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Could Baron Davis End Up Taking Jeremy Lin’s Starting Spot?

Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni won’t rule out bringing Mr. Linsanity off the bench, should Baron Davis outplay him over the course of the season. And Jeremy Lin isn’t the only current starter whose playing time isn’t guaranteed. Per the NY Post: “Can there be a point-guard controversy come April if backup Baron Davis continues to rise and Jeremy Lin’s game flattens out? It is no longer a ‘Linsane’ thought. Mike D’Antoni has always left open that possibility, and after the second unit’s superior play in the Knicks’ second-half bludgeoning of the Cavaliers, 120-103, Wednesday, their starting lineup as March begins could be different when the month ends. D’Antoni said Wednesday night the second unit dominated the first unit during scrimmages earlier this week. Davis confirmed a friendly rivalry is brewing between the super subs and the star-studded starting unit. That makes the Knicks (18-18) only the most dangerous .500 team in sports since the Giants were 7-7 in December. ‘That’s our job is to come out and practice and play with that energy and intensity,’ said Davis, who had eight assists and zero turnovers in 14-plus minutes. ‘It helps us. We’re not going to play against a better second unit than our first team. Every day in practice we are challenging them and we are kicking their butts.’ So will D’Antoni look into tinkering with the starting five, even bringing Lin off the bench? ‘It could [change],’ D’Antoni said. ‘I’m trying to find the right combos. But it’s got to be determined over time. It’s not going to be over one game. Not going to just throw people under the bus for one or two games. Over a length of time, if they prove they need to be out there, they’ll be out there.’ [...] ‘If we’re serious about doing something important in the postseason, everyone has to buy into playing less minutes and playing harder and really stepping up,’ D’Antoni said.”

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  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ


  • AD

    if jlin plays like he did last game but if bd starts to pick it up i would expect him to get alot more minutes… he has the experience, toughness and can get ppl open… i heard he was out of shape but i dnt see it….. only time will tell

  • FT9

    The only reason the Knicks are even in play-off contention is because of Jeremy Lin. Is D’Antoni nuts?

  • Paul H

    Is this not what should happen with every position and every team In the L, best player plays? I don’t think It will tho. Baron can’t handle 30 plus mins a game at this point In his career. That plus Lin Is ballin.

  • Sparker

    “dangerous” and “knicks.” knicks= giants. lol.

  • James

    i don’t like this politics. jeremy lin saved the coache’s ass and the team and brought the chemistry to the team. without him being the starter, the team will be dismantled again. this coach was still not smart enough to figure it out. the dump coach should not deserve a position next season.

  • lol

    of course the second unit outplayed the first unit.. Amare is in the the first unit. Novak going lit him up 24/7.

  • MikeC.

    This seems like a good thing to me. Lin must be exhausted, Davis can’t handle huge mins any more. Split time sounds about right, with the one playing better getting more minutes. Weird idea.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    Not unless they want a riot.

  • burnt_chicken

    Paul, ever seen JET play? some guys are better off the bench (see MICROWAVE, Vinnie). It’s not always that the best players on your team start. It’s about filling roles for the good of the team. Some configurations are going to work better than others over 48 minutes when you factor in how your guys work against the other team’s first AND second units. Sometimes you want or NEED more talent to come screaming off the pine for you. Lin might be better off the bench as he seems to have a knack for scoring, has a ton of energy that affects his teammates positively, and is more turnover prone (granted, small sample size) than Baron. Starters don’t need to play 30 minutes. They just start. Finishers (JET) finish.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    Ticket prices are through the roof thanks to Lin. No way that franchise allows D’Antoni to send Lin to the bench just yet.

  • JJ

    Not so soon, baron dont play ever since april 11 cause his injury

  • JD

    it’s a no brainer. The 2nd team had more well rounded players, more players that were both good at defence and can shoot, people like iman shumpart, first team too many offensive players with only Tyson Chandler handling the defence. 2nd unit had Novak to shoot from outside. In first team, only one who seems to be doing that is JLin. I don’t think it was a fair match-up between the 2 units in the first place. In his previous games, JLin did a lot better with guys from the 2nd unit than with amare and anthony. They should have put JLin in the 2nd unit and used that as the startup team. Maybe amare and anthony would have better chemistry with Davis.

