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Sacramento Kings Want Jimmer Fredette to Be More ‘Selfish’

Jimmer Fredette has struggled in his rookie season, but his coach insists that for the Sacramento Kings to be successful, Fredette has to look for his own shot more often. Per the Sac Bee: “Fredette, drafted 10th overall by Milwaukee and immediately traded to the Kings, is being asked to sort things out quickly and amid enormous hype and expectations. There hasn’t been a lot of time for teaching anywhere in the NBA, but here in Sacramento, his development has been further hampered by an abrupt coaching and philosophical change, along with an unbalanced roster burdened by reluctant passers and dribble-heavy players. So where does that leave Jimmer? During Saturday’s overtime win over Golden State, it left him on the bench for a second consecutive game and visibly disappointed. On most days, it leaves him trying to figure out how his leadership and shotmaking skills translate to the NBA. ‘I never sat out an entire game before,’ he admitted, ‘not even in high school, unless I was hurt or something. But I’m just trying to be a good teammate. I’ll keep working and finding ways to get better.’ Six weeks into the season, the Kings are convinced of this much: They regard the 6-2 Fredette as a shotmaker and superb deep shooter who will benefit immensely from a traditional offseason devoted to adding one-handed floaters and runners to his repertoire. One of his biggest problems is a tendency to overpenetrate and jump-stop in the lane, attracting clusters of defenders like teenagers to free cellphones. His conflict is partly attributable to the fact that he wants to be perceived as more than a one-dimensional gunner. Having been a floor leader throughout his career, he also is learning the nuances of moving without the ball, of understanding angles and how to utilize screens and ball/head fakes that freeze defenders. ‘We can work on the point guard (skills) this summer,’ said Smart, ‘and we want Jimmer to make plays. But when he comes off a pick, he has to take that shot. He needs to become a little selfish.’ Smart, who is energetic and resourceful, and intrigued by his team’s depth and talent despite the flaws, is giving Fredette the green light to shoot, with more than a nudge in the process. While the Kings still need a facilitator and an athletic small forward who can stretch the floor, the feeling is that Fredette can help fill a void by doing what he does best, namely, taking and converting open shots. ‘He makes it tough on himself because he wants to prove people wrong,’ said Kings assistant Bobby Jackson, ‘but I told him: ‘You’re not that fast or that athletic, but you have something a lot of guys don’t have – scoring ability. Stop trying to drive all the time.’ His outside shooting opens things up for Tyreke (Evans) and (DeMarcus) Cousins.’”

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  • T-Money

    he’s not a point guard. his best case scenario would be to become a jj barea (i don’t think he has the skills to be a jason terry), i.e. a small 2 that can score off the bench.

  • David Moore

    It was a bad idea to trade for Jimmer from the start. Milwaukee should’ve kept him. He would’ve fit in there. Utah too.

  • Killerbees

    They state Jimmer is a great shooter but then bench him? He has proven to be a great shooter in the 4 games prior to sitting, why bench him when he just started getting hot. He leads the team in FT% and 3pt shooting % and in limited minutes and a slow start was still in the top 40 in the NBA in 3 pointers prior to sitting. If Jimmer plays 35 minutes a game he leads the Kings in scoring, that may be why he’s not playing, there’s no other explanation. What Smart has stated makes absolutely no sense, there’s got to be more to it. You don’t bench a great shooter like Jimmer and then tell him he needs to be more selfish, from where the bench??? Play him or trade him, don’t waste his talent in Sacramento, PLEASE!!!

  • Red

    Talent? He can’t survive in this league as a great talent only as a role player.

  • EJ

    Get him on the Kobe system?

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    Tyreke wants jimmer to be ‘better’. I really don’t understand why they drafted him, miiiiiistaaaaaakeeee

  • ClydeSays

    Kid seems like he could be a decent Ben Gordon type scorer off the bench once he figures how to catch & shoot off picks. After watching a few Kings games, it didn’t seem like Jimmer had much of a problem being ‘selfish. Dude doesn’t have a conscience. He was jacking up deep threes with Cousins parked in the paint unguarded. Then of course, he didn’t chase down the long rebound which led to a fastbreak point for the other team. Trying to make him into an NBA PG seems misguided.

