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Raymond Felton Unhappy With Getting Benched

The Nate McMillan/Raymond Felton relationship, already on less-than-solid footing, took another turn for the worse when it was revealed that Felton would no longer be the starting point guard. From CSNNW: “The Oregonian reported that the Portland Trail Blazers are making a change at the point guard position, inserting Jamal Crawford in place of Raymond Felton and the former starting guard says he was completely caught off guard. Felton spoke about Nate McMillan’s decision to bench him a day after the team suffered an embarrassing franchise-low 7-point opening quarter; they eventually lost to the Los Angeles Lakers 103-92. ‘He (Nate McMillan) called me this morning and told me we got to have consistency from that position and that a 7-point quarter was unacceptable,’ Felton said. ‘I’m not just going to blame myself for that first quarter. We’re a team. We win together, we lose together.’ [Monday] night, Felton didn’t play the entire fourth quarter and was out for most of the third quarter while Crawford soaked up the majority of the second half minutes. After the game, McMillan said he just wanted to go in a different direction. Felton hit the Trail Blazers first basket of the game and was 3-for-4 with 9 points, 4 assist, and he committed 4 turnovers. He said since the meeting that he and McMillan had last week, he felt he was doing his job adequately. ‘I felt like after the meeting, I did all that I was asked to do,’ Felton explained. ‘It’s only been two games since then. It’s his decision and I’ll be the ultimate teammate throughout this process.’”

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  • Kyle

    Batum and felton for gasol!

  • robb

    Get him Lakers!

  • Rainman

    Dude…ur the POINT GUARD, the offence Runs through YOU. If any top point guard’s team (no matter how bad the team) had a 7 point quarter, they’d be castrated. But then again, probably exactly why u’ve never been a top point guard in this league. :)

  • Rainman

    and oh yeah…The Blazers jsut scored 137 to blow out the SPURS by FORTY. Guess it was a good decision to put u on the bench… LOL Jo crawford tied ur season high in 3′s within 4 minutes of basketball haha

  • dfrance21

    I keep saying this but Felton has to be pissed at Carmelo. He was playing lights out in NY, getting All Star consideration and all that. Then in the blink of an eye and two teams later, he’s backing up a shooting guard at the point in Portland.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Why so much hate on Felton?

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    just step your game up ray, no hate here, just stating the obvious

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    dfrance, for real… Max, seriously don’t know why people hate on Felton. In the right system the guy can ball and plays hard D. I always liked him, but he is playing sh#tty these days.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    he plays no kinda D. But he is a good player.

  • scooter

    he needs to be on the bench he sucks

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    nbk, not true man. I’m sure you have some NERD rating to toss me, but he tries as hard as any one on D. We all know the key ingredient to playing good D is trying hard to play good D. He does that. He would guard Kobe some times and dude would not give an inch. He might not shut down guys, but he makes you work for everything. That’s a good defender to me.

  • ken

    Felton has no one to blame but himself but the fact is Felton in the month of March averaged 33 minutes per game and when he was benched was shooting 35% from the field and 27 % from three to go along with 5 assists and 3 to’s per game .He was also averaging 1 fta per game .

    How many games do you get before you simply have to play better ? 33 mpg as bad as he was playing and he has no on to blame but himself. He shouldnt be focusing on starting he should be focusing on playing better regardless of when hes playing.