  • Paul H

    @Burnt. I was not really going that deep into It. All I meant was that, generally speaking, players get rewarded for their efforts. I agree that Jet plays better off the bench, and (as I said) believe that at this stage of his career Baron will play much better In that role. If they can play Lin 32 and Baron 16 there will be virtually no drop off at point. Baron was screaming off the pine on wed night, 8 assists In 15 mins. And that fourth quarter swagger was glorious. Great seeing him ENJOYING playing again.

  • sendoh

    pretty sure d antoni referring to other players not lin.
    those who ve been watching the games should know who they are.

  • Reo

    Have you watched the whole game?
    Lin got nose bleed. Lin sat down. Barron came in. Knicks still behind the Cav. Lin came in. Bumped up the offense and equalized the Cav. Then BD came in. Knicks already got the edge. They came with full energy not worried about bumping up the points to equalize. BD passed a few balls to Novak and got 3 points. Of course one alley oop to JR. I can also do the way BD did. Passing the ball to Novak though.

  • Blin67723

    Winning is everything and let’s take ego out of the equation. Am glad the depth of the team. It make feared.

  • tian

    totally agree…lin is the spiritual strength of the whole team.

  • Paul H

    @Reo, Baron came In, kept pushing the ball, finding the open man and generally running the offense competently…anything else you would want from your back up point man? I realize a baller like yourself “can also do the BD did” but something tells me he DAntoni (and the rest of the hoops world) just might see a little bit more In him….

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Lin isn’t all that, it’s just hype and the NBA trying to market off the Asian community. I’m sure they’re pulling strings for him.

  • Blin67723

    The team has a lot to appreciate what Lin has to energize and galvanize as a real team. And Jlin has a lot to learn from veterans even he is as good as he is now. He is smart and he will only get better. He is all about winning as a team. It’s up to others to adapt that belief.

  • Fat Lever

    This is just a motivational ploy by D’Antoni, and a good one. It will push Lin to play even better. And it will give Baron the idea that if he plays well enough he can be the starter again, which will not happen if Lin plays at his current level, and will probably get Baron to play better. Smart move by D’Antoni, he knows Lin won’t say anything detrimental to the team.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    i 99% believe that is not a realistic scenario.

  • autoprt

    without lin the knicks wouldn’t more than 11 games won this season.
    without lin there is no interest in this knick team, i haven’t watched the knicks in years and find myself watching and lose interest when he goes out.
    it is exciting to watch his development otherwise the knicks are boring.

  • JoeMaMa

    Knicks fans must love this. From no point guards, to 2 PGs playing well. This is what we call “a good problem”.

  • Reo

    I’m not saying BD is mediocre. He is veteran. But just the one game and Novak performance it all became BD and the rest how the media make a prediction.

  • 23

    has lins game really slowed down? i thought he was getting better day by day. hes still getting points and assists while bringing his turnovers down…

  • Jono

    Lin/Fields/Melo/Stat/Tyson and BDiddy/JR/Iman/Novak/(Anything), sounds good enough.

  • zero

    man not every game that Lin can make many points and assist. He is only human dude and the schedule of this season is exhausting.

  • Chuck

    There were reasons why BD was taken so cheaply, and over time against better and more rested defenses it will become evident. Ridiculous column.

  • New1

    If they put BD to start I don’t want to watch the Knicks anymore. Lin is the reason why I follow the Knicks. The whole world is following Linsanity. You start BD, ticket’s will go down and d’antony will get booed. Win or loose, Lin has to start.

  • Myke

    I don’t know what the coach is thinking about. He should be benched and Herb Williams should be coaching. If it wasn’t for Lin the coach would be gone at the end of the season. Lin is doing good, he can’t play perfect every night, a lot of teams are bringing two and three men at him every time he gets. Lets not forget Lin is basically a rookie out there, so over time he will get better. The coach needs to learn how to get all of his players to play together and become a success story, and stop all the drama. I remain.

