thomas was coach, so I knew something was going to happen,’ Thomas said. ‘I knew it was going to happen here. Spike Lee told me, ‘Next time you come to New York, you better change your name.’ Knicks owner James Dolan, who maintains a friendship with the elder Thomas but has no plans of ever rehiring him as president, couldn’t have enjoyed the reaction. The Sacramento second-round pick will play [tonight] in Detroit, where Thomas still is revered. ‘I might get some cheers there,’ Thomas said. The boos got louder in the fourth quarter as Thomas kept scoring in garbage time, hitting 6 of 8 buckets, to wind up with 13 points. ‘They kept asking me, ‘Why were they booing?’ I was like, ‘Cause of my name,’ Thomas said.”

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  • Riggs

    I was laughing, damn we (new yorkers) hate him so much.

  • AD

    New York Fans are dumb…. thats why the knicks gonna get swept again with linsanity

  • Randy Brown

    One of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard fans do. Funny though

  • Kobester

    OK, it’s dumb but you gotta admit this is pretty hilarious….


    im not even gonna lie, at first i taught it was his son so the boos were deserved but come on newyorkers! booing a second round pick?

  • http://WOHGOTJAZZ@twitter.com MIGZ

    knicks are lucky they got Lin Lmao not even the great Carmelo could help your whack ass team you guys suck!!!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    I was listening to this game on the radio and it was hilarious, I have to admit.

  • manu

    knicks just gonna get swept by the celts again

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    LOL @ MUBWAR. At least you’re honest.
    Thomas was a mini beast at UW.
    I can understand booing him the FIRST time his name is said, but all night?
    C’mon New Yorkers.
    Y’all hate Zeke so much, go boo his games at FIU instead of booing this poor kid who’s only sin was being the son of a dude who lost a bet in the late 80′s.
    BTW, didn’t the mother have any input in naming him?
    If I told my wife “honey, I lost a bet so we gotta name our son Javele now”, she’d be like “f*ck outta here!”

  • RunNGun

    Dolan is a hypocrite. If it weren’t for Zeke, he would have never gotten Melo.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    @Enig, that would be the most unfortunate…LOL

  • dsleepy

    maybe if it weren’t for Zeke, he wouldn’t have needed melo.

  • l2ising Phoenix

    Ok, it was kinda sad for the fans to boo him, but chill with the Knick hating… And did somebody really just say the celts are gonna sweep the Knicks again… The Celtics hold the 7th seed -_-

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Enigmatic with the realness. Damn straight no wife would allow that. hahahha

  • Heals

    Love how Jordan flies under the scrutiny/laughing-stock radar, but Zeke is lambasted by everyone, everywhere (even heads with his name catching slack) for his moves…

  • bike

    It’s too bad the King’s didn’t see it coming otherwise they could have introduced him with another name. Like Jack Meough.

  • guahan

    who cares about new york

  • Dan

    @guahan: probably most of the basketball fans around the globe ;)

    @the story: lol

  • MikeC.

    If you didn’t suffer through the Isiah era as a Knick fan, you are not qualified to speak on this. I loathe Isiah to such a degree that I boo the TV whenever his name is mentioned. It’s just a reflex. I was at a Knicks-Raptors game a few years ago and I was getting into it pretty heavy pregame with some Raps fans. We bonded when coaching staff was announced and we all got to hurl profanities at Isiah.

  • hushabomb

    What’s gonna be funny if another kid names “Jeremy Lin” gets announced at the Garden in the future. I’d cheer too!!!!

  • crooklyn

    The real joke is all this talk about how “smart” knicks fans are, first off, all the real fans are home because they can’t afford to go to these games. Thank GOD for jeremy lin, now there is a real reason to watch them play at those prices. The knicks have been losing and making poor choices with and without isiah, I beleive it’s more of a race thing with thomas (shamefully}, look at the games, you can practically count all the non- white faces. These people cheer ANY non- factor white player (tim mccormack, scott brooks, travis knight etc.) they ever have. One good part of linsanity is more asian americans can fill more seats, give a new vibe.