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Shaq: Dwight Howard Leaving Orlando Would Be a ‘Travesty’

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

Sixteen years ago, Shaquille O’Neal turned his back on the Orlando Magic, and took his enormous talents and personality to the City of Angels. Having somehow lucked out into the premiere young big man in the NBA, Orlando is on the verge of losing him to brighter lights once agan.

According to Shaq, if (when) Magic center Dwight Howard leaves, it would be a “travesty”.

The Orlando Sentinel has the quotes:

No one doubts that speculation about Dwight Howard’s uncertain future will a primary storyline of All-Star weekend in Orlando on Feb. 24-26. But how much, if at all, will all that talk about Howard overshadow what’s supposed to be a joyous time? That question was posed to TNT/NBA TV analyst Shaquille O’Neal during a Turner Sports teleconference Tuesday with reporters.

“I think it’s going to be about 50-50,” said O’Neal, who still owns a home in Isleworth. “But all around, I think it’s going to be a great event … Orlando’s come a long way since the ’92 All-Star Game,” O’Neal added. “The nightlife here is fabulous. The real estate has been fabulous. You still have Disney around the corner for you to bring your family. So I think it’s going to be a great event. It’d be good if he could put on a show and get the love and the support from the fans here and win the MVP. Hopefully, he stays, because that arena there is one of the best arenas in the country. If he leaves, it’ll be a travesty.”

The irony in all of this is delicious.

Dwight Howard leaving Orlando isn’t a travesty, or any such nonsense. He has given the franchise seven great seasons, and if he feels that he can’t win a title there (or reach all of his off-the-court dreams), then he has every right to leave. Just like Shaq did.

It’s not a travesty. But it sure does suck for the Orlando Magic and their fans.

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  • truth

    first poop heads

  • Justin G.

    Rather hypocritical to say the least

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Shaq; you were great as a player, but please retire your analist career allready…

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    LMAO @ Max. You’re aware you spelt ‘analyst’ very, very wrong I hope..?

  • Bt

    Read shaqs book and you’ll find the circumstances are very different. They didn’t want to pay him more than penny and their offer was not close to the lakers.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    Shaq’s career at TNT has been a travesty.

  • bull22

    i think what shaq is trying to say indirectly is, that he probably regrets leaving orlando.. however he did help bring a city their first nba title in miami so he gets a free pass to say what he wants.

  • Paul H

    I miss Chris Webber. Funny, intelligent, forthright analysis, not the pathetic rumblings of a guy who just cant accept that he is no longer the leagues center of attention anymore.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHoliday

    Shaq retiring was the worst thing that could’ve happened to basketball! Every time I look up he’s saying something crazy now! I should’ve known not to pay attention to him after he said Mo Williams should be an all star this year.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I don’t think spelt is a word homie. Just like analist.
    And Shaq is a hating bum. It’s pretty obvious now to everyone.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    No I didn’t lol, analyst* it is.

  • http://outlaw.com bo outlaw

    actually, spelt is a word; it’s the (british) preterite of to spell. peace

  • Fletch213

    Shaq really needs to quit his analysis jig because he is terribly biased and annoying!

  • VCsuxA$$

    i just thought Max meant analist as in anal-ist.. really, shaq’s the largest ass in the world, pun intended

  • ti-sizzle

    VCsuxA$$ was me.. Slam, I usually don’t mind because I usually notice the name and email before posting (didn’t this time), but please have it fixed

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=6lqqc4t nbk

    Chris Webber >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Bitter Ass Shaq

  • Fat Lever

    Hahahaha at Max and then Hursty. “Very, very wrong”. HAHAHAHAH. On the real though, my likability for Shaq has gone down faster than a Kardashian at the ESPY’s. Ba-Zing!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    British people really say “spelt”? I had no idea. Good to know.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    CWebb definitely should have gotten that 4th spot on Inside. I love his prespective on the game.

  • burnt_chicken

    You may be delighted to know that ‘spelt’ is also a nutty-flavoured, high protein, ancient grain that is native to Iran. Much like wheat. Often used for animal feed, not recommended for gluten-sensitive diets. Also, if I am not mistaken, ‘spelt’ is used throughout the Commonwealth countries, not just by the British, as a simple past tense and past participle of ‘spell’.

  • burnt_chicken

    Shaq said Dwight hates spelt and thinks spelt “is dumb”

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    that is a terrific fact that almost nobody knows. well idk if almost nobody knows that, but I feel that way lol.

  • robb

    Shaq being called an analyst is as ridiculous as Barkley being called a nutriologist. Give CWebb a permanent spot, he really knows his stuff and he’s funny too.

  • ClydeSays

    Seems like Shaq should have taken a pass on this one… And yeah, I miss CWebb & GP. “Rondoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!”