  • ripslam

    Jeremy Lin is the reason why Mike Antoni has a job right now, you’d think he’d have a little more appreciation…

  • Ric Silvestre

    Starting unit or off the bench for JL…His potential will always be there…He will not be a splash on the pan player..he will continue to learn as the league ang his career progresses…We just give the young man a BIG THANKS for the smile he gave to the whole basketball world…NYK has been love even by non NewYorkers coz of JL..accept it or not. even outside the US..Jeremy and NYK become famous globally..A big help for NBA…correct me if I am wrong…for all the problems that every individual having now at least now we want to watch NYK games coz of Linsanity at least to make everybody smile for the whole quarter of the games. JL next season deserve a better contract…

  • Ric Silvestre

    Lets give J. LIN and R. Rubio two thumbs up for re-injecting the grace and life in the NBA..fun to watch these two young future of NBA.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    hmm i think it’s the other way around. D’Antoni is why Jeremy Lin has a job.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    ya’ll forgot how good Baron Davis was back in the day. If he can get about 70% of that back then he should start over J. Lin whose production should be dropping very soon.

  • thoughts

    If it’s the unit that was tested then it’s not so much the point guard. Wouldn’t mixing up those in the unit change things? I thought Lin stilled played very well in the last game and earned his spot. Lin assists as much as Davis, but Lin is also a stronger scorer.

    In the first quarter of the Cleveland game, Lin ended with a close tie, then Davis came in and the Knicks went down 10 to 15, then Lin came in and brought it back up to 74-75. After that, Davis came in and increased it to about 15 and then Lin came in the last few minutes the points were increased a bit more till the end. It didn’t seem like the 2nd unit played much better as suggested.


    Knicks bench knickname: Mobb Deep. I like it.

  • william Gentes

    A point guard is supposed to manage and distribute the ball – that is what Jeromy Lin is doing. It’s about making the team better.
    It’s great that Baron has out play Lin in practice, but like Iverson said,”it’s practice, not game time.”
    I watch the Knicks because of Jeromy Lin otherwise, I would rather watch college basketballs.
    The name of the game is winning – who cares if the second unit is beating the first unit. Baron looks out of control when he is in the game -trying playing the whole game and see what happen. If Baron is so great than why didn’t anybody claim him except the Knicks. D’Antoni should give it a rest and stay the course with Lin.

  • Alex

    If it the status quo continues, BD will not start over Lin. Knicks/D’antoni is smarter than that. He will not be the reason why the Lin lovefest dies. Even if BD plays slightly better. Lin’s played pretty good in 10 of 11 games or whatever it is. He’s gonna have a long leash. The knicks play basketball to win games but MSG plays basketball to make money. Lin makes them a ton. Unless Lin absolutely flames out, he’s the starter, no questions asked. The only question, if there even is one, is whether Shumpert should start over Fields. Defense and hustle is sorely needed in the starting unit.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    the problem with the first unit is not the PG, but the forward positions. i absolutely cannot understand why the knicks continue to run Lin/chandler pick and rolls every time down, and leave amare parking at the high elbows to shoot 18 footers. talk about minimizing your talent. with Melo in the mix, i really don’t understand what the offense scheme is. having 3 1-dimension players in the starting lineup is the problem (amare/melo can only impact on the offensive side, while tyson is not too threatening offensively and lin is somewhat a liability on defense).

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    baron looks great with the 2nd unit because shumpert plays all out (especially on D), novak being an unconscious shooter, and jared jeffries being a great help defender. in fact, those 3 were the reasons why the knicks had that winning streak when the “stars” of the team were out (along with Lin running the show).

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKT7UybFxe4 IAMORANGE4EVER

    albie1kenobi why you so worried about the Knicks? That defense looking good…Melo’s actually playing some. Watch a game sometime.

  • Yesse

    If he can average 18+ ppg and 8+ apg, then maybe.

    Then again, knowing D’antoni, you never know.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    @orange: i’ve actually watched almost every knicks game since Lin got regular minutes. you are telling me the defense from the first unit is good? the defense actually isn’t as much of a problem as their inefficient offense. i really hope it gets better.


    I BD can take his spot due to experience. If Lin’s play slacks up and BD picks Lin could be coming off the bench. Which wouldn’t hurt the Knicks. Either way with BD finally in the line up along with J.R. Smith it helps the Knicks out a lot.

