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Report: Los Angeles Lakers Interested in Michael Beasley

The latest name to be thrown into the Lakers’ never-ending trade rumor mill is that of the immortal Michael Beasley. According to ESPN: “The Lakers’ front office knows Kobe Bryant is looking for it to improve the roster, and GM Mitch Kupchak has been working the phones. He’s spoken to Minnesota about Michael Beasley, and sources say the Lakers are intrigued by the Timberwolves’ small forward. The Lakers were actually in discussions with Minnesota about a potential trade for Beasley before the season started. If they would have been able to pull off the deal for Chris Paul, there is a good chance that a trade for Beasley would have followed. It’s not clear what the Lakers would give Minnesota for Beasley (if indeed the talks get that far), but the Lakers could absorb Beasley into their $8.9 million trade exception while giving up a draft pick or cash. I’m told the teams have not spoken about Pau Gasol since the preseason. Minnesota is looking to move Beasley, who they feel has matured very little (if at all) since he’s been there, according to sources. The Lakers believe they can handle a player like Beasley because of their winning culture and the leadership of Bryant. Of course, the Lakers need a point guard even more than a small forward. While they worked out Gilbert Arenas last week, they have not come to a decision on him. They want to see if they can get another point guard, such as Cleveland’s Ramon Sessions, before making a play for Arenas. There’s a good chance they can get Sessions for a first-round draft pick before the deadline, sources say. If they don’t get Sessions or someone else, they may bring Arenas aboard. There are a few other PGs who could be available. While the Lakers would love to get Houston’s Kyle Lowry, the Rockets plan to build around their vastly-improved point guard. But either of their two backups, Goran Dragic or Jonny Flynn, would be an improvement over what they currently have.”

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  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    Is there such a thing as to much crazy at the SF position?

  • Heals

    Agent 0 and BEasily, dynasty here they come…

  • http://letcramzycook.tumblr.com/ cramzy

    make this happen. Let Super Beas Cook!

  • Kobester

    Because Kobe really needs someone to take more shots away from the bigs….oh yeah, it would go well.

  • beasley is really good in the triangle, too bad phil jackson is not in LA anymore or this would have been an amazing upgrade. Its still better than having metta and barnes…

  • RunNGun

    This trade would allow B-EASY to move back to his natural position at PF. So who/what LOGICALLY goes to MINNY that would make the salaries work? Delusional fans need not apply.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Lakers need to already trade Gasol for Beasley & Williams. they should be focusing on their future now because as currently constructed, they are not winning another championship.

  • @RunNGun I think beasley is better at sf hardly anyone except lebron can match up with his size at that position. He dropped weight in the offseason so I dont think he can play pf right away. Also playing for the lakers is kind of nice for him considering his mentor norm nixon played with the showtime lakers…

  • robb


  • bull22

    beasley??? he is a draft bust who has made no impact to neither the heat or the wolves in the win and loss column… the lakeshow has been a new reality tv series “LA SWAMP PEOPLE”, LOL!

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Good pick ups, Arenas and Beasley to go with Bynum, Gasol, Kobe. In the pre-Heat era that would’ve been a NBA finals contending team but not anymore.

  • Landry_legend

    Dwight is going to New Jersey now with Lopez healthy and a few weeks to show he can play still, so the Lakers might as well move on and get themselves a solid PG and some dept….I think they should go after Mayo instead of beasley

  • so

    @bull22 anyone who avgs 20 ppg is not a bust. Spolstra put beasley on the bench in favor of haslem the heat lost game cause they couldnt score and people never pointed the finger at the coach for making horrible decisions. The wolves last year beasley started off great but then got injured. Also this season rick adelman the overrated coach that he is decides to play wes johson of all people over beasley. If beasley coaches show confidence in him he can easily produce just like he did at K-state. It was no mistake taking him and number 2 hell even derrick rose said beasley is the number 1 its just coaches who have held him down. Doc Rivers also said last year that beasley could lead the league in scoring if he was given the oppertunity

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Ramon Sessions would be a godsend. He is exactly what the Lakers need at PG. Size. Decently athletic. Plays D. If we grabbed Beasley for a draft pick or a ca$h that would be fine. If they had to get rid of Metta or E-Banks so be it. Lakers looked incredible last night against the Blazers and like i’ve been saying they don’t need to make any “big” moves. Solid small moves will get them to the promise land.