  • Paul H

    I’m Irish and I would have used “spelt” as well. Not just the brits.

  • fitzy

    @Allen P. So do canadians

  • http://www.tampax.com doyouwantmore

    As a Canadian, allow me to say that fitzy is full of crap.

  • http://twitter.com/alan__ryan izzo

    Spelt is a perfectly cromulent word.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    We don’t say spelt in America. At least not if you don’t want to be considered uncouth.
    We say spelled here. I should have known all the countries where the Queen owns all the land would use that spelling.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    And nice use of cromulent, I was unfamiliar with that word as well.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Bunch of bullocks if u ask me

  • Sam

    It probably would be a travesty if Dwight left Orlando but only for Orlando. If everybody is going to stick with the conceit that the league is driven by TV ratings, Dwight Howard playing in Brooklyn would be the best thing that could happen to the NBA.

  • Paul H

    @AllenP, You are aware that the Republic of Ireland Is a country independent of the UK, and that the Queen of England Is a constitutional monarchy with no discernible powers, or control, other than those afforded to her by an elected government?

  • burnt_chicken

    “…all the countries where the Queen owns all the land” is a highly inflammatory remark and a really strange dig. Obviously, (goes without saying?) untrue.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com POW

    Wake up! Ireland is just another commonwealth.

  • DerekG

    Shaq is like crap that won’t flush…a complete and utter nuisance. Why won’t he just shut his mouth? Is there a bigger hypocrite alive than Shaq? That list must be VERY short!

  • Paul H

    @Pow, Are you for real mate? People like yourself feed the stereotype (unjustified and not my opinion) that Americans are ignorant of things outside their own country. F*ck you mate.

  • Salty

    The travesty is that night life and real estate is what is Shaq’s rationale for staying. I love the NBA but I can’t stand the players. Bunch of shallow clowns.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I wasn’t trying to inflame. I was pointing out a shocking factoid I read in this book titled “Who owns the world” or something like that. It was a look at how land is owned throughout the world, and it was in that book where i learned that the Queen technically owns all the property in countries claimed by Britain at one point, even if they are independent countries now. Like Canada. Maybe Ireland wasn’t on the list though. And if saying it was is an insult I apologize, I had no idea. I just thought it was curious that nobody in Britain and these other countries actually owns property, they just lease it from the crown.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    This is what I was referring too, it shocked me when I learned about it:Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.

    She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark etc.

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    cosign bt.
    Reading shaqs book made me look differently to the orlando situation.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    “F*ck you mate!” Man, I love this site.

  • http://twitter.com/alan__ryan izzo

    Allenp is a known racist.

  • VL 2012

    It’s strange those words are coming from Shaq…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I see that Ireland is no longer in the Commonwealth realm, and it’ s a pretty big deal. Sorry about that mistake folks.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It’s true Izzo, it’s very true.

  • davidR

    i love that we’re talking about europe in a thread about shaq. slam is the one

  • LA Huey

    “Who gives a f*ck about an Oxford Comma?”

  • ratguts

    Man, oh man. What a conversation.

  • Paul H

    There’s nothing an Irish person hates more than being called British, except for maybe acknowledging that the money grabbing, parasitic waste of fu*king space known as the Queen still draws breath. If that sounds harsh and hateful It was meant as such. Sorry for being touchy lads.

  • burnt_chicken

    trusting Kevin Cahill? The man is clearly writing with an agenda. You may be right, in a way, but the Crown is NOT the Queen. And a ceremonial ultimate link in the chain as the Crown would never be able to excise any true ownership over any land in any country. Like Canada.

  • http://www.basketballprospectus.com/unfiltered/?p=843 nbk

    *looks in* *is this the internet version of an irish bar fight?* *runs away*

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I can’t say what would never happen. I know that when people people own property, they typically own it for a reason. If they wanted to give up their rights to the land, they would have given it up. But, i agree that it’s highly unlikely.
    And while Cahill has an agenda everybody who has every written a book has an agenda. EVERYBODY. That’s how they decide which facts are important and which facts aren’t. The key thing is identifying the agenda and being certain you understand how an issue is being spun.

  • The doon

    Izzo is a known dickface.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Scotland is about to leave the United Kingdom! F*ck yes. Wales next, please. I can’t wait till the British “Empire” is reduced to tiny @ss England. The Queen is German anyway.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    People like Paul H are why I heart Ireland.

  • shutup

    I think Irish people hate being called Scottish more than British, I lived in an Irish neighborhood for a minute and let me tell you, they dont like to be called Braveheart. On a side note Ecuadorians hate being called Mexicans too. Puerto Ricans dont like being called Dominicans. and Jamacians hate being called African-American.