  • LA Huey

    If Baron played like a starter, I think this would be ideal. Lin would give fits to 2nd strings in this league and he’d certainly be back to Linsanity mode if he’s the 1st option. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Jeremy Lin has been absolutely great. There is no reason to take any of his minutes away until he puts a STRING of bad games together. Which doesn’t look like it’s going to happen until the playoffs, if it happens at all.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Play them together.
    Baron at the 1, Lin at the 2.
    Free Lin up to do what he does.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKT7UybFxe4 IAMORANGE4EVER

    I’ve watched all the Knicks games albie1kenobi. Keep on hatin’ on Melo. I like it.

  • Alex

    I think the Philosopher is on to something. Lin’s played SG most if not all of his college career.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    I wouldn’t put Baron in the starting lineup simply because no one knows how his back will hold up, na’mean? But Jeremy definitely needs to have his minutes reduced. D’Antoni’s treating him like the Brewers treated CC Sabathia when they traded for him. Plus with Baron coming off the bench, the Knicks 2nd unit is looking more dangerous than most teams starting lineup.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85Bl3GRdULQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player 1982

    I’m not weirded out by the Lin fans. I’m weirded out that this many people have never seen Baron Davis play. His injury was the reason they needed Lin. Before Lin, their PG selection might as well have been an even older DFish. Lin is playing starter minutes and putting up starter stats. Baron is playing great with bench minutes from a pg perspective. Scoring wise, Lin definitely fits the team’s 7SOL offense better. But to say Lin is the only reason the Knicks are In playoff contention is ignoring how Novak is suddenly brining 10+ 4th qtr points off the bench per game, Shunpert is handling the hard wing assignments, and Tyson Chandler is actually playing great.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Co-sign O; don’t start Baron, but just because Lin starts a game doesn’t mean he has to finish it (a’la why the #### wasn’t he subbed in that Heat game).

  • bike

    Nothing new here. Best thing for a team like this right now is intense internal competition for playing time and starting slots. D’Antoni’s doing the right thing by saying no one is guaranteed anything. Think about what Lin’s story means to a lot of players–they have to be thinking ‘holy crap, how many more sleepers are out there that might knock me out of the lineup?’ And then there are those that will think if Lin can do it, so can I.

  • Cameron

    “Not so soon, baron dont play ever since april 11 cause his injury “…JJ do us all a favor and stay in school. Anyways, the Knicks seem lucky to have 2 good PG’s. Neither of them should come off the bench but share the minutes. And it’s good to see D’ Antoni using his bench players for a change.

  • Bleeacbc

    The Knicks were going nowhere fast before JLin. People wonder why the he wasn’t scouted and I believe it is because the pg position now is like a qb in football. Guys like Warner, Brady or even Montana aren’t necessarily the greatest athletes, but they have the mental skill and guts to see the field and know how and when to strike. These intangibles are so hard to scout, Brady was a 6 th round pick! It didn’t help JL that he was Asian and small, but the winning mental skills was always there. Hopefully the scouts will learn something from this and not let other players like that fall through the cracks. As for BD and JL, the fact remains that leadership of the team has fallen on JL with a lot of help from Chandler’s grit. He is the glue that has pasted the otherwise dysfunctional Knicks together. JLin is the future for the Knicks and BD is basically a hired gun for the playoffs.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    @orange: i think you have nothing to like because i don’t hate melo. in fact i’ve been a fan of him since his syracuse days (i also thought he should have won ROY over Bron).
    the person i hate is d’anotni, because he has two of the best weapons in NBA and he’s not utilizing properly. it’s like having a lamborghini and driving 40 mph on 1st gear. doesn’t that frustrate YOU, Orange, the biggest knicks fan here?

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    as an interesting aside on d’antoni, he has a notorious track record of running his starters to the ground by playing them too many minutes. it’s interesting to see what he’s going to do with these many quality players on the team. minutes management has been one of his big weakness (other than defense, obviously).

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85Bl3GRdULQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player 1982

    @Bleeacbc I get that you’re basing your judgement on how things have turned out over the Linsanity era, but you have it backwards. Lin was the hired gun when BD’s injury looked like it had no timetable. BDiddy was supposed to be their Starting PG, at least until they could look at their better options during the FA madness that’s about to start next year. Lin was one of the only guards available for cheap.

