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Kobe Bryant on 3-of-20 Performance: ‘I Couldn’t Make a Shot’

Kobe Bryant was gawd-awful last night as the Utah Jazz upset the Lakers in LA, as he missed 17 of 20 shot attempts. He had no explanation for the woeful shooting. From the LA Times: “The Lakers’ 103-99 loss Sunday to the Utah Jazz remained mystifying for Bryant who posted 15 points, missed 17 shots from the field, including one-of-six shooting from three-point range, and committed seven turnovers. ‘I had some nice looks,’ Bryant said. ‘But I couldn’t make a shot.’ [...] It became one of those nights when Bryant couldn’t help but remain sarcastic about whether he lacked confidence on the final shot (‘extremely’), if he liked his shot selection (‘are you kidding?’) or if Utah did anything defensively on him (‘not at all’). OK, so Bryant wasn’t completely foretelling on the last answer. Utah forward Paul Millsap blocked Bryant’s eight-foot jumper in the first quarter. Other than that, however, Bryant took shots he’d normally make even if he tried to miss them. ‘The shots he took, he’s our guy,’ Lakers Coach Mike Brown said. ‘I’ll play that game all over again and have him shoot the same ones and if he goes three for 20, then he goes three for 20.’ However justified Bryant’s shots were, he could’ve repeated the scenario in another way. Andrew Bynum and Gasol combined for 51 points on an efficient 20-of-26 shooting. Aside from their 10 turnovers, it’s fair to reason that a few less of Bryant’s shots could’ve resulted in more frontline production. ‘There’s plenty of things to pay attention to about than my shot selection,’ said Bryant. ‘I didnt force anything. It was all easy looks. I only took 20 shots.’”

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  • Aizen

    Nothing to see here, folks. Kobe’s had more shooting slumps than I can count. Black Mamba will be back in action, soon enough, lol…

  • nicholas

    right… only 20…. if he took 5 less and passed those 5 they could hav won

  • tomtom

    That was the weird thing, they wern’t just good looks by Kobe standards, the D was actually kind of poor but he just didn’t get close on some of those shots. Its not just his shooting though he was completely out of sync like I have never seen him before, at one point he got a screen on the wing at about 15 feet, Utah didn’t communicate and left him wide open but he just kinda held the ball as if he had no idea hr should shoot in that spot. Weird game last night.


    Kobe and Fish are tight…made from the same cloth those two are. Kobe is going to go through a rough stretch without Derick Fisher. If Jim Buss were really twisted, he’d have someone tell Kobe Smush Parker is rejoining the Lakers. All that’s left is getting back Kwame Brown and Vlad Rad. rofl

  • http://slamonline.com raylan

    doesn’t really matter, does it

  • kobesBESTfriend

    take off that stupid mask and get the ball 2 Drew(who only missed 2 shots)!!!and Mike Brown how about playing Ramon and Metta down the stretch u dummy!!!

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    There are nights where he’s on fire, but he’s been way too selfish this season. He needs to pass the ball more and get his teammates involved.

  • Jer Dawg

    I don’t remember 3-20 shooting. We are reminded of 6-24 in NBA Finals. Or 1-13 from John Starks in 1994 Finals. This was only regular season game post trade deadline deal. Hoops this season is very unsettling. Stupid front office moves.

  • Holiday

    Typical, the other team completely out playin the Lakers has nothing to do with Kobes woes or that the Lakers lost. They just weren’t fully there I guess! I mean a team coming in under .500 on your home court isn’t a game they should win right? The Jazz were just without 2 starters, one being there top scorer, and the other being Kobes “worst enemy” also not having there back up PG and energy guy…. No big deal! But maybe that’s it, Kobe is just use to getting beat up when playin against Raja and him not being there threw Kobe off… Yeah that must have been it!

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    You don’t say?

  • jags

    im a kobe fan. but i guess he is too much selfish. he struggled shooting, why not pass the ball? it’s like the 2011 game 7 finals, where he struggled shooting but he keeps on shooting more. he should pass the ball to inside more often.

  • OTB

    Keep in mind he logged 100 minutes the last two games before this (the most out of everyone on the team). He’ll be fine, he usually adjusts better. But Bynum needs to get the bulk of the shots. The man missed only 2 shots out of like 15.

  • theDankerNuggets

    LOL “I only took 20 shots.” Classic KOBE!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    He lost the game for them. Played absolutely awful. I honestly don’t know how I feel about him not becoming passive because of his terrible shooting. He just kept staying aggressive. It’s hard to say whats the better trait. On one hand you have a player who can tell themselves they stink tonight and so they just pass the ball and try to do what else they can. Then on the other hand there is Kobe… No matter how he is playing he’s going to play like he always does and just keep trying to score. Terrible night for him either way. No Raja Bell and no Al Jefferson and they were at home. Only their third home loss of the season.

  • KidCongo

    Mike Brown, a synonym for authority

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    ‘I didnt force anything. It was all easy looks. I only took 20 shots.’
    Pass the ball to Andrew freaking Bynum you quack. How selfish. “I only took 20 shots” – smh.