  • Paul H

    Not really the Scots and Irish are both Celtic people and have way more commonalities In terms of culture, dialect etc with each other than they do with any other nationalities. Believe me, I have lived here for 26 years. Back to the original point, C-Webb should regain his post with TNT and Shaq should be placed (against his will of course) In some type of commune for fallen giants.

  • BasketballJunkie

    I cant believe i walked into a nerd convention…

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I have a deep loathing for all monarchies that exist today, and all countries that have the gall to call themselves “Constitutional Monarchies,” and yes that includes Canada.

  • Heals

    Hey “pot” meet “kettle.” Yeah crazy I know you’re both black…

  • Fat Lever

    Wait, shutup, you’re saying people don’t like being called something they’re not? Don’t mind me, I’m just Linstigating.

  • LA Huey

    shutup, so basically, people are less offended when you’re way off than pretty close about their cultural heritage. Funny how that works.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Hossy


  • shutup

    WOW, wasted humor. Heres an example, try asking an Ecuadorian “what part of Mexico is Ecuador?” or when talking to an Irish person after noticing their accent or upon learning of their Irish heritage say “OHHH, I LOVED Braveheart” as a social experiment go do it, the results are usually quite funny. Here’s a funny joke, and I guess because I am part Puerto Rican I’m allowed to tell it- “Why do Puerto Ricans men have mustaches? -because they wanna look like their mother. or How do you know Jesus wasnt from Puerto Rico? because they couldnt find 3 wise men and a virgin.” ……having second thoughts about posting this, but F-it i’m in a silly mood, life is good, laugh a little.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Teddy, you seem to just deeply loath things.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C1DVoMJoEI Shecky Shabazz

    @Paul H I agree completely. C Webb is a really good analyst.

  • LA Huey

    For the record, shutup. I wasn’t being sarcastic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witness my Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese friends (and myself) get irritated when we’re confused for the other.

  • RunNGun

    It’s going to happen sooner or later, but it won’t be with the Lakers or Knicks.

  • el_larsen


  • Big Chee

    Slam is shortchanging Shaq’s comments by not showing all of them.

  • bike

    The title of this post should read “More Than You Need to Know”

  • shutup

    @Huey I understand completely I had the complete discomfort of once calling a Korean lady Chinese, to be fair though she looked more Chinese than Korean, I learned never to make that mistake again. and I have witnessed an Irish basketball player being called Braveheart, and lets say he made it a point to point out Braveheart was Scottish, every time he was called Braveheart

  • blakos

    Never call an Irishman British. Also never call kiwis. Australian. Do not associate us with those convicts………..

    Oh and @AllenP: In New Zealand the land is owned by both the Crown (essntially NZ Government (which was orinally Ryuled by the British and the Local indigenous maori people known as the Tangata Whenua (people of the land).

  • blakos

    And yes i am trying to bait Australians

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    @Hursty: blakos’ calling you out!
    seriously though, this thread has been edutaining.

  • BBaller

    Hook,line and sinker. I’m going to bite on the convict comment haha, why does one quarter of your (NZ) population live over here then blakos? i don’t mind kiwis are cool. @AllenP the Harvard scholar, try to look outside of your own country once and a while. The world is not flat and you don’t fall to your death if you travel further than the coasts of America. Also ‘spelt’ as you now know is a word, an English word in fact. You know the language you are using.

  • Yep

    i like turtles

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ LakeShow: umad, doggy?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    (Killa Cam to Bill O’Reilly voice)

  • blakos

    @BBaller, haha touche. Give us some valuable minerals please……….

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85Bl3GRdULQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player 1982

    The comments on this post are better than than Jeremy Lin.

  • LA Huey

    shutup, well was he called “Braveheart” due to the confusion of Irish/Scottish heritage or was he ballin’ in a kilt and not wearing any drawers? If it’s the latter, that’s a fair comparison.

  • blakos

    @BBaller Is your sirname Creek or Billabong? How about the former St George Rugby league player who had the sirname Lightbulb. LOL.
    Love the banter

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I don’t speak English. I speak American. And in American we don’t say “spelt” unless we’re stupid, and we don’t randomly insert the letter “u” into words that don’t need it.
    And I didn’t got to Harvard, I went to Howard, and I have very little interesting in traveling to that side of the world except to go to some country in west Africa.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    Now I’m just curious – who here’s not in the States?

  • BBaller

    Sigh @AllenP, can you say that out loud in a thick redneck,hillbilly accent” I speak American”LOL.Record it and then play it back to yourself. See that’s why i love kiwis, we can have light hearted banter with each other.I actually enjoy when the ALL Blacks beat the Wallabies. But no my surname is not Creek or Billabong haha

  • BBaller

    Oh and one last thing, you didn’t have to clarify that you didn’t go to Harvard.

