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Amar’e Stoudemire Blasted Knicks Teammates for ‘Joking Around’ Too Much

The New York Knicks’ latest heart-wrenching defeat had Amar’e Stoudemire seething last night, as he publicly questioned some of his teammates‘ desire and resolve for winning. From the NY Post: “Amar’e Stoudemire called out some teammates and said there’s too much joking and not enough preparation from the players. ‘We don’t feel great about our position,’ Stoudemire said. ‘We feel we’re a much better team than the eighth seed.’ [...] On the recent 0-4 road trip, there seemed a lack of accountability after the losses. Stoudemire, who scored 20 points on 7-of-12 shooting, said the whole demeanor must change. ‘We got to be in early, got to get ourselves mentally prepared, in the weight room, getting our bodies ready, watching film,’ Stoudemire said. ‘Joking around has to stop at some point, especially at a time when we’re the eighth seed and not playing well. The time is now. There’s no time for fun and games.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    They should blast him for playing no defense and refusing to rebound. If we’re pointing fingers.

  • crooklyn

    I was so happy with this dude when he first came to NY because he did it when others wouldn’t. But now I think he’s been too busy out shopping, playing dress up, and becoming a renaissance man. Man it is impossible to not look in the mirror before you criticize ANYONE else. Dude had like 11 boards total in his last two games. Being sat for the 4th qtr, getting killed on every board, and letting any and everybody outwork him in the paint. Get a clue Amare’ or at least get an important rebound, scratch that… get ANY rebound

  • bob

    It would be nice to see that type of ‘moral’ outrage on the court. Amare is a disgrace. He is a sieve on defense and should be sued for breach of contract. I would pay 50$ out of pocket to get him off the team just for my own viewing pleasure.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance DFrance21

    Watching him last night was something else. He routinely got outrun by the Bulls bigs in transition, he had about 5 rebounds just straight snatched out of his hands, and another 5 he just stood and watched someone else grab.

  • Fresh Boiardee

    You wanna hear a joke… Amarie is under the basket, the offensive player is slashing to the basket… stop me if you have heard this one..

  • http://theillustrationboard.tumblr.com/ Stepfan

    All this talent on this roster but zero chemistry. Terrible coach who doesn’t believe in defense. To me Amare and Melo cant seem to play together and Melo has yet to learn how to make his teammates better. Maybe Phil can help him with that.

  • Thee SwissArmyKnife

    @Fresh Boiardee lol that’s funny.

  • emmett decosta

    stoudemire should look at himself first ,he plays no defense, he can’t rebound he needs to look in the mirror before he can criticize anyone else, you are a disgrace to the ny Knicks

  • robb


    hahahaha yeah, I’ve heard it and the way it ends is f*cking pathetic

  • http://cechicagorilla@aol.com yada

    i think guys have been going to new york more to become a bigger star than to focus on basketball

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-bulls-talk/2011 Diesel

    I wonder how angry Amare would be if he found out that technically, they’re not even the eighth seed. If the playoffs started today, they lose their tie-breaker with Milwaukee and don’t even make the playoffs.

  • Ash

    Last night he was playing well offensively, making shots but Knicks were not going to jim

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Oh, and Knicks fans are shady.
    Amare is the same player now that he’s always been, albeit slightly less explosive. If you loved him when he first came, love him now. He’s the same player.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    @bob find enough people that r willing to do the same and u can buy out his contract

  • abaci

    Cosign Allenp on both counts
    @Fresh Boiardee, well done

  • http://www.twitter.com DFrance21

    I’d agree he’s the same player defensively, but not offensively. When he first came and it was him and Felton, he was the focal point of the offense. Amare put up big scoring games and played well in the pick and role. Since Felton left he’s transformed into an elbow jump shooter. He never rebounded or defended, but offensively there has been a change that is not totally his fault.