    As of today…Most shot attempts per game in the NBA:
    1) Kobe Bryant, LAL 23.7 FGA/G
    2) Kevin Durant, OKC 19.4 FGA/G
    3) Russell Westbrook, OKC 19.2 FGA/G
    4) Kevin Love, MINN 19.0 FGA/G
    5) Monta Ellis, MIL-GSW 18.9 FGA/G
    6) LeBron James, MIA 18.5 FGA/G
    7) Derrick Rose, CHI 18.1 FGA/G
    8) Carmelo Anthony, NYK 17.8 FGA/G < Selfish? No.
    9) Deron Williams, NJN 17.8 FGA/G
    10) Dwyane Wade, MIA 17.6 FGA/G
    11) LaMarcus Aldridge, POR 17.2 FGA/G
    12) Brandon Jennings, MIL 17.1 FGA/G
    13) Al Jefferson, UTA 17.1 FGA/G
    14) Rudy Gay, MEM 17.0 FGA/G
    15) Antawn Jamison, CLE 16.9 FGA/G
    16) Tony Parker, SAS 16.2 FGA/G
    17) Blake Griffin, LAC 16.0 FGA/G
    18) Dirk Nowitzki, DAL 15.9 FGA/G
    19) Joe Johnson, ATL 15.9 FGA/G
    20) Josh Smith, ATL 15.8 FGA/G

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Carmelo would be #3 or #4 if you did that “shot attempts per minute”
    Selfish = yes.


    nbk blinded by Knicks/Melo/Orange hate = yes

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Facts are blinding. Or maybe those replica Carmelo nuts you have surgically implanted between your lips are hurting your ability to be rational? Maybe.
    Who is surprised Kobe did this right after Derek Fisher left? Nobody to put Kobe in check on that whole roster now. Uh Oh.


    nbk, does it arouse you to suggest such asinine stuff like that? Are you that much of a freak? SMH lol

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I don’t think Fish ever “kept Kobe in check”, but he was the strong voice and rock of the team. I honestly hope Sessions quickly realizes he can tell Kobe, NO. Just dump it down low to Bynum. Kobe will definitely get his either way with you passing to him or not.



  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Yeah “kept in check” was not what I should have said. “Tell Kobe semi-authoritatively that he should pass more” is what I meant.


    Fisher was HUGE for the Lakers. Let’s be real, he was their leader. The only guy Kobe really respected and looked up to, was Derek Fisher. They both started in the league together as rookies on the Lakers in 1996. Thing is, Kobe is like a vampire, watching his loved ones age, and slow down, while he still continues to do 360 dunks and hear chants of MVP. rofl

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    ThisDo y’all really think there’s a person in the entire Lakers organization that can tell Kobe what to do? That ship sailed when Phil Jackson left, and even he couldn’t always get Bean to comply.
    You gotta take the good and bad with Kobe Bryant. There are some nights where he’ll shoot you out of games and most people associate that with selfishness, but it’s not. It’s confidence. He truly believes he can make every shot he takes or shoot himself out of a slump.
    Like I said, you gotta take the good with the bad. *shrug*

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    ^ logical.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Bryan with the truth. It is selfish though imo. He isn’t trying to be selfish, he’s trying to win, but it’s still selfish. It’s good with the bad with Kobe, but it’s that was with every superstar. D-Rose, last years MVP, flawed player. Bron, one of the best talents ever, still a flawed player. Durant, same. Bean, making arguments for All Time top 7, all while still being a flawed player.

  • Drig

    TBH, as a Laker fan, yesterday was one of those ” You sink with Kobe” games that LA goes through every season. The looks weren’t bad. And even that game-tying 3 looked so damn close. Honestly, I’ve long given up trying to take that trait of supreme confidence as a positive or negative aspect of Kobe’s…….

  • http://theillustrationboard.tumblr.com/ Stepfan

    Bynum shoots a flair gun into the air to tell him hey Kobe Im open. What is Kobe trying to prove?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Stepfan, maybe if Fisher resigns with the Lakers this year then Kobe will check himself? Ehhh? Whatchu think?

  • Kadavour

    great scorers always think the next shot is going in. ALWAYS.

  • KanyeEast

    yall should know lakers drop games to sub par teams ever since shaq was there. They would lose to golden state on a daily. Its no surprise the whole game they made bynum dominate so the box score would look pleasable to the audience without any signs of WTF. They were purposely playing it close the whole game with kobe missing everything. Honestly…Kobe at his caliber would never be 3-20 and yall know it…

  • KanyeEast

    Tim Donaghy…Tim Donaghy..Tim Donaghy

  • Gabe

    I’m a lakers fan first, Kobe fan second. Kobe should have taken 10 less shots, period. Gotta feed Drew and Gasol, but especially Drew. Shots taken should reflect shooting percentage. We’re gonna have a bad few years unless Kobe can adjust and start being a play maker. Need to make your teammates better Kobe. 20 shots or less is a better formula for Lakers success.

  • http://bleacherreport Chuck Menzies

    Boy,Kobe has one bad night and everyone jumps in to criticize him, he is the best NBA player currently active. Grow up you Kobe haters.

