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Carmelo Anthony Not Sure Why He Was Benched in the 4th Quarter

Head coach Mike D’Antoni sat both Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire in the fourth quarter of the Knicks’ loss to the visiting Sixers yesterday in New York, and ‘Melo didn’t quite understand why that was. From Newsday: “Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire walked off the court at the end of the third quarter Sunday with the Knicks trailing by 16 points. They never got back in the game as the Knicks lost to the 76ers, 106-94. Mike D’Antoni said he wasn’t trying to make a statement by sitting his two stars. The Knicks, who face the Bulls in Chicago tonight, trailed by double digits for the entire fourth quarter. The closest they got was 10 points with 1:20 left. ‘In the sense that these guys [on the floor] were fighting, they had us back, I just didn’t feel like it was fair to them to take them out and try something else,’ D’Antoni said. Neither player said he was upset with the decision, but Anthony sounded confused. ‘I really don’t know what was Coach’s mind-set,’ said Anthony, who finished with 22 points in 29:07. ‘Maybe he was trying to save us for tomorrow. I’m not sure. That’s something you have to ask him.’ Asked if he was miffed, Anthony said: ‘I was fine. I guess he was saving me for tomorrow’s game. That was the mindset out there.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com KulchaKris

    And with that, Linsanity grinds to a screeching halt. Fame, and the media, are fickle mistresses indeed.

  • Drig

    Melo………god NYK needs a new coach and Melo needs to stop shooting so many shots early in the clock. I didn’t watch this game but he’s making Kobe look super efficient the last few games. Fire D’Antoni and get Sloan anyone??? Anyone??? :\

  • Drig

    KulchaKris………the problem is there’s not enough off ball movement or good spacing……..which is shocking tbh. I mean, LA’s early season struggles looked better for me :| And I don’t think most guys outside NYK are still ga-ga over Lin.

  • T-Money

    mike d is panicking. melo wasn’t the problem at all yesterday (stat is a different story). / funny how no one is questioning riles anymore for choosing bosh over boozer or stoudemire.

  • Sin City

    Melo was on fire in the 1st Quarter, but you think happens next? Benched the first 8 minutes in the 2nd. Beautiful strategy right there.

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury

    somebody has to go…

  • KSupreme

    I like D’Antoni…but the his style doesn’t match Carmello’s play. Sucks cause it made Amare’s career and had Jeremy Lin, Novak, Jared Jeffries, and Iman. I don’t know what to think :( …is it Melo or is it D’Antoni.

  • Canesta

    The problem is that the Sixers are just better than the Knicks!!! duhz

  • dan

    if melo wonders why he shouldve seen his self play d… or better: not playing d

  • @boweezy24

    Trade Melo and Baron for Rondo and Pierce.

  • @boweezy24

    I Like The Knicks…. bt They Suck! Ugh

  • Jer Dawg

    Melo crushed the Knicks from 60-0 in 1 game. He stunted Amare’s production, stopped Jeremy’s development, the team’s progress, depressed Knick fans worldwide, about to get D’Antoni fired again soon… Damn, what else am I missing off this checklist of doomsdom for the Knicks?

  • Ash

    Just like other teams bench your two stars for next game, which is today

  • Sean B

    Over/under on Derrick Rose’s points tonight against Linsanity… I’m settling on 33 points with about 8 assists tonight as another top-tier point guard relishes the challenge of squashing Linsanity.

  • http://hoopshirts.com hoop shirts

    Melo was benched because he doesn’t move without the ball.

    If you don’t move without the ball, you can’t succeed in Jeremy Lin’s offense.

  • hoop dreams

    Melo is an isolation player, straight up, and always will be. It’s not his nature to move without the ball -and it never will be. He is a streetballer that will jack up shots just like Iverson did. He is not in the same realm as Kobe, James, Durant. He can score you a lot of points and win you a few games with last minute shots, but in the playoffs when teams up their defensive intensity they will double down and he is done. NY should have vetted him and his playoff games before they gave away so much to Denver.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Lin shot them out of the game, that dude is a role player.

  • TW Carl

    Hoop Shirts,

    Melo doesn’t like to move – period.