  • DruNyce

    Bottom line is.. against the elite teams in the NBA. Lin doesn’t have the polished decision making, defense, or ball handling skills to get the job done. Everyone is so caught up in him “saving” the Knicks. When he just had a good stretch against mostly bad teams. ‘Antoni continues to leave the door open because he knows this. Lin may develop into a decent player but people are too caught up in the hype.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    Can’t front, Dru has a point. As much as I love Lin and what he’s done for the Knicks, he has some developing to do. Son needs to work on his D and ball handling skills. His decision making isn’t horrible, but can and will improve. This summer he needs to hire a dribbling coach or whatever and learn how to play D. I read somewhere that he met or maybe knew Gary Payton. He should reach out to him and ask him to take him under his wing like Hakeem took Dwight and LeBron under his to teach em the post up game…

  • tavoris

    D’Antoni must have already forgotten that Lin saved his job.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    On another note, I hope Lin gets at least one MVP vote. I know he won’t take it, but he at least deserves the recognition. Son DID save Antoni’s job and get the Knicks back into the playoff race. He does deserve Most Improved Player though…

  • Albert

    Anyone who is dismissing Jeremy Lin doesn’t know basketball, and should do a little research or quit commenting about basketball altogether.

    If D’Antoni actually starts BD over Lin, he should be fired at halftime. He would make his whole career a joke, and he would never be able to walk the streets of NYC without security again.

    Do you realize 20 PPG and 10 APG are Hall of Fame numbers for a Point Guard? Not only is Lin routinely putting up these types of numbers, but he is doing it in a way that is great for the team, the city, and the sport.

    WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    not that your completely wrong, but I think people want Lin to sustain a similar level of success before they start making asinine comparisons to HOF players and the best PG’s in the league, who earned their reputation over an extended period of time.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85Bl3GRdULQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player 1982

    ^asinine being the keyword there.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    i’m very happy for Lin because his preparation meets opportunity created this unbelievable story. one of the keyword is “opportunity”, because quite frankly, he wouldn’t have gotten the green light to run the team the way he had in his first 4-5 stars in golden states nor houston. he wouldn’t have gotten any significant minutes in those guards-heavy team.
    Lin is definitely a starter in this league, but let’s be objective and see how he does in a year. 20 PPG and 10 APG are hall of fame numbers, but those are career numbers, not average for 10 or 20 games stretch in the middle of a season.

  • Hoopster

    DA is still going to Lin for most of the mins. Just not 40+ min per game. Lin is great at the clutch so I think he be finishing close games BD bad back can’t handle major minutes. I like Lin/Shump in the backcourt. JR and BD seems to have some good chemistry in the 2nd unit. Stat not playing well and Lin/Tyler type p&r plays I was expecting from Lin/Stat just ain’t happening. Put Stats in the 2nd unit and bring up Novacaine

  • Traci

    The 2nd unit performed well primarily because of Novak not because of Davis. The shooters from the first unit did so horrible.. I can’t believe how they aren’t able to finish a play with 3 of them under the hoop and all of them trying to tip the ball in, yet they can’t even succeed! It’s so pathetic! That’s happened in 2 of the last games! Even if Lin can pass the ball to an open player, if the player can’t make the darn basket, what’s Lin to do! Sheesh…

  • pasa

    I found it ironic that people keep saying Lin’s stellar stats came from “only” 13 games. Yet, Davis only had a decent 15-minute showing and people are saying he should start over Lin? Do I detect a double standard? What’s Davis’s career stats? Are they even close to what Lin has put up? What’s his credential besides just being around for more years?

    Another thing, Novak became Novak because of Lin. He’s a journeyman bouncing around the league. He didn’t score in double digits until Lin started playing major minutes. It’s Lin who involved everyone and sparked the entire 2nd unit’s confidence. Lin made them better and now people are giving Davis credit? Hello? Do people have memory span longer than 15 minutes?

  • cbw

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…it’ll work itself out during the season…I only care about the playoffs…I don’t care who starts or comes off the bench during the regular season

  • http://www.nba.com JB

    If Baron can make the Knicks win more games than Lin, I am all for it. It’s all about wins! The fans will still be there with them winning. If the Knicks find Mr. Magoo and he leads them to the promise land, I’m good with that too.