  • MG

    Wake UP !!! Coach “smart” and his teammates are the ONLY ones in the NBA that can stop this kid from being a star and a prolific scorer. ..Its a crime how unfairly he is being treated. He should be forced to take 20 shots per game.. minimum. He would avg 25 a night with 5 to 7 assists. GUARANTEED. The most he has been allowed to take is 13.
    I have watched almost every game and he creates shots for himself at will. For four games, when he was allowed to play… without the threat of being yanked he shot 60% beyond the arc and 50% from the field playing good defense and making great passes and the coach sits him for more than half of the next game then benches him the ENTIRE game against the Trailblazers and the entire next game. Smart is Dumb. and hates Jimmer despite what he says publicly. How can you call someone a “disappointment” when he is forced to sit on the bench? Even Kobe cant score if he is benched.
    Jimmer is being JOBBED in Sacramento !

  • Dick

    @ClydeSays You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • stmuvu

    @MG i completely agree. look at the other 9 drafted in front of jimmer. im sure the transition was big for all of them, and yet they play the majority of games. jimmer puts up the numbers to show he can score, hes just limited. hard to score from the bench. i bet kyrie irving…im sure he wouldnt even be close to rookie of the year but he plays the ENTIRE game. its not a wasted draft pick or wasted trade–kid had every big player of the year award you can get in college. if you let him play it wouldnt be a disappointment. they played the jazz in slc and the whole crowd was chanting we want jimmer. then they put him in for 8 seconds and took him out. i think someone is trying to put out the flame without publicly saying it.

  • CLD

    @MG…Could not agree more sir…Like you i’ve not only watched EVERY game this season on NBA Leage pass. Also watched Jimmer live for EVERY game his junior and senior yrs in high school. College was a little more difficult as BYU/Mountain West made it a challenge to find games. Fact…YES, I’m a Jimmer fan…He is a modern day “Rocky of the roundball”. Name me another kid his size, his ethnicity, and with his story in this day and age of “role models” in sports. Fact, Jimmer starts, produces, makes some mistakes, then gets yanked before he has even had a chance to jack up half the shots Evans, Cousins, or Thornton does when they play. Fact….Coach “Smart” plays his starters ridiculours minutes (See when he was at Golden State and the last game), yet not Jimmer, who gets pulled for Thomas, he “Saviour”….????

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  • Deth

    So, the coach wants Jimmer to be like the rest of his team…selfish. Nice coaching. This is the worst coached team ever.

  • RobB

    WoW…what a load of crap. I was a high school, and college point guard. Ive watched all the Kings games, and understand the game of basketball. If you say that Jimmer is just going to be a bench roleplayer, you are watching a different game then what is on. In his limited minutes, his scoring would make him the top rookie in the draft this year. He is not being played. Against the wolves, he brought them back, in the 4th, scorching everyone, with passing,steals, and shots..only to be benched. Then benching him for full games???

    As a player, he has to be wondering what more he can do, and where he is going wrong. You have a group of ball hogs, that only score as many as they do, because they take so many shots, playing people with no rhyme or reason. The coach can say what he wants publicly, but actions dont show that. This is hard for a player, its almost like mind games. I cant understand what is going on. I hope they trade him for his sake.

  • YouJustGotJimmered

    Jimmer is the best basketball player of all mankind. He is a role model to many. You could be really hurting his fans in what you are saying. I feel a feeling of disagreement towards this 100%. Jimmer is trying his best, I am sure it is very difficult to be a rookie. So cut him some slack! I think he is doing a fantastic job. He knows how to play the game, he has been since he was practically in diapers. Jimmer never disappoints.

  • Rylie