  • robb

    yeah, the Lakers don’t need a great PG, just one that can actually play. Sessions is actually very good, that would be a great addition and B-rabbit coming off the bench doesn’t bother me at all.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Lakeshow, didn’t we talk about how Sessions would fit perfectly in like August?

  • startown

    As a Wolves fan, I have no problem trading Beasley, but not for a draft pick, we have too many players already. We need to trade a couple of players so that guys like Dereck Williams can get more minutes.

    Beasley for who within the Lakers? They won’t trade their stars, so I do not see this as a good fit.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    B-rabbit? lol. Blake? He was cooking last night!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    nbk, yes, yes, I believe we did. I don’t know why they haven’t pried him outta Cleve-town yet.

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/miamiheat/post/_/id/12140/is-this-the-best-start-ever-for-lebron-james nbk

    I think they wanted to wait to give up their draft pick until they sorted out their “big” trade scenario

  • stlheatmaniac

    Beasley probably happy as fuk he going to LA. Errybody and they momma kno beasley b blowin that big tree! now he can go to LA get him a medical weed card and blow dat grand daddy purp legally!! omg i kno beasley droolin ova this opportunity lmao!! he like fuk kobe and his chip gimme a pound of purple Haze lhhhhhhhhhh

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Mmh, good call. After the AllStar game. Sh*t is officially going down.

  • robb

    @stlheatmaniac hahahaha that was pretty funny

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Orlando also prolly didn’t want to even talk Dwight trades until atleast the start of the all-star break. Havin their own guy in the All-Star game when it is in Orlando is probably more important to them than anyone is talking about.

  • dma

    Um. read the article slam brethren. they would have gotten beasley had they swung the chris paul trade successfully. Bynum, Beasley, Kobe, Paul, MWP. would have been better than the Trade Exception Formally Known as Lamar Odom.

    this trade isn’t going to happen anymore.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    This trade still might happen. IF they can’t get a pG, and don’t use all their assets to get say Dwight Howard, then a draft Pick and Cap Relief is all it will take to obtain Beasley. (because of the trade exception). That is what the article is insinuating.

  • DHughes

    What are ya’ll talking about I’d rather take Beasley then Ron Artest any day Beasley a nice guy but you got to be a litltle hard he ain’t even as bad as Monta Ellis and he scores better from the Perimeter and he can post up better thn Ron Artest

  • LA Huey

    Purple Haze and Gold.

  • NR

    Lakers, PG, SF, upgrade 2nd unit in that order please !!!

    Damn who in the hell is driving the car !!!!

  • Justin G.

    Did I just see someone saying Rick Adelman is an overrated coach? Over 950 wins and a winning percentage of .605 or so and he’s overrated? Man, there are a lot of bad coaches out there if that’s the case

  • http://averysmith.org Avery Smith

    With all these league erratic personalities on one team, I’d say they’d be worthy of a nickname.

    World Peace + Barnes + Beasley + Arenas = LA Jokers.

    No way they win a championship. You think Bynum’s clothesline on JJ Berea was bad? Wait till you see the LA Jokers in a pressure situation.

    Cue white make-up and red lipstick.

    “You wanna know how I got these scars?”

  • http://averysmith.org Avery Smith

    Kobe’s a leader but he’s not a foster parent! I have a question. Whose better? The Jailblazers or the Jokers? Probably the Jokers because of KB24. Thoughts?

  • beasley gets too bad a rap people always assume hes caught up in the distractions off court, but in reality he spends all his time off court with his kids