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Polldaday: Best PG?

The NBA seems to be undergoing a point guard renaissance of sorts. Who do you think is leading the way?

Who's currently the best point guard in the NBA?

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  • DreJayAre

    Really just depends what you like in your point, a contrast in styles. Some folks would spend half a million on a NASCAR stock car and others would spend the same on a Maybach. You know which is which.


    Deron Williams is simply the best. Better than all the rest.

  • logues

    Why are we bringing up NASCAR on a bball website?

  • Lachlan McKimm


  • Kadavour

    Huss isn’t a PG. Rondo can’t shoot. Nash can’t defend. Rose doesn’t see the second pass.

  • thomas getten

    For me its chris paul, he makes his team mates better. Assist high, turnovers low, efficiency and percentages are phenomenal. Doesn’t have any flaws as a point guard at all

  • http://slamonline.com rocksinmypants


  • Wall Ball

    None of these guys can stop D-Rose…Matter of fact they all may be scared of him.

  • Wall Ball

    If you were a GM and you didn’t pick D-Rose first if you had the chance, you better be looking for a job soon the very next year…

  • robel

    Why isn’t tony parker up there?!

  • manu

    how is paul better then rose wen rose came into LA and played wit him n beat the clips by 20

  • whooo!

    CP3 best pure right now. but Rose is probably better overall than he is, and Rose is better than D-Will. Those 3 are just top tier, then it’s the second level. and on that 2nd level, Tony Parker could just as easily be the best of the 2nd pack. and yet there were 7 PGs at this year’s all-star game and you left out only one? if SA’s big 3 had been in NY they’d be gods on basketball; instead they can’t even get into conversations.

  • J.C.

    I’d probably say Rose is the best *player*, mainly because of his scoring ability, but assuming all the other roles on your team are filled and you’re choosing the best *point guard* I’d probably take Chris Paul. I’d say he’s the best Point Guard in the League.

  • AD

    the fact that dwill is avergin 22 & 8 with a dlg team is just crazy …. yea he turns the ball over but wat do you expect…. when he teams up with dwight you’ll see who really is the best… but as of this year i got cp3,westbrook,drose,dwill,rondoand nash

  • quest

    why do we care who can guard rose necesarrily? steve nash was the best pg in the game for a long time and he couldnt keep a stone in front of him? does that mean every pg is better than him?

  • Uzair

    Tony Parker anyone?
    He put the team on his back with no backup PG and no M.G. How is he always ignored, maybe bcuz he’s not a flashy player like other PG’s

  • http://nba.com/celtics lights out

    Rondo, Nash, Paul and Parker are the best pure point guards. Rose and Russ are the best scoring point guards. Deron’s somewhere in between. Beyond differentiating PG’s in terms of style of play, I don’t see a need to rank them; all you end up doing is slighting some very good players.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    This sh*t has been played out lol…. I voted Chris Paul. He is the best PG and has been for 5 years. IMO.

  • slamfan4life


  • capo

    ricky rubio

  • G$

    I’d take CP3.
    But then, as a Blazer fan, I’d take anybody.
    Felton may be the worst starting point guard I’ve ever seen.
    He gets lit up every night and he can’t shoot a lick.
    God I miss Andre Miller…

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    its clearly jeremy lin u are all stupid *smh sighing*

  • robb

    I really enjoy watching Rose play, the man is electrifying, but CP3 is the man. He’s already my favorite PG after Magic.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.


  • esbe


  • Guitoz

    For a season MVP vote, currently the best point guard would be D-Rose, the second would be Tony Parker, the third would be CP3.
    But TP is always ignored and underrated (leader of the 2nd best team in the West).

  • Nashty

    Steve Nash is the best PG ever play in this league. PERIOD!!!