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Golden State Warriors Unwilling to Deal Monta Ellis?

Depending on which media outlet you want to believe, a three-team deal involving Monta Ellis, Chris Kaman, and Dwight Howard is reportedly being discussed. But according to the Contra Costa Times, a blockbuster trade is unlikely to happen this week: “Team sources, once again, refute reports that Golden State is considering trading guard Monta Ellis to Orlando for anything other than Dwight Howard. Warriors management has held with that stance even though the latest possibility includes a third team – New Orleans. [...] One of the sources said the Warriors would not give up Ellis for Hornets center Chris Kaman, reportedly New Orleans’ key piece in the three-team talks. Golden State sources have consistently said they want a star in return if they move Ellis. Kaman, who is two years removed from his best year and is a free agent at season’s end, doesn’t qualify in the Warriors’ minds. There is basically no combination of players, from Orlando and/or New Orleans, that will make the Warriors part with Ellis. As a matter of fact, the Warriors are embracing the reality that a trade – especially a major splash – won’t happen by Thursday’s trade deadline. One Golden State source the team would be OK if they didn’t pull off the trade now. That way, the Warriors can deal in the offseason, this time without the lockout hindrances from last offseason.”

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  • keith250

    I’m confused. So Dwight goes to New Orleans in this scenario? How does this three team deal work?

  • IggI

    Yea can somebody please explain to me and Keith250 how this deal would work?? As a huge Golden State Warriors fan I’m happy to hear that they are unwilling to give up Monta Ellis. It would be a huge mistake to give up Ellis for any of the New Orleans o Orlando’s players other then Dwight. The Bay Area would a better for Dwight bigger market too.

  • http://cechicagorilla@aol.com yada

    why do ppl think GS will give up their best player just to help dwight stay in orlando? lol what is the win in this situation for GS

  • misso

    Now its magic, golden state, & bucks. GSW want Andrew bogut, there jus saying they won’t trade Ellis but a three team deal is being discussed. GSW doesn’t want Kaman but want a center

  • GSW

    Ellis for Dwight period. No Kaman no Bogut or any other trade scenario. If Orlando does not want to part with Dwight why will Warriors part with Ellis. He is the only offensive juice Warriors got since Curry injury.

  • Anonymous

    What does GS get out of it? I agree they should get a star in return for their star player. Why would they deal Ellis for DH to stay in Orlando? This rumor won’t transpire. GS would get the short end of the stick.

  • misso

    gsw are the ones saying they will part ways with ellis as long as the magic can work a 3 team deal & get them bogut. the magic are giving up a lot of guys for ellis. gsw is saying there not trading ellis to not make him feel bad incase the deal don’t go down & apparently not make u feel bad. u guys just don’t see that yet cause SLAM is slow on the story

  • RunNGun

    traded from GSW to MKE. it happened son… herb kohl made it happen.