  • owww maaan

    NY fans need to sort their heads out! When he was balling hard when he got to NY without melo you loved him, called him a saint and savior of knicks basketball! Now he doesnt get as many touches on offense so doesnt try on defense and you hate him! Amare will never be an amazing defender get it in your heads! And your team has been killed by that melo trade! The man can ball but not in that team, he takes to much out of amare’s game and you lost so many good pieces! Frankly shouldn’t have traded for melo and built up the existing team around amare which was a WINNING team before the trade and went backwards after! I give it 2 months before NY fans turn on either melo or Jeremy Lin as well.

  • L Dribble

    Who was guarding Taj Gibson when he got EIGHT offensive rebounds? Kyle Korver got 3 offensive rebounds which was Amare’s rebound total for the game. Seven Bulls out-rebounded him. That is the joke.

  • crooklyn

    @allenp. No, he’s not the same player he was when he got here, when he first got here he was tearing it up with felton, early in that season there was chants of mvp. Can you honestly say he’s providing the same type of game that made him such a name in this league? Put your ego and your wealth of b ball knowledge to the side and be honest, dude is playing like doo doo.

  • bike

    This is all Lin’s fault. Curse of the Dragon.

  • ab40

    Ninth place amar’e and stop shooting jumpshots. Of course he’s playing different, they started giving tyson chandler options, dude was supposed to be the garbage guy and now they made him the primary post option. And he was always a bad rebounder why did you think they got Chandler, the big bad defender from de champs?

  • LA Huey

    L Dribble, ANYTIME Kyle Korver gets an offensive rebound, everyone on the other team should run laps.

  • Charles

    Worst defensive “so called big man” in the L.

  • robb

    @crooklyn it all depends on who his PG is. Amare’s game doesn’t really change.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He is the same player.
    Put him at the five and run constant pick and rolls with him while spacing the floor and watch him tear it up again. His entire role has changed, but he’s the same.

  • Kadavour

    Phil and his Zen bullshit will have no effect with likes of Amare and JR Smith. Ppl forget that Phil coached (arguably) 3 of the biggest egos in all sports. Those guys didn’t need ANY encouragement.

  • http://dsjfkl.com Jukai

    DFrance: It’s not any of his fault. Read the news, D’Antoni gave all the P&Rs to Tyson Chandler so get CHandler involved in the offense. Amare HAS to be an elbow shooter.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick Tha Quick

    Amare and Betty White are fighting for a rebound and Amare has inside position. Who gets the rebound?

  • Druyorkcity

    U guys have nothing else to do but hate. The he dont rebound and play defense complaints been around since his second yr So enough wit that one…my argument is this. Before stat got here nobody and i mean NOBODY wanted to play here. Even in his first 8 games of his career as a knick when they lost six straight he blasted his teammates for bein soft and uninterested. They won 13 straight after that 8th game and he was on his way to mvp.then dolan pulled the trigger on the melo trade and EVERYONE except dantoni and donnie walsh just forgot what stat did and yall hailed melo king of ny before his jersey was even stitched. So my question is how do stat and coach and who ever else not named melo is the blame for Melo not blending in.POINT IN CASE. EVERY LINEUP THE KNICKS PUT ON THE FLOOR SINCE STAT GOT HERE HAS A BETTER WIN PER WITH OUT MELO IN THE LINEUP ..remember stat played in 3 of those games AFTER LOSING HIS BROTHERwhen lin sanity was at its peak ALL WINS. TRADE Car(ME)lo Anthony

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85Bl3GRdULQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player 1982

    Melo had more boards than you Stat. Actually, so did Novak. That says something…

  • crooklyn

    I stand corrected, yet still frustrated. Still holding onto the belief that things can (and should) get better.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    @nick betty.

  • bike

    @nick: Amar’e but he is called for pushing off.

  • ClydeSays

    Joke all you want. Just make sure you show up on D, rebound, pass, make plays, move the ball… You know, basketball.

