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Orlando Magic Upset With Their Fans for Booing Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis

The struggling Glen “BIg Baby” Davis was booed lustily by fans in Orlando on Monday night, which upset his teammates and coaches. Per the Orlando Sentinel: “I was disappointed,’ [Stan] Van Gundy said. ‘Our fans are normally better than that. I don’t like it. …. I don’t know what would compel you to say things at Glen Davis.’ Ryan Anderson said ‘it was disrespectful, almost shocking to hear’ Davis get booed, adding that Dwight Howard was upset. Anderson was shocked because ‘the other team doesn’t get boos’ from the home crowd. ‘It was bothering everybody,’ Anderson said. ‘Dwight was standing up and saying, ‘Are you serious?’ [...] Magic fans weren’t booing Big Baby for the sake of booing him. Davis had missed nine of 10 shots. Frankly, I was surprised patrons were paying attention on a Monday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. There also was this back story: Davis was suspended two games a week before for screaming at Van Gundy at practice and damaging a wall as he flung open a lockeroom door. Davis heard a few boo-birds when he returned and sarcastically cupped his ear, asking for more volume, apparently. Davis has struggled, not thrilled with his role as Anderson’s back-up. There also was another back story: Van Gundy and Davis’ teammates were understandably sensitive to the booing, given Big Baby’s latest heartache. Davis’ estranged father died a day before the game against the T-Wolves. He lost his grandmother, who basically raised him, several weeks ago. Van Gundy said after the game that fans and media should give Davis ‘a break’ because of what he was going through, never alluding to the death of Davis’ father.”

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  • EJ

    He sucks. Always has and always will

  • Bobby

    Have Orlando shipped in these fans from Utah or something?

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Wow very sad, I mean I do

  • 23

    i know what davis is going thru. its tough. but at the same time he needs to grow up and start acting like a man. i am not a fan of his. never have been. he flops and crys alot. he seems to always be joking. and ever since he pushed that kid from orl i lost what respect i had for him.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Don’t like him but too much now idc if he leaves good for him.(I hate android)

  • LA Huey

    “Davis was booed lustily” Sounds erotic.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    As a Boston fan it pleases me to see Orlando fans frustrated by Baby. Thanks for Brandon Bass!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    He’s easily one of the least likeable players in the league.

  • ripslam

    Rough week for Baby. Still think that Bass-Davis trade was great for Boston. Orlando, not so much.

  • vtrobot

    I’m usually very pro-booing, but Baby deserves a break for a little while because of his recent losses. Get yr SH*T together tho, dude. Slamming doors open and breaking walls? Grow up. The L doesn’t need you nearly as much as you’ve always thought it does. @23: I hope you’re kidding about that ORL fan, that was intentional at all.

  • retx

    Live in Orlando and love the Magic.

    We do have a pretty healthy mix of a-hole fans. Just check out the Magic Facebook page, especially after a loss. Some of the things our fans say about all the players, just disgusting.

    That said, Davis is not my favorite.

  • Mike

    I was at the game and the boo’ing was kind of a shock to me at first, but as he continued to toss up brick after brick it was kind of tough not to join in. I totally give Big Baby credit for still making it to the game the day of his grandmother’s funeral and the day after his father passed away, but instead of playing thru it, maybe he should have taken the time off to clear his head.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Gotta feeling this will propel Dwight out of Orlando.

  • Heals

    @Seth, Bass is the anti-BigBaby, busts his a$$ all over the court doesn’t care about pub, fan fare, media attention, etc., wakes up the next day and is the same guy as the day before. Careful what you ask for Glen…

  • retrobat

    I thought Dwight was the one that wanted Big Baby because they were close friends. Why hasn’t D12 put the hammer on Davis and told him what’s up?

  • nails

    A) You’re a professional, SUCK IT UP!!

    B) Fans and ticket holders are not informed of a players personal lives or problems. So although I feel sorry for Big Baby. You can’t expect general fans to know these things

    C) It’s Orlando. Everyone knows that unless you’re the Hurricanes or Dolphins, no one in Florida really gives that much of a crap about you. Florida has some of the worst sports fans in the country (CHECK: Panthers, Lightning, Rays, and Magic), but they keep getting teams because of the market.

    D) Florida is more of a basketball and football state anyway, but that doesn’t mean their good basketball and football fans

  • Manny

    Anyone who has lost his/her father, mother or a grandparent should know how deep it hurts; what this does to you, INSIDE… I KNOW cause I’ve lost ALL of them. Anyone who DOESN’T understand, or can’t even relate to this situation, as extended to Glen Davis… because this is a Pro sports…

    Then, this has to be the most pathetic “fan” in all sports and has no business commenting on Mr. Davis… AT ALL!

  • BBaller

    As insensitive as the timing of the Boo boys, you can’t blame them for being disgruntled with Big Baby, he has been a disappointment all season.A step down from Bass when Orlando are trying to persuade Howard to stay by acquiring better players.

  • Macicman101

    Sorry about your loss Baby but man does it hurt to pass the ball? As a team member it’s your obligation to do what is best for the team. That means if you think your head is not going to be there then sit out a game or two. Trust me no one will harp on you for being human. It’s only when you sacrifice the team’s chances of winning that the fans get upset. BTW that Tony B jump shot is not falling so do a head fake and spin by the defender for a easy shot. Glen has been missing close shots at the basket lately too but I think his toughness and resilience will keep him afloat and in the rotation. I love his scrappiness down low and his hustle on the floor but Big B needs more conditioning before he has a heart attack…

  • Waggle

    Why are they upset? He sucks. Suckage begets booage.

  • aps5

    @nails. The Magic have sold out their last 116 consecutive regular season games. It is not fair to compare Magic fans with Rays and Panthers fans.

  • William Wallace

    Big Baby is playing like his dad dies every night. Because his estranged dad died he took and missed a dozen long jumpers? Please.

  • Andrew

    @nails. Yeah your totally wrong. I live in Orlando and a true magic fan. I also work as a beer vendor at all the Florida teams including every magic home game and I would have to say magic fans are the most supportive of all Florida teams. They are awesome but pretty pissed about the bass trade and Davis’ lack of preformance. But if he continues like he did in new jersey we’ll be cheering him right on.