  • T-Money

    so… when are we going to address the elephant in the room? new york’s future at the 1 is a volume shooter, combo guard that only goes north/south. it was very telling to me that b-diddy was running the offense when they were both on the coourt at the same time.

  • Drig

    North-South is putting it lightly. His game isn’t at even an all-star level esp. with his turnovers. And in defence of Melo, I’ve rarely seen enough space for melo to penetrate off the dribble………or any offensive sets that aren’t an iso on the wing or Lin drives and dishes. Seriously, I’ve only rarely seen screen rolls or pick and pops ( which would be money with Melo running ) Seriously! Why’s D’Antoni there?

  • Oh Nose

    I hope so @Sean B I’ll be there tonight :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFqwcIwZmZo&feature=related underdog

    I just don’t get what the hell happend with Amaré. Before the Melo trade he was a serious MVP candidate. Now, he’s like a shadow of his old self. I still think letting Billups go was a hughe mistake. Amaré needs a real PG. (Meanwhile Nash in PHX makes Gortat look like an all-star…)

  • maurice

    if a team ever needed phil Jackson this is it

  • Russ-Doc

    Carmelo is a Superstar and Amare is as well. The reserves are just that reserves. You need your best players in the game in the 4th unless the players on the floor have a lead. You play to win not to rest in the NBA.Fans come to watch a win or a good game. Many of those same fans won’t be in the CHI FOR THE NEXT ONE. Put them in the game.

  • butch

    melo is not a team player! he wants to play one on one and that doesnt help a team to win. Basketball is played with 5 players and not one. With this move, players like Lin, Amare and the other players doesn’t perform well hence the team loses the game

  • Waggle

    Oh the Knicks, my new favorite reality show!

  • DerekG

    Down 16 entering the 4th and you yank your 2 franchise players because you clearly don’t think you have a shot at easing home? D’Antoni needs to go!!

  • http://facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    Mike D it is time for you to head to the GM’s office, apologize for not being able to make the franchise players work for the upscale franchise you run. Anyone who can’t use a elite SF in their playbook in this league is a joke. Anyone who needs a north/south pg who cant go left and turns over the ball 5 times a game at minimum to “run” their offense needs to go. Amare’s never played D in his life so that is no surprise, Melo is a better defender than most people think and often is the last guy back on a 3 on 1. It is time to get rid of the coach right now.

  • hessian67

    The problem? Look at his game! No d, and he wants the ball all the time. The Knicks weren’t playing that badly before Melo came back. Look at Denver – they’re doing a lot better without Melo. The problem isn’t d’Antoni, it’s the Knick’s ownership.

  • pasa

    Carmelo, here are some hints that you can take from the scrubs on the floor:
    - Play defense darn it!
    - Play with heart and fight! (A loss is never “fun” period.)
    - Move without the ball so Lin can find you at the right spots
    - Basketball is a team sport; it’s not a playground where you play one-on-one pickup
    - Fans don’t care about your statistics; fans care about win or loss
    - Fans pay a lot to watch the team play and non-flowing basketball is very boring to watch

  • Mike Jones

    Drig do you watch basketball ? Kobes last7 games he hasnt shot less than 23 shots. and he has only been hit 9-23 or 9-31 so before you start mouth melo should really know what you are talking about. I live in Australia and the knicks v sixers was on at 3 30 am and i stayed up to watch anthony put on a show. first quater anthony had 12 points and the knicks were up, then the end of the 3rd he had 22 points with 11-12 free throws and 5-13 shooting it is so upsetting he was on track for 30 plus. but instead coach takes him out of the game and puts lin in who had a awful shooting night and needs to realise that he isnt a scoring option needs to be a pass first, in saying that if are going to have 7 turnovers and 6 assists are you really a pass first.
    My advice would be put davis in the starting line up to help the starting 5 get going and make lin the back up point guard who can be a scoring option for the second unit.

