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Brook Lopez Would Be ‘Relieved’ To Stay With Nets

Brook Lopez may not be the best rebounding 7-footer in the game, but he does know how to how to make the right play in front of the microphone. After scoring 28 points (and grabbing only three boards) against the Celtics last night, Lopez told reports he “likes being a Net.” Via the NY Post: “’I do want to stay. It’s the only thing I’ve known and I’ve enjoyed my time here, no question,’ said Lopez, who almost certainly would go if the Nets could pull off a deal for Howard by the March 15 deadline — something their 23-year-old center wants to see come and go ASAP. ‘I’d definitely be relieved. No question. Like I said, I like being here. I like being a Net.’ Honest, there were no electrodes attached to bare skin to force that out of him. Lopez, who has endured some of the worst times in Nets history — including that 12-70 horror of 2009-10 — wants to stay and possibly join forces in Brooklyn with Howard, Williams, MarShon Brooks and at least one pick from this draft. ‘I don’t think there’s much more I can say. I enjoy being a Net and I like playing here,’ Lopez said, noting of the whole trade rumor scene, ‘I control very little or absolutely nothing of it, other than what I do on the floor. So I’m going to do what I can and that’s it.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    is he alergic to rebounds?

  • anynomous

    he only had 3 rebounds? nj has got to find a way to get him out of there. I don`t care how many points he puts up, if you have a 7-footer who can only manufacture 3 rebounds in 35 plus minutes that`s a problem. Yet, humphries is a great rebounder at only 6-9.

  • -MAS-

    K-HUMP takes down most rebounds. Lopez blocks out the opponents big man and runs the floor better than any other center in the L. I think he will be a solid 18-8 kinda Center. I know it’s not woth max money but look at Tyson. All defense and no offense got him paid. Maybe Lopez can get paid on all offense, no defense. ?

  • http://www.slamonline.com the_unknown

    Brook Lopez: “I do want to stay. It’s the only thing I’ve known and I’ve enjoyed my time here, no question”

    Nets: *trades him to orlando*

  • JL

    On teams with dominant centers they usually take the defensive rebound off of missed FTs, and just that is usually like 4-5 a game I would think. I haven’t seen him play in a while but I’m pretty sure Humphries gets most of those. If they want to boost his trade value they should at least give him those rebounds to boost his numbers. Otherwise it’s just ridiculous at 3 reb’s. His scoring is awesome though, so I think he would actually fit in really well with Howard. Too bad they would have to trade him to get to Howard.

  • http://guyism.com/sports/michael-jordan-selling-chicago-area-home-for-29-million-dollars.html Caboose

    ^Watch him play. His rebounding anticipation is horrendous, he struggles mightily in boxing out quicker players, he doesn’t have great hands, and he just doesn’t know how to position himself well for rebounds. I hate the myth that Kris Humphries takes all the rebounds. No, he doesn’t.

  • Shem

    I truly don’t understand why the Nets think they can give Orlando a decent trade package for Howard around Lopez. If Lopez goes to the Magic, they would easily have the softest frontcourt in the NBA with chuckers in the backcourt.

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    Okay, okay, so he’s terrible at rebounding. But name one center who’s got more skills offensively. If you watch Lopez play, he has so many ways to score the ball, it’s a thing I don’t see that often anymore in today’s NBA. He’s not athletic, but when you watch the game he had against the Mavs, I was wondering how many and one’s he had. He’s just vert clever offensively, has a nice shot, ton of post moves.
    As a Nets fan, I’m probably the only one, I hope that Lopez stays. I really do.

  • http://guyism.com/sports/michael-jordan-selling-chicago-area-home-for-29-million-dollars.html Caboose

    Lopez is great offensively. But so is Andrea Bargnani. I honestly think they’re comparable given their lack of defensive big skills. As a Magic fan, it would be a travesty to pair him with Ryan Anderson. However, Brook works well alongside a bruiser PF. I guess Hump is close enough.

  • Omphalos

    Does anyone else think Lopez would be a perfect fit in OKC? They have two excellent defensive PFs in Ibaka and Collison, and the Thunder would benefit greatly from a scorer at the 5 position, also people need to remember there is more to defence than rebounding numbers, Kevin love being a prime example of a great rebounder who is an average defender at best.