  • LA Huey

    I’m communicating with you guys from Stankonia.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Personally I HATE being called “Spanish”.
    And Ireland is the sh*t!
    My dream vacation includes me getting f*cked up off real Guiness in an Irish pub while singing Irish drinking songs with a bunch of Irish cats.

  • Dingo Rob

    lol @ NZ as usual – from Australia

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher


  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Teddy, yes, I am mad: Mentally ill; insane. I always go: Mentally ill; insane, when people I don’t know hate on allot of things. Now let me insert a lyrical pat to the head with a a phrase like: How do you like them apples, little buddy? Can get a “ooooohhh” and a “ahhhh.” ;)

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    That was sarcasm homie. Guess it didn’t come through.

  • DukeFromDeep


  • http://dsfklf.com Jukai

    Hey guys what’s going on in this comment sec— oh nooooooooo!

  • http://dsfklf.com Jukai

    If it means anything, I get PISSED when people learn that I’m Jewish and assume I come from Wallis & Fortuna. That really gets me angry.

  • http://Slamonline.com Rocksinmypants

    @yep I can watch that clip over and over and laugh just as much as the first time.

  • http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=pawtucketymca Gametimeweezy

    what the hell is a Spelt? and what the hell is a Commonwealth? way over my head on those ones…

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    I always thought us Yankees used spelt too.

  • T Bone

    i gotta say that this was one of the most entertaining threads i have read on here… and i am an original Linkstagator (the old heads know what that is) so i have read a lot of threads on here!
    also – im Scottish (but living in South africa) and even i prefer not to be called british.

  • hugo

    no offense to any irish ppl here, but its a sh=tty azz place to live in comparison to other places in europe. and it might not be british but its like a japanese sayin he aint korean…

  • blakos

    I’m gunna call you out AllenP. You coming off insular and borderline egocentric. Hahaa but your whole comment could of been sarcastic no? The beauty of the web.

    Enigmatic, I always think of those wake scenes when a cop dies off the Tv series “The Wire”. That looks like a classic piss up. Even though its in Baltimore…

    @1982 Coming to you from Aotearoa baby. New Zealand. Off to see Erykah Badu tomorrow. Stoked.

  • BBaller

    @blankos, good ‘choice’ of words..you’ll get LOL

  • BBaller

    *you’ll get it

  • blakos

    ha i see that…

  • bobbyD

    @hugo ” it might not be british but its like a japanese sayin he aint korean…”. ?? What are you on about.

  • Justin G.

    blakos, you must be new if you’re just noticing now that AllenP comes off egocentric. It’s just something we’re all used to now. And what is “speaking American” anyway? You have about ten different accents in the States depending on what part of the country you’re from. It’s still considered the English language at it’s base though, not American

  • Flud

    Braveheart was filmed in Ireland so saying ‘loved you in Braveheart’ to an Irishman could, quite possibly, be very correct. Anyways, Shaq is a televisualanalytical disaster. Could they not have him roving on the sidelines or something? Or outside the arena, and not really have him on the TV but let him believe that he is… yada yada

  • blakos

    @Justin ye been around a few years now. Just never comment. Comment section always a good read. Ye AllenP is knowledgeable. but he can often be off point on non basketball related issues. Generally agree with his Basketball reasoning though.

  • Paul H

    @ Hugo, Have you ever been to Ireland you moron? Judging by the sheer idiotic ignorance of the rest of your comment I highly doubt It.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    I see you Blakos haha. Commenting from Sydney.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    And this thread was classic. Very entertaining.

  • eyal

    I miss chris webber. Also, I would like to officially take back what I said about Chris Bosh, if only for the sake of not having the same opinion of him as Mr. O’neil.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I know that there is no such thing as speaking “American.” Again, I wasn’t serious, but it’s hard to convey sarcasm and humor in a random comment box.
    Of course I know where Americans got English from, but clearly we don’t speak the same English that Brits and others speak anymore. Nor do we use the same spellings.
    And it was a joke about the random “u” that European folks insert into words. Like color and colour.
    And I’m glad people disagree with me. Life would be boring if everybody agreed. Still ain’t gonna stop me from thinking I’m right.

  • dev0

    Unfortunately entertainment > good journalism. Does Shaq think before he speaks sometimes?

  • hugo

    lol ofcourse Ive been to ireland…what im on about is that people get confused and find it hard to distinguish irish and british people, just like they find it difficult to distinguish between koreans and japanese people…i realize how racist that earlier comment may have come accross…furthermore, Dublin is expensive, the weather is crap, theres little diversity, its rather small for a capital and theres been a recent housing crisis. It just doesnt compare to other places like barcelona paris or even cities in germany…

  • hugo

    and japanese and irish people get offended even though the average human being cant do anything bout it….

  • bobbyD

    @Hugo The average human being like yourself can refrain from making idiotic comments as a start.