  • Matt Park

    I still say give Lin until midway next season. He’s not scoring efficiently because he hasn’t been shooting the ball well from outside ~15 ft. He’s still turning the ball over on good defensive teams like PHI and MIL, but he’s cut down on them overall… I mean, he’s had three games (out of six) where had 1/2 turnovers. He only had two before the All-Star break. I mean, he had 6 TOs against SAC and 9 against NOH. He’s making better decisions and he can def. coexist with ‘Melo. In fact, he has been. It’s just that ‘Melo’s been missing some easy shots that he usually makes and Lin is learning that ‘Melo is not a good spot-up shooter AT ALL. The thing is, Lin is not a “scoring option”. He is a point guard, as in he’ll run the offense. It’s just that he isn’t slicing defenses up because he isn’t confident in his ball-handling. If you watch the games, he always picks up his dribble on hedges and is unable to turn the corner consistently because of that. And of course, there are many issues but they aren’t all because of him.
    tldr; give Lin a full season.

  • anonymous

    Lin cannot remain in the starting lineup if the knicks want to have an outside chance of doing something in the PO. You don`t need a PG who is an inefficient-bad defensive-turnover machine as your starter. His positive contribution of points, assist, and energy (up beat play) do not make up for his great flaws. The same teams that the knicks were beating during that 7 game streak are the teams that are crushing them now. Examples: milwaukee and NJ. The fire has fizzled out. Linsanity is over. Melo and stat (and pick-and-roll play) need to be the focal points of the offense not a PG who will shoot the team out of the game. NY gave up have their team to get Melo, at the very least try using him correctly.

  • http://www.nba.com JB

    Melo sucks! He is so overrated. He plays no defense and can’t do anything but play in an isolation offense. Trade him for a work horse type player. Gallinari should have never left NY.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    I guess this is the season where Anthony’s career comes to a crossroad.
    As far as being able to help a team win.
    Very questionable at this point.

  • RunNGun

    Melo needs to be traded. Dude is a black hole on offense and doesn’t play a lick of defense.

  • Mike Jones

    Mike…..for the entire month of March, Melo’s been shooting at 39%, compared to Kobe, who’s been gunning shots left and right but still is at a more efficient 42%…….I said Melo’s making Kobe look more effective on O. Not that Melo’s taking more shots than Kobe. BTW, I haven’t been too harsh on Melo and if you read my posts again, you’ll see that I’m calling out D’Antoni and his decisions.

  • Mike Jones

    Mike…..for the entire month of March, Melo’s been shooting at 39%, compared to Kobe, who’s been gunning shots left and right but still is at a more efficient 42%…….I said Melo’s making Kobe look more effective on O. Not that Melo’s taking more shots than Kobe. BTW, I haven’t been too harsh on Melo and if you read my posts again, you’ll see that I’m calling out D’Antoni and his decisions. Sigh.

  • Justin G.

    Why is it that when Popovich rests his two best players for an entire game(!) while in the middle of a 12 or 13 game win streak he’s considered a genius but if D’Antoni does it in the fourth quarter, his team down 16, and a game the next night in Chicago it’s horrible coaching and he needs to be fired? Those that are jumping on Lin all of a sudden need to relax. There aren’t many non-elite point guards that can get thrown into the situation he has, get the team going to where they’re winning a bunch in a row, now have opposing defenses drawing up game plans to stop you, and THEN have two guys/chuckers who need the ball at all times join the lineup and still be able to produce at the same level. People are so fickle and non-sensical on this site. It’s truly baffling

  • DM

    Everyone’s talking about LinSanity coming to a halt. Well, Basketball people knew that the level of instensity that he generated could not be sustained. In conversations with my friends, I told them that Lin’s ability became apparent to me several years ago when I watched him in Storrs when Harvard played UCONN. I told my fellow basketball friends that he was NBA material. I was happy to see him get the chance. However, I’m sure that he was not in the kind of shape that he could have been in had he known that he would be on a team for an entire year. Also, his rise was easy because of the absence of Melo and Stoudemaire…and he delivered. I was concerned and told them so, that once Melo and Amarie returned, that they would assert themselves and let Mr. Lin know that the Knicks was THEIR TEAM, and Lin would acquiesce to their Stardom….and that’s exactly what’s happened. So, the Knicks are back to their LOSING WAYS with two All-Stars. If D’Antoni told Lin to take the team over, and incorporate the two in HIS game, the Knicks could easily return to their winning ways….in my opinion.

  • Jerome

    Is there a GM out there that would make his team suffer Melo?
    No trade will happen because nobody wants a player that operates
    in a vacuum. Anthony will start to win when he realizes … scratch
    that … he will never win a ‘Chip.