  • Bleeacbc

    Nash was never a great defender, neither was Dirk. There is always going to be pluses and minuses to most players. Magic was a freak of nature. A 23 year old freshy-soph who has just won you 10 out of 13 games has a lot more potential than a 34 year old veteran, no matter how great he is. The fact that Lin seems to handle the pressure better than most as his 4th quarter stats shows is that he has heart, something we still wonder about with Lebron. The intangibles Lin shows is something you can’t teach, physical skills like dribbling, defending are relatively easy to learn in comparison. Draining the 3 in Toronto with no time left really showed guts and heart.
    Like they say, the proof is in the pudding. The fact is that before JLin exploded for 7 winning games, the Knicks looked lost with no chemistry. Look at the players against Cleveland, the camaraderie and excitement was so obviously contagious. Chandler is a great influence and his leadership along with Lin’s humility and teamwork has changed the individual egos into a team.

  • anynomous

    @bleeacbc “Nash was never a great defender?” What I think you mean is “Nash has always been a horrible defender” – one of the worst defenders at his position since he entered the league. His defense has always been poorish. Hes not able to do anything effectively on the defensive side of the ball. Hes played with good to borderline great teams who have posted 50 and 60+ win seasons yet none of them have ever made it to the finals because none of them were even remotely good on defense.

  • cy

    “Lin’s emergence as the Knicks’ starting point guard has, as Coach Mike D’Antoni often says, put everyone in his proper role. Iman Shumpert, Jared Jeffries and Steve Novak have flourished since Lin began running the offense. Chandler has become a greater offensive force.” 2/16/2012 The New York Times
    Lin, Shumpert, Jeffries, Novak, and Chandler should be one team.

  • KP

    Sure, let BD start for 15-20 minutes, and then put JL in for the remaining time. What’s the big deal with being a starter anyway? It’s more like a battle of the egos. To me, what matters more is the minute played.

  • KP

    I agree with the comments above that without JL, I wouldn’t be watching basketball at all, and I grew up in NYC. JL is the single, sole reason that I and a ton of other people (not only in the USA, but especially in Asia, and in particular, TAIWAN) actually watch the Knicks at all. Starter or not, if JL’s not given serious minutes to play, I lose interest in the NBA, period.

  • hushabomb

    How about playing them together? Just like David Wesley and BDiddy in NO and Charlotte….

  • Hoopster

    DA was experimenting with BD and Lin at practice on Friday with them together Lin played shooting guard in college This combo might work. They have to try anything when playing against the Heat or Bulls cause Lin playing PG he will get mauled by the better faster elite defenses like in the Heat game

  • Justin G.

    @Hoopster…You don’t think he’s going to get mauled playing SG vs. the Heat? Wade is going to be all over him and what’s worse is that he has to try and guard Wade, unless Baron switches on defense. Even then, he Baron won’t be able to hang with Wade on either end either. Just a terrible matchup for the Knicks there

  • Mike From Spain

    @yesse -> to outplay Lin, according to numbers, you need 14,7 an 6,3, not 18 and 8. At least this season it is that.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    I’m a Lin fan and one of the things I’ve hated since his rise is seeing all the clueless new homers commenting on here like they actually know something about basketball. Seriously, Jeremy is cool, but y’all aren’t helping the the guy by over-hyping him.

  • Yesse

    @Mike, Well, if you add the numbers before Lin got hot.

  • MikeC.

    Having JR Smith on the team continues to excite and terrify me. I know that Smith is going to win at least 2-3 games for NY this year by going on one of his amazing hot streaks. I’m afraid for one of his ridiculous 30-foot heat checks at a crucial point in a playoff game. I wonder if Baron can uncork another facial in the playoffs like the one that almost killed AK-47 a few years back.

  • wtfman

    Stupid conversation. Lin as a starter is 22 and 9 shooting 47%, 10-3 record. That’s elite #s over a long period. GTFO with this Baron Davis crap.



  • Sam Mays

    Having watched Baron Davis play every game over the the last three years all I can say is, if you want Baron to play over Lin, do it at your own risk. He is someone you can’t count on. You simply can’t count on Baron Davis to play hard every game, show up in shape, play defense, stop jacking threes that don’t go in. Sure, he has his moments and streaks where he can still play well. He can fool you into liking him for brief periods. He will say the right things and make you believe. But inevitably, he will ruin a good thing. Baron only cares about Baron.