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Orlando Magic Owner Still Trying to Convince Dwight Howard to Stay

Unlike everyone else in the basketball universe, the folks in the Orlando Magic’s front-office and ownership group still believe that Dwight Howard can be convinced to stick around town. From the Orlando Sentinel: “[Rich] DeVos, 85, visited the Magic locker room before tipoff, spoke to a few players and then granted a rare interview. As Dwight Howard sat at his locker perhaps 10 yards away, DeVos acknowledged that he is trying to convince the superstar center to remain with the team for years to come. ‘We love him, and he respects us, so we talk,’ DeVos said. ‘When you’ve lived as long I’ve lived, you see things from a bigger lens and you try to share that with the young guys coming up, including being patient.’ DeVos said he has tried to tell Howard that, if he goes to a new city, he might never match the bond with that team’s fan base that he currently has with Magic fans. ‘Listen to the fans tonight, cheering,’ DeVos said. ‘He’s respected. You have to move in life, but the loyalty you develop in a community is always remembered. But if you leave, you don’t pick it up in the next town. It’s not an add-on, you know, because you lose what you had. Maybe you gain some new [loyalty], but maybe you don’t. Maybe the net gain isn’t as good you think. We just talk about stuff.’ [...] DeVos also dispelled the notion that — if the team’s front office determines it must trade Howard — he would veto a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers because the Lakers signed Shaquille O’Neal to a free-agent deal years ago. ‘I don’t have any emotion on that,’ DeVos said. ‘I never talked about where he would go because I don’t want him to go. I don’t discuss where he might go.’”

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  • robb


  • Chris


  • DeeDre

    Why would you wanna keep a girlfriend that you know is cheating on you? And she knows you know? Break it off already, move on. She’s gonna leave you this summer regardless with nothing. Get some value from her while you by getting back on the market

  • bull22

    i really respect devos for what he is trying to do, dwight can take a big step and be loyal to his franchise and fans the way kevin durant,derrick rose and dirk notwitzki have been with their teams. he needs to ask dirk how good it feels to bring a city its first title.

  • http://www.slamonline.com aman from arkansas

    no sleep till Brooklyn

  • LP

    “Magic owner attempts to cool down Hell”

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    I tell you one thing, from what I read about Devos and how much he legitimately cares about Dwight Howard, it’s gonna be a rude awakening for Howard if he lands on a team with an owner that doesn’t give a sh*t about his players, which is most teams.

  • misso

    ima magic fan & honestly i respect devos for trying but honestly he just needs to break his piggy bank & get us a backup center, dwill, & like a monta ellis or something

  • zero

    man, If he will win the 1st title for the Magic that will cement his name in the history of Basketball. If that happened you just showed that you can carry a team. But D12 is not showing that.. he really want out.. I dont know why but if he can just wait atleast after the next season they can be a serious contender I think

  • yes.we.did.

    Cosign bull22. It took Mark Cuban almost 14 years to put a proper cast around Dirk.

  • Maniac

    This Dwight situation is really really annoying

  • Maniac

    I hope dude stays in Orlando and gets a ring for that team somewhere down the line.

  • larry f. cooney

    I have come to the conclusion that I am the only magic fan that can clearly see we can’t win with Nelson on the court…..Unfortunately facts back my statement up all the way back to him playing in the finals against L.A. when we made it that far without him.He could be a good player with another team but is out of control much of the time and can’t defend too many players in the league…….We have options already on our team..Open your eyes Stan