  • #24

    He’s getting old or the condensed schedule is taking a toll on his old body. Everyone has bad nights but kobe’s been shooting sub 30% games a lot this season. Mike brown should limit his minutes to 32-36 minutes. Kobe will have more energy and have fewer shot attempts for the game.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    “One bad night” – Kobe is shooting 43% on the season (after shooting around 50% for the first month). That’s the worst he’s shot since he was a teenager. And he’s shooting more shots then at any other point in his career outside of 2005-06. Anyone who thinks he’s the best player in the league, or is having a great season is delusional. He’s doing exactly what a guy with that many miles on his legs should be doing, he’s having more and more issues as the season goes along. Nothing wrong with it, nothing surprising about it, and nothing that has to do with hating by saying it.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I agree Brown has got to start limiting KB’s minutes. It’s ridiculous he is playing like 38 mins a game or whatever. He needs to honestly play like 7 mins of the 1st quarter. 7 mins of the 2nd. 8 mins of the 3rd, and around 9 or 10 of the 4th. I will say this though, anybody who thinks that “He’s doing exactly what a guy with that many miles on his legs should be doing” is delusional. How many guys over 33 have scored 29+ points a game? And just because someone is not having a “great” season according to their reputation does not mean they are not having a great season. There’s a hundred guards and swing-men in the NBA that wish and dream they could do what KB is doing this year. Most those guys are in their prime also.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Lakeshow, read the entire sentence. “He’s doing exactly what a guy with that many miles on his legs should be doing, he’s having more and more issues as the season goes along.”

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    When you talk about a guy having a great season, you are always talking about for themselves.
    Steve Novak is having a great season.
    Kyle Lowry was having a great season
    Tony Parker is having a great season.
    See how that works?

  • P&G

    #24: I agree limit his minutes, but it may be more mental fatigue than physical at this point. I think that he was never into the game, and he seemed unfocused. It must be hard to get it up for a Utah team that rarely is able to bring it on the road. Kobe looked positively bored out there last night.

    He does need to pass more to the bigs, especially when the ball isn’t going into the hole for him. This third home loss didn’t need to happen and it was because of Kobe’s selfishness, but you got to take the bad with the good with this guy.

    KE: Tim Donaghy lolz! Where can I get in on this action!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Yes, I agree about all of them having a great season by their standards. But you keep acting like Kobe is having a bad season. That’s BS. Just because he’s not hitting numerous game winners and hitting a below expected FG% doesn’t make it a bad season. He has had SPECTACULAR stretches and games, in conjunction with some terrible ones like last night. I agree he has been better. I agree his FG shooting is too low too garner taking as many shots as he does. BUT, that doesn’t make is a poor season. I’m not saying he should get MVP consideration or anything, just admittance that he is having a great season for a 33 year old SG.

  • P&G

    #24; I agree, Kobe’s minutes should be limited at this point. But it may be mental as much as physical. It’s hard to get focused for a Utah squad that rarely brings it on the road, and he looked positively bored out there at times last night.

    Kobe definitely needs to pass the ball more when the ball won’t go in the hole for him, and Brown needs to man up and pull him down the stretch if he won’t.

    KE; Lolz Tim Donaghy! Where can I get in on this action!

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Anyone who thinks he’s the best player in the league, or is having a great season is delusional
    Did I say, not having a great season for a 33 year old? Just in general, for Kobe Bryant, he is not having a great season. He’s basically doing exactly what I said he would before this season started, except he’s shooting more shots and playing more minutes then I expected.

  • wheres my comment

    #24: I agree, Kobe’s minutes should be limited at this point. But it may be mental as much as physical. It’s hard to get focused for a Utah squad that rarely brings it on the road, and he looked positively bored out there at times last night.

    Kobe definitely needs to pass the ball more when the ball won’t go in the hole for him, and Brown needs to man up and pull him down the stretch if he won’t.

    KE: Lolz Tim Donaghy! Where can I get in on this action!

  • CookieJar

    Kobe Bean Bryant, is one of the greatest and most dedicated pro basketball players to ever play the game. He does not owe fans any validation for the way he play the game of basketball. Stop hating on a future Hall of Famer to ever play this game. FYI, I have been a Laker fan since they played in Milwaukee. The best shooters always keep shooting whether they make them or not. Kobe has played injured on many occasions, but he never uses injuries as an excuse… Stop hating on a player that plays basketball the way he plays…..He didn’t get all those rings for not shooting.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Minnesota. So you were born before 1958, surely you know by now every player has his weaknesses. Kobe’s is he is selfish. That’s a lone weakness any of us would love to have, by pointing it out we are just being honest, not hating. Nobody said he’s not One of the greatest to ever play.

  • N Bandele

    Well i have seen many players play a lousy game and never write them off so KB is not the first or last but he have to realize that he is not getting younger and age does make a difference. Coach ,team mates , fans all lets see how he does and remember we have seen this before ,hes not a supper human though we and he think it sometimes he needs to settle down with some new ideas like most elder players,,,, he will be back,he is still great.

  • http://Na Tam

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