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Mark Cuban Met With Lamar Odom’s Agent

The Dallas Mavericks’ owner recently shot down any notion of the team severing ties with Lamar Odom, and now there’s talk that Lamar could be playing a game or two in the D-League before he rejoins the Mavs. Here’s Cuban following his meeting with Odom’s agent, per the Star-Telegram: “Lamar Odom will miss his fourth straight game tonight at 7 when the Dallas Mavericks face the New Orleans Hornets inside the New Orleans Arena. Odom left the Mavs on Feb. 22, the morning they played Odom’s former team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Odom went to be with his father, Joe Odom, who was ill. But late last week, Joe Odom told TMZ that he only had an upset stomach, and that his son did spend the night with him on Feb. 22. So, where is the missing Maverick? ‘He’s just dealing with issues and like we do with anybody else that’s had personal issues, our job is to try and help them out and not to comment beyond that,’ owner Mark Cuban said. ‘He’s got to figure these out and that’s what we’re trying to help him do.’ Cuban met with Odom and Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, on Wednesday in Dallas at the W Hotel, where Odom lives. A source said Odom has backed off his desire of wanting the Mavs to buy him out of his contract so he can return to Los Angeles and play for the Clippers, and that he wants to finish the season with the Mavs. ‘We’ll just keep on working with him, and when it’s revolved, it’s resolved,’ Cuban said. ‘Everybody deals with their own issues differently, so we’ll see.’”

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  • Fat Lever

    If this is legit, then hope everything works out. BUT, if this is just a case of him missing LA and wanting to play there, he needs to man up, keep his mouth shut, and ball.

  • Jer Dawg

    CLippers, huh? Well, okay Lamar. Go to that racist bastards team then. Time and time again, Clippers always don’t seem to surprise me. I’m gonna try not to support team. Sterlingsuck balls

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury

    what the hell is wrong with this guy anyway?? He’s a veteran of this League for crying out loud..jeez!!

  • steve 44

    what a punk how many people would love to be in his shoes playing pro ball punk cowboy up

  • burnt_chicken

    you know, in situations like this, and Delonte’s, Cuban really reveals an awesome, mature, and very understanding side to his character. Which seems almost in opposition to his homer-superfan-goof side that bleats at refs, rails at the league, calls out players on other teams, etc etc. It’s nice to see! Interesting character, this Cubes…

  • bdogg

    gotta give props to cuban for keeping the truth inhouse…a lot of owners would not do that..feel bad for odom but this is what he wanted ..he demanded to be trades from LA..he could still be in purple and gold if he did not act like his sister-laws and demand a trade..biz is biz..things happen.i did not want to see him go but he is getting paid a boat load of money to ball. man up!

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Delonte hurt, Roddy awol, Dirk hurting, Kidd building bricks with his missing jumper, Terry & Vince underperforming, Marion regressing, Mahinmi relegated to the bench after a solid showing early in the season and yet again: Lamar. (really showing his fragile psyche so far, man)
    The Mavs season is teetering on.the.edge. too much going on behind the scenes, i don’t envy that coaching staff.


    Honestly, I didn’t think that this was gonna be a good fit for Odom…But let’s be honest, the Mavs didn’t need him either. They just couldn’t pass up an easy ass trade, where they gave up NOTHING to get a solid player…Odom would be better suited for the Nets…

  • wishuwould247

    Lamar Odom needs to be a professional and play ball. I understand that they have personal lives but his issues started with the Lakers trying to trade him to New Orleans. The NBA is a business and he needs to understand that. The Lakers could have traded him to a worse team than Dallas. Hes in a good situation if he can get his head together

  • Yesse

    D-League? Really?

    I know Lamar hasn’t played great recently, but if he was in LA with good chemistry he would average atleast 15ppg.

  • Mooney10

    Why do all these guys nowadays have a problem with just playing ball? Getting paid rediculously well and you don’t wanna be there, its Dallas for crying out loud, awesome city, awesome fans and the team is the defending champ, why the hell do you wanna go to L.A. so bad, somehow someway, I know it’s the Kardashian in him, she is calling the shots not Lamar, guy needs a pair, BTW marry a dime next time around. Somebody tell Humphries to help this man out, that family is a scham of the world!

  • RunNGun

    Odom for Griffin. Make it happen, Cuban.

  • bike

    Odom has had personality issues–some very legitimate–his whole career. I really hate that he hooked up with that Kardashian tramp. They showed a clip of that sex sling his wife erected in their bedroom on their reality show…I mean, what self-respecting dude would air that on TV?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85Bl3GRdULQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player 1982

    Odom is about to be good trade bait. Shoddy stats this season or not, he’s still a versatile big with good years left. They don’t need him as much as they need their bench back, something’s about to happen whether or not Cuban admits he’s a business man.

  • LA Huey

    I’m going to give Odom the benefit of the doubt that he’s dealing with personal issues. He was involed in a pretty tragic event this summer after all.

  • Y.C.Chen

    someone tell me why should i sign him if i own a NBA team?

  • Dayne

    Maybe he should ask Bynum where the bank is in Dallas, eh? Must be one there somewhere….