  • mdshuai33

    Don’t really get all the Amare hate these days; before the trade for ‘Melo last season he was a top MVP candidate and everyone loved him. Here’s the thing about basketball: big men play harder on defense when they get consistent touches on offense. He hasn’t gotten that in about a year and is probably getting pretty sick of it. I mean, the dude got three shots a quarter last night; and as much as I like Jeremy Lin and the way he’s played, that’s the point guard’s fault. And I’ve been watching the Knick’s games since ‘Melo got back, and Lin is still playing like his two best teammates are injured and in suits on the bench.


    Amar’e knows how to say all the right things in front of the camera. A real politician.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick Tha Quick

    Lol @ Bike.

  • T-Money

    so new york fans want stat to be productive without his pick n roll / pick n pop game and want melo to be productive without his isolation in the mid post? ok then. and all those changes in the offense are for a combo guard who had a nice 10-game run? ok then.

  • T-Money

    clyde: who exaxtly did you think you were getting, tim duncan? amar’e is and has always been a subpar rebounder and atrocious defender with tunnel vision. the jops are still there, i’ve seen him dunk on cats. it’s just that he has no idea where to go and what to do in the current system. stat’s biggest strength is that he has very soft hands and he is able to convert with force, quickness and at a high clip when he gets it near the basket. that’s how he gets you 20 a game.

  • http://www.twitter.com DFrance21

    @jukai I give him some of the blame because at some point, if you’re the star player, you have to step up and demand the ball where you can be effective.

  • bdogg

    this team is a nightmare..drose is the man but he did whatever he wanted to last night. he got off a shot whenever and wherever he wanted!

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    Word to everything, Amare needs to show REAL effort. How many of those baby push off jumpers did Rose drop 8 feet away from the bucket and a few inches from Amare’s face? All Stat had to do was stick a hand out and he would’ve deflected it more times than he wouldn’t have. Son, what I wouldn’t give for Zach Randolph back right now instead of Stat. Melo will come around sooner or WAY later, but Stat is looking like he’s already shown us his best. Either that or he just doesn’t want to play 2nd fiddle to anyone on the team. At least he’s ACTING like a leader by letting dudes know to be more serious, but real talk, he needs to look at his own efforts. 3 rebounds in a game for a power forward? Pathetic.

  • @boweezy24

    TRADE MELO! NYK Was Stoudemire’s Team.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I said weeks ago that the Knicks should have looked into getting Deron Williams. it might still be possible.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    Be serious all you like, but you getting 3rebounds in 35 minutes is the real joke here…

  • Mike

    I’d need at least 5 extra hands to count how many time I saw stat just standing around on the court last night. If he isn’t shooting he doesn’t do anything. I play better defense then he does and I can’t even touch the rim. If he’s getting 100 mill for just offense then he should be averaging 60 points a game

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    @ Allen P, you might be right simply because ain’t no one taking Stat’s contract. Might as well trade Melo’s attitude for D-Will. D-Will is a top 3 PG. Melo’s barely even a top 5 F anymore…

  • alwaysknicks

    Melanoma is a cancer to the team. Now I know why George Karl was so happy to get rid of him and they’re playing better than last year and winning more games. Selfish egotistical overweight doughnut that can’t and has never lived up to his own reputation as a supposed “superstar.” Frickin shameful. He’s responsible for the bad chemistry because after he rejoined his team we can’t win for sh*t. Before they pulled Lin the bencher the Knicks couldn’t pull off a win. All he says in his post game interview is suck, suck, suck. Nice attitude idiot. Lying to the fans thinking we’re so stupid, we see the truth. Since your filming your wife’s reality show, have her employ you as a “superstar,’ at least you’ll be useful to LA LA. Kartrashian is her friend, that says a lot right there. Save the Knicks, fire his ass.

  • ClydeSays

    @TMoney, No one’s ever EVER going to mistake Amare for Duncan. I still can’t believe the Knicks gave him 100 million and couldn’t get insurance because of Amare’s long history of injury… But he needs to at least put consistent effort on D & the boards if he’s going to call people out…

  • alphabeta

    Damn Sarver from Phoenix looks like a genius to let this douchebag not collect anything near the 100 mil he was asking for. Nash made him look better than he is and the